How To Write Effective Learning Objectives To Support Your Blended Learning Strategy

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Blended learning programs can include many deliverables. Assuming that preliminary analysis resulted in concrete goals for the program, converting those goals into actual, measurable learning objectives specific to each deliverable is critical for the success of the blended learning strategy. Here, we will give you a 4-step guide to writing effective and powerful learning objectives to support your blended learning program.

How to Create Context-Setting Learning Objectives - Tip #162

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Yes, the overload problem is real and manifests in elearning, classroom training and other forms of learning. Solutions for Learners and Companies Paul Hemp in his article " Death by Information Overload " published by Harvard Business Review, suggested some solutions to the problem: changing corporate cultures, providing better tools, learning to use tools to filter and focus. The need to refocus learning objectives based on the needs of learners becomes apparent.


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4 Advanced Microlearning Strategies To Use In 2021

Tesseract Learning

Microlearning involves short, easily digestible learning nuggets that span between 3 to 6 minutes. These nuggets can be a part of a large repository or stand alone and are focused on specific learning outcomes that address specific topics or skills. Video-Based Microlearning.

Learning Objectives are Dead Unless You Do CPR - Tip #122

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Learning objectives are good as basis for defining what we want to impart to learners. Unfortunately, when we stop there, learners find the learning objectives senseless and as a result, disengage and/or skip the objectives altogether. A Linear Structure Kills Learning Objectives A typical course — its objectives, content and context as well as the type of lessons in this course follow a linear structure, which is common in traditional learning designs.

Incorporating A Blend Of Modern E-Learning Strategies- Microlearning, Gamification & Theme-based Learning To Drive Effective Change Management Process


An e-learning designed with effective strategies is impactful. This is the reason why, the blend of modern e-learning strategies such as microlearning , theme-based learning, gamification, spaced learning and more are implemented to smoothen the entire change management process. So, to cater to the diverse needs of the two distinct learner groups, we followed a two-prong learning strategy – for all employees and for organization’s stakeholders.

What is Mobile Learning? (M-Learning)


It wasn’t long, then, that L&D pros realized that offering a learning environment on mobile devices would replicate how their learners consume content outside of work, and increase engagement. The Definition of M-Learning. Benefits of Mobile Learning in the Workplace.

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Learning & Development: How To Do It Right (2020 Update)


With high stakes riding on the success of our training and development strategies, it’s time for us to unpack the importance of polished learning programs and, even more crucially, better understand how our training programs have failed in the past. What is Learning and Development?

Here’s How to Make an Effective Digital Learning Strategy


The same is true of digital learning in the workplace. A digital learning strategy is that plan. We’ll create an example digital learning strategy for a custom software developer called Fast Software, Inc. Let’s take a look at how we can make that happen with a digital learning strategy. Define Your Training Objectives. A good digital learning strategy starts with what you hope to do with your training program.

Gamification and Microlearning: A Dream Team


One idea to make learning more engaging is combining gamification and microlearning for corporate training. Furthermore, you will help increase their motivation, improve their level of commitment and make your learning more fun. Why You Should Try Gamified Microlearning.

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What is Microlearning? How to Easily Incorporate Microlearning Content into Your Learning Strategy

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Ever felt like you were told to learn or s tudy something that you considered “busy work” and felt as if it were a waste of your time? In both traditional classroom and workplace learning settings, instructors and training managers find they need to innovate in order to continually provide the optimal educational experience as learner needs and preferences change. What Is Microlearning? . In other words, it is just-in-time learning. Learn More .

Why You Should Adopt The Mix Of Microlearning And Mobile Learning


However, adopting a mix of microlearning and mobile learning can help to achieve effective results. One way to do that is by providing them with training that caters to their learning needs by utilizing several learning approaches. What is Microlearning?

