Is Your RFP Response On Point? Tips for Learning Systems Vendors

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But preparing RFP responses can be brutal – especially if you blow it with unforced errors. What’s Wrong With This RFP Response? You rally your team and spend many hours developing an RFP response. So why are you losing at the RFP stage?

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Evaluation Is Not Complicated

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As a learning solutions vendor, I’ve been asked this question countless times and have also encountered it in many an RFP. Evaluation Leadership Organizational Learning Training Training Impact AITD Brinkerhoff elearning evaluation training In his blog post , “Stop Evaluating Training!”,

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Getting Past the Gatekeeper

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That person may be a committee member, a team member, or a person on a project who is assigned to RFP’s and demonstrations. Featured Featured Posts Leadership Learning & Development gatekeeper Getting through the gatekeeper sales gatekeeper selling to the gatekeeper Types of gatekeepers

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Bloomsburg Students and Alumni Doing Great Things

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One of the many hats I wear at Bloomsburg is as the Assistant Director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center (ELC). Then, on the second day of the conference, my students present solutions to a mock Request for Proposal (RFP).

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LMS Vendor Eyes Only: 10 Tips to Boost Sales

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Be Logistically Easy – There are often many stakeholders in an LMS selection process, commonly from different business units, departments and leadership levels. If an RFP response is due and you knew well in advance, don’t ask for an extension.

Hiring a Technology Consultant

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These problems usually have a direct and measurable effect on the business value being delivered by the technology group, and certainly can cause angst amongst the rest of the business leadership. What’s in an effective request for proposals (RFP) for a consulting project?

7 Habits of Highly Effective LXPs

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As the industry is adapting to a new breed of learning tools, including Chatbots, Virtual Reality and Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), a lot of focus is still on the functionality that these new tools bring, such as in a recent LXP RFP I’ve seen.

Forecasts for 2020

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Curtailing the accept every RFP that comes to them. I stopped using an RFP, in 2001 when I would buy systems. I believe the key difference-maker in the long-run will be niche content, in other words specifically targeted, rather than say, leadership which everyone offers.

How Can Associations Improve Member Education? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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Nevertheless, member-based organizations can draw upon several core advantages: A strong history of continuing education leadership. When to issue an RFP (or not).

Organizational Assessment First of the Seven Stages of Training Outsourcing

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It should be led by a ‘champion’ of the initiative, someone who has strong project management skills, knows the ins and outs of the training function, and is trusted by the executive team to be an objective source of information and leadership. You should never go to market with a request for proposal (RFP) without a clear vision of what you expect from a supplier and what you plan to do to help that supplier be successful.

ABRH Launches DiscoverLink Talent to Serve the Needs of 5 Distinct Brands


What they found with DiscoverLink Talent was the functionality to continue Corporate’s role of providing the brands with more than 50 shared courses in Compliance, Coaching, and Leadership, while meeting the unique needs of each brand by establishing a sub-campus for each group.

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Cal State Online Plays Small Ball

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Many faculty extend their doubts about CSU leadership to online education, an easy target for professorial skepticism. Other than an extensive RFP process which will invite experienced providers into some aspects of the mix, few details are provided. Tweet The California State University (CSU), the largest state university system in the United States, has at long last settled on an online learning strategy for its 23 campuses.

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Halloween Edition – Tricks and Treats

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To RFP or not RFP. Content packs include Micro-MBA, Microsoft, Leadership and much more. As a kid growing up, our house had a lot of pictures of clowns. Framed no less, some innocent enough, others downright weird.

The Relationship Equation: How Sellers Can Cultivate and Leverage Strategic Relationships

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I didn’t know her personally, and reached out to connect based on our common interests around learning and leadership. From there I invited her to a leadership forum I had founded, which provided her further resources and benefits. In my example, that opportunity presented itself down the road when my contact transitioned to another company and into a leadership role. My company was asked to participate in the RFP process.

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Free learning & development webinars for April 2017

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 11AM – 12PM PT: The Leadership Challenge: Making Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations (Free for ATD members) A good leader gets things done; a great leader aspires, inspires, and achieves more. How can we build awareness of key leadership qualities?

Free learning & development webinars for May 2017

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 10AM – 11AM PT: 7 Best Practices for Your Moodle RFP The request-for-proposal (RFP) process can be time-consuming, but can also yield meaningful results. " Very early. " by Dinesh Valke is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Latest Positive Trends In E-Learning

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they are strong in accounting, weak in leadership) and other sets of information. Upcoming Presentation : The correct criteria for your LMS RFP, which is at ATD, May 23rd in Atlanta, GA. How do we define brilliant? Is it the product with the most amazing capabilities?

eLearning platforms follow top trends in L&D

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Play beats drama” was discussed in this workshop in the context of leadership. The investment for your eLearning platform varies widely and you will need to go through a formal RFP process to get the full financial impact on your business.

Talented Learning’s Greatest Hits: 2017 Edition

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We don’t perform on a live stage to sell-out crowds, but we do produce thought leadership webinars that attract hundreds of global attendees. When and how to use an RFP (or not).

LMS Review: Litmos

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Litmos’ leadership team has a combined 140 years experience across the technology and learning domains.” See More Vendors in our LMS Directory.

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What is an LXP and why do I want one?

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No surprise here, but gee-whiz how many content providers do you need that offer business leadership or Office 2016? With Learn Amp, Coorpacademy and 360Learning, you can send them your RFP and schedule a demo within the platform. A colleague of mine attended a session this past week at ATD that covered LMS, LXP and LCMS (why LCMS was included? no idea). Anyway, he said that when the speaker asked how many people had heard of an LXP, only a couple of hands raised up.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


RFP (request for proposal ): Document prepared by organizations to help assess LMS vendors during a selection process. Training professionals are now often required to demonstrate the ROI of learning programs and software to leadership teams.

Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS!

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Seventh, twice a year we bring in professionals who are working in the field of instructional design, e-learning and performance support to provide feedback on our curriculum, RFP exercise and our initiatives within the department.

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The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


RFP (Request for Proposal). During a selection process, an RFP document is prepared by organizations to help assess each vendor. Training professionals are now often required to demonstrate the ROI of learning programs and software to leadership teams.

Best LMS? 2016 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Awards

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We participate in LMS demonstrations , study RFP responses and interview customer references. It is not easy choosing the best LMS for 2016. In fact, it is impossible to choose just one. That’s because the learning management systems market has never been stronger or more diverse.