LearnTrends: The Immernet Singularity

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Four technology arenas, 2D Synchronous Learning, Knowledge Sharing Spaces, Web 2.0 Most performance issues in the enterprise have to do with poor processes and workflow, not lack of training/knowledge. Transfer: the problem isn’t knowledge transfer, it’s behavior. <10% Knowledge Management is an oxymoron–you can’t manage knowledge Very interesting seeing this perspective after Harold’s PKM presentation yesterday.

Datafication of Talent Analytics: What it Means to Employee Retention


My friends from the HR industry would agree that retaining employees doesn’t come easy, I feel that the first step towards talent management is to emphasize on recruitment. Performance Management. Workforce Turnover Rate: It is the ratio of how many employees leave the organization to the overall number of employees in a year. Yield Ratios: It will tell if your hiring strategies are working or not.

When Social means Business …

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These ‘sentiment’ indicators help traders analyse what people are saying about stock and whether to invest. The problem was that their ratio of female to male employees was about half the national average. There are implications for the relationships between the learning and knowledge management functions as well. Social media enables knowledge to be generated anywhere. Do they have the skills and the management permission to do so?