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Leading the complex networks of a company's business ecosystem has become a critical capability in digital transformation dynamics, which are disrupting industries and redefining the way business work

Hierarchical Leadership vs. Networked Leadership

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We are witnessing a preference for networks as opposed to hierarchies. Leading a networked organization is very different from leading a hierarchical organization. Harold Jarche, in his blog , talks about the differences between a hierarchy and a networked organization and how that affects leadership. He writes: It takes different leadership to increase collaboration and support social learning in the workplace. Leadership is the key, not technology.


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Exploring a Global Leadership Approach – Mindset, Behavior and Process

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Most people understand that there is a growing need for leadership development across just about every industry. The future of leadership development will need to focus on developing global leaders. A Global Approach to Leadership Development. Blog Leadership Development

Women’s leadership organizations are filling the power gap

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” Looking at the corporate leadership pipeline by gender — the differences in representation are stark. The rise of women’s leadership organizations — such as Chief, NextUp, WOMEN Unlimited and WNorth — can provide a crucial bridge to bridge this power gap.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

XYZ Fire Association is a network of. thought leadership, best practices, training, and other services to enhance. Through their network, they identified a. anyone who takes on a leadership or. experience in operations but none in leadership and. in leadership.

3 Psychological Barriers to Leadership Buy-in

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One battle those in the enterprise social space continue to fight is the battle for leadership buy-in. learned helplessness Social Learning cognitive Dissonance ESn leadership Learned Helplessness Psychology social networkingI was reminded of this by two articles I read recently, one by Andrew Gerkens in his recent “The real reasons senior leaders won’t use your ESN” and the other by Rich Millington of Feverbee who wrote in […].

Networking with purpose

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At some point in the conversation it struck me that building a professional and personal network is both a skill and an investment that takes time and consistent effort. One’s network represents a regular investment in order to establish a spider web of contacts to rely on for help or advice.

How to Build Your Leadership Bench – Mentoring

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Leadership Bench Crisis. This lack of focus on growing the leadership bench resulted in a serious skill gap in many workforces. And mentoring benefits mentees because they gain career direction and support from an expert, get help “learning the ropes”, receive a different perspective on situations, gain new insights into the organization’s goals/culture/values, develop a network of supporters, and gain new opportunities for promotion and transfers within the organization.

Empathy in Leadership: Why is it so Important?

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Now more than ever, it’s important for leaders to pause and address the effects national events have had on society. As leaders, it’s crucial to consider how you, your cohorts and employees can positi

Social Leadership: Encourage, Support or Model? Pick One.

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Three ways leadership can advance social in their organization are through encouragement, support, or modeling. Let’s say if you have to have leadership pick only one, which would it be? leadership Social networks social platformsI’d argue it’s modeling. Here’s why. By the very connotation of the word, Leader, Leaders lead the way. They go first. They don’t direct, they […].

Networked to the Bottom Line

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Social Business leadership small business social businessI recently met a financial consultant, Jon Verbeck. Jon has an extensive background in finance and the processes. He works with business CFO’s focusing on solutions for growing profits and cutting costs. I received his newsletter yesterday with a link to his latest article Focus on Profits, Part 1: Decrease Costs. It’s a positive look at […].

Leadership is hard: A guide to navigating relatable leadership challenges

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We support ourselves better when we acknowledge that leadership is hard. She had been quickly promoted over a 10-year period and was operating in a senior leadership role at a Fortune 100 company. Emily’s leadership reflections. Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

Global Leadership Development (GLD): Distance

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Leadership development, like traditional training and development, faces traditional challenges such as distance, culture, diversity, design and delivery methods, along with budgets and workforces. We are going to take a look at the challenges you may face when implementing a global leadership development program, starting with one of the most obvious challenges: distance. Even networking meetings can be scheduled to occur between group members who are in the same geographic areas.

Global 136

Creating a Culture of Leadership

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Many organizational managers assume that by adding leadership training or a leadership development program that they are able to create a culture that accepts leadership. The move from non-existent leadership to a leadership culture takes time – and a few steps in between. Let’s look at how you can create a culture of leadership. First, you, as the organizational leader, must acknowledge the existence of leadership potential.

Resources to develop leadership in the post-COVID-19 era

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Many executives agree that leadership development has become a focal point of the executive span of control but has not been associated with organizational internal resources enough to make it an integral part of business success. Intercompany social networks.

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Now is the moment to democratize leadership development

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As you look to support and develop your leadership talent pool for the future, the strategies and experiences that you previously planned cannot simply be reinstated or revived. Seize this moment to make leadership development an opportunity for all.

The Future of Leadership Development in the Digital Age

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Here are just a few of the questions we must answer when developing leaders for the future: What is the implication of the current business climate for leadership at all levels? We have a call to action to prepare our emerging talent to take on leadership positions at every level of our organizations. Changes in the generations are fueling our call to action because of the limited time people have today to stay in leadership positions within a stable business climate.

Teach Leadership Coaching: Earn Money by Starting Your Coaching School


Leadership coaches can help people in leadership roles make this journey a little bit more exciting and a little less overwhelming. We’ll also show you how to create your own online leadership coaching academy from start to finish! 1 What is a Leadership Coach?

New Bloomberg Courses to Improve Leadership and Development


Great news for SAP Litmos customers: we’ve recently launched a set of Bloomberg courses to improve leadership and development at your company. It earns approximately $10 billion a year and even has its own global television network.