How You Can Use Social Learning To Juice Up Your Learning Strategy


social learning also helps in capturing organizational knowledge and improving communication. Although it is an essential strategy to deliver a better learning experience , it can be less effective without proper leverage. In this article, we’ll be exploring how to use social learning to spice up your existing learning strategy. What Is Social Learning? That’s one-way social learning can empower learners to acquire knowledge.

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3 Steps to Creating a Microlearning Strategy: Dallas Lunch & (Micro)Learn Highlights


Last week, I had the privilege of hosting a Microlearning ® strategy session for local L&D practitioners in Dallas. At the event, I interviewed Jayson Maxwell from Six Flags about his success in identifying and deploying a Microlearning ® strategy to solve for his company’s compliance and regulatory training needs. For those of you who missed the event, here’s an overview of my three-step Microlearning® strategy and the key learnings from our discussion.

Power Triad – Using mLearning, Microlearning, and Gamification to Create Immersive Learning Experiences

EI Design

One learning strategy may not be able to address all your training goals and engage the learners. In this article, I show you how the power triad of mLearning, Microlearning, and Gamification can help you create immersive learning experiences. Having fun as you learn.

How Microlearning Improves Leadership Development

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Microlearning is the perfect training methodology for this, as it is well-suited to and aligned with the needs of leaders, as well as millennials who’ll take up leadership roles in the future. Microlearning Helps Leaders Keep Up With The Changing World.

3 Examples of Microlearning Lesson Storyboards - Tip #172

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One of the challenges in Microlearning is how to smartly reduce big, bloated, and overloaded courses. This tip and guide presents the key steps in Microlearning Lesson conversion and three example storyboards of Micro-Lessons. These are the steps we cover in the Microlearning Workshop and the book on Microlearning. You will learn valuable insights on how to smartly reduce your lessons into useful and smaller lesson content aimed for Microlearning.

The Microlearning Solution: Is Microlearning Right For You?

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In this article, I will outline why the microlearning solution is gaining momentum and how exactly you can use it. I will also share a checklist that you can use to evaluate if a given training would be the right fit for microlearning. Is The Microlearning Solution Right For You? A quick recap; what is microlearning? Slowly but surely, microlearning is moving from a buzz to being a significant component of an organization’s learning strategy.

MicroLearning: The Bite-sized Elephant


Reading Time: 6 minutes Is Microlearning the new fad? Business aside, have we reached that point of acceptance with Microlearning? It’s getting difficult to tell a fad from a genuinely new development these days, but make no mistake — “micro-learning” has gained enough traction. Microlearning was the demand of the times, as social media and ultra busy lives have changed every single way we consume content, including learning. How Micro is Micro-learning?

A Case Study on Microlearning as Performance Support to Reinforce Existing Training

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Microlearning, one of the hottest eLearning trends, is catching attention amongst eLearning fraternity like never before. Our recent discussion on a LinkedIn group received a stream of thoughts and perspectives on microlearning. In this blog, we will discuss the microlearning case study that illustrates how we’ve developed and delivered microlearning course/application as performance support to reinforce existing training. Then What is Microlearning?

12 Microlearning Myths and Why They’re Wrong


12 Microlearning Myths and Why They’re Wrong. Microlearning is about presenting content in short bursts. Each burst of content is focused on a specific learning outcome, with each burst coming together collectively to make the whole. It’s popular with a lot of professionals involved in corporate training, but there are also many myths about microlearning that have developed over recent years. The term chunking is often used when referring to microlearning.

How To Intrinsically Motivate Adults With Microlearning

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One of the major flaws in the older learning methodologies has been the fact that they could not provide learners with enough intrinsic motivation to complete courses and learn new skills, or attain new knowledge. Motivation is a very significant component of learning and leads to better absorption and retention of learned concepts. Microlearning is such a modern digital learning methodology that has the ability to create an intrinsic motivation in learners.

How To Keep Your Employees Engaged During Training: 8 Strategies for Success

Roundtable Learning

At Roundtable Learning, we have the solution. As a full-service learning partner, we’ve uncovered the most effective strategies for keeping learners engaged during training. . 8 Strategies To Keep Your Employees Engaged During Training. Learning portal.

