How to train productivity at work: Top experts reveal their employee productivity formula


A typical approach to productivity-improvement programs for companies is to select one planner or one methodology and train everybody on how to use it … Survey your most productive workers. Haselberger has another interesting theory: multitasking is a myth. According to a 2008 Stanford study , multitasking doesn’t only make workers less productive; it also damages the human brain. Remote workers get to work at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home.

Mobile Learning: Definition, Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages


Mobile learning appeals to the millennial workforce and future workers who will also be raised on technology. Smartphones and tablets can be brought into manufacturing warehouses and corporate stores, and even carried in transit with workers, giving them access to learning and guidance they need. Multitasking might not be the best for learning retention. The below infographic outlines relevant data and statistics and how to make the change to mobile learning.