LearnFlex LMS: How to Automate Learn Track Renewals

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Many of our clients have compliance programs that are required to be taken after set renewal cycles, managing these manually can be a bit tricky depending on the amount of courses or users that are involved.

Publishing eLearning Content to a LMS Easily

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The process to load content into an LMS ready format is to “Publish” or “Package” training, wrapping it in programming (such as SCORM or xAPI) that allows it to interact with the reporting capabilities of the […].

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Using an LMS to Support Blended Learning

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At B Online Learning we use and recommend the LearnFlex LMS , as such for the rest of this blog I will be discussing LMS functionality as it exists in LearnFlex, however there are other LMS’s on the market and most good ones should have the same features as standard.

User Friendly or Hype?

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Operitel LearnFlex. Programming Skills need not apply. The products are designed for people who have limited to no real technical skills, such as programming skills or writing HTML, javascript, etc. We are user friendly. Very easy to use. Simple, easy to use. Our customers find our system user friendly and easy to use. We never hear complaints. We have the highest repeat customers in the industry. We are user oriented.