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Why Adopt Microlearning – 15 Questions Answered

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While the concept of content chunking to create short training has been there for decades, microlearning is the flavor of the season and for several good reasons. This article addresses 15 questions on microlearning covering its definition, benefits, usage, impact, and why you should adopt it. Why Adopt Microlearning? What Is The Relevance Of Microlearning Today And Why Is It The Flavor Of The Season? The 15 questions are logically grouped as: Microlearning basics. .

Ways Gamification Implements Emotions in Microlearning

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However, it is only since 2010 that corporates have begun to use this learning engagement as part of their training strategy. This is a learning strategy that mixes game mechanics and content to engage learners and thereby turn the entire learning process into a game.

How to Improve Learner Engagement with Microlearning

Designing Digitally

Microlearning is a short learning nugget that is designed with a specific learning outcome in mind. Microlearning can be delivered in several formats – videos, whiteboard animations, interactive PDFs, mobile apps, etc. This format of training has become a popular learning tool because it helps boost learner engagement and achieve the learning objectives it set out to accomplish.

10 Advantages of microlearning in online training


Their beetle toes, eyes of newt or fairy wings are learning management systems, subject matter experts, sound content design, or any other thing that is considered a basic requirement for training courses, online or not. If drop and small were not enough clues, here’s an obvious answer: microlearning. 10 Advantages of microlearning. Of course microlearning is not the perfect solution to every training challenge, but this is the subject for a different post. E-learnin

What is Microlearning? How to Easily Create Microlearning Videos in Moodle and Totara

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Ever felt like you were told to learn or s tudy something that you considered “busy work” and felt as if it were a waste of your time? What Is Microlearning? . These are some characteristics of effective micro learning lessons: . Objective-Oriented. Learn More .

Transitioning From Traditional Classroom Training To Microlearning

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A number of corporate organizations transition from traditional classroom training to microlearning every day, and for good reason. However, as times change and eLearning trends lean more and more towards offering learners short, engaging, and tightly focused modules, a lot of organizations are beginning to transition directly from traditional classroom training to microlearning. As most of you would know, microlearning is, by definition short, crisp and concise.

5 Big Don’ts for Successful Webinar Presentations - Tip #211

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Don’t drag with facts I have learned, from my experience in doing webinars, that you immediately lose your audience’s attention the moment you start your presentation with facts. Nothing is enticing nor motivating about going through a litany of learning objectives, or stating compliance policies, or showing a bunch of technical data. Not everyone is born with great presentation skills but it can definitely be learned.

Corporate Microlearning: 5 Benefits and 4 Drawbacks eLearning Professionals Should Know


But is microlearning really a good fit for your online training program? In this article, I’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of corporate microlearning. Microlearning involves brief bursts of information that focus on a specific topic or task. Here are the most notable pros and cons of taking the corporate microlearning route in online training. 5 Benefits Of Corporate Microlearning. 4 Drawbacks Of Corporate Microlearning.

Game-based Learning, Microlearning and Mobile Learning: 3 Musketeers of E-learning

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“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” Games and game-based learning, Microlearning, and mobile learning are emerging trends and effective learning strategies. Game-based learning drives learner engagement, Microlearning improves retention, and Mobile learning increases ease of access and adoption. Here’s how these three approaches to learning work and play well together.

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STOP, THINK, FOCUS: 4 Ways to Design Time-Saving Lessons - Tip #208

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It was a couple of years ago when I was in Santa Monica when I learned of the BIRD scooters. This illustration relates back to our training and learning industry. This way, learning is faster, more focused on their needs, personalized. If learners want to drill down and learn more, there is a Reference section that leads them to a more detailed lesson page. From this lesson page, they can again have access to more in-depth information to learn more.

6 Minor Updates To Your Microlearning Online Training Library That Make A Major Impact