Low potential: Leadership pipelines running dry

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It’s clear that the model for leadership will have to change dramatically to fit the evolving needs of next-gen leaders. According to DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2021 , global bench strength has been diminishing over the past decade. Leadership quality perceptions.

RSDR 7: Leadership Retention

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Retention can be a difficult task for employees at any level, but retention at leadership levels can be more difficult. As employees develop their leadership styles and abilities, new doors may begin to open for them. Through networks and industry knowledge, high professional and high potential leaders have knowledge of positions that the generally public may not have. Leadership and management are the next two components of the training role in retention.

Your Six-Week Self-Directed Peter Drucker-Related Summer 2022 Semester

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The beginning of your six-week self-study course is here on topics like self-management, effectiveness, decision-making, innovation, leadership and developing a global worldview.

Measurement & ROI for Social & Network Learning

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These are my notes from the Learn Trends: Networked and Social Learning online mini-conference. Measurement & ROI for Social & Network Learning. Social & network learning really falls into the OTJ learning, not formal. This can be the social network. Tom Stone: If 70-85% of learning in an org today is informal learning, wouldn’t it be nice for management / leadership to be able to witness some/much (not all) of that?

How a Hospital’s Leadership Development Is on the Frontlines of the Pandemic 

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Networking across silos. Leadership Organizational Leadership Talent Management Training, Learning & Development Featured Mount SinaiAgility. Resilience. Dealing with complexity and rapid change. .

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How to Future-proof Your Business with Leadership Training

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To survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment, business enterprises need managers with leadership skills and organizational capabilities that are different from those that helped them get so far. Start Leadership Training Early On.

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Power of Your Network by Michael on February 9, 2011 in customer service , marketing , sales , social learning Whether it is building our LinkedIn Contacts or Followers on Twitter, gathering Friends on Facebook or Yammering with our fellow work teams, the buzz of “networking” is always present. Networking comes naturally for some people, but not-so-much for others.

Human-centered leadership: Five actions for the new paradigm

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There has never been a more urgent call for human-centered leadership. Manage through networks—not hierarchies. Collective leadership requires a dynamic and emergent social process of influence that can occur up, down and across the organizational hierarchy.

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Bridge the Women and Leadership Gap With Mentors, Training

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Adopting strategies geared toward addressing issues of women and leadership can give your company a competitive edge. Build a leadership pipeline. Incorporating material from the corporate learning platform, including external content libraries, is an easy way to make high-quality leadership and management training available. Progress toward women and leadership goals goes hand-in-hand with inclusive company policies and attitudes.

10 Key Insights to Unlock Your Company's L&D Potential

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Contributor Bruce Rosenstein of Leader to Leader is back with 10 key insights that have direct implications for how people learn and lead, and the conditions set by management and leadership that eith

Practical leadership development principles for a COVID-19 world

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You may or may not have the ability to invest in leadership development right now, yet your organization needs effective leaders to stay competitive in this season of volatility. Why have traditional leadership development programs failed? Develop leadership by doing leadership.

 Does your leadership development program leverage all five adult learning theories? Here’s why it should

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Significant resources are plowed into leadership development programs. Yet there is frustration that despite investment, dedication and commitment to leadership development, the results can be disappointing. It is on this last dimension where many leadership development programs fail.

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Learning Organization is Culture, Processes, and Leadership

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Having a search engine, online payment processing, or social networking capability was a competitive advantage only a short time ago. Garvin and Edmonson go on to talk about the “three building blocks” of organizational learning: 1) environment; 2) work processes; and 3) leadership. And by “leadership” they mean what top level leaders do to support, encourage, and remove barriers to learning and performance improvement.

Collaborative leadership: An antidote for a turbulent world

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For several years now, many management authors have been discussing how the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world in which we live requires a new set of leadership skills. What is it about these two very different leadership styles that cause failure or success in turbulent times?

Learning Rebel Book Review: The Social Leadership Handbook by Julian Stodd

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I didn’t need to think twice, the choice was easy – The Social Leadership Handbook, by Julian Stodd. The Social Leadership Handbook , Julian Stodd. The Social Leadership Handbook via Julian Stodd. Secondly, I knew from my experiences of reading Julian’s work, this would be a book that would take leadership to a new level reflecting the social age that we are in today. Which are the broad strokes leading to the 9 skills of Social Leadership.

Crisis Leadership: BP vs. Toyota

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What can we learn about leadership from BP’s handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico ? Last week leadership expert John Baldoni, author of Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up , was interviewed by Mark Kelley for his show “Connect” on the CBC network. Kelley asked Baldoni (minute 30 of show) about the leadership effectiveness of BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward.

Celebrating Women in Leadership with Megan Torrance of TorranceLearning


of TorranceLearning series of courses, on what being a woman in leadership means to her. I participate in a number of women’s leadership events throughout Women’s History Month each year. And I facilitate courses in eCornell’s executive leadership program.

Tackling the Quality Leadership Challenge

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Companies throughout the world feel the pressing need for more effective global leadership. In short, they do not have current leadership or the bench strength to meet future business needs. One way for learning leaders to help close this gap is to include more women more quickly in leadership roles. According to the Mercer study, “Leadership competencies are often more closely aligned with the relative strengths of men than women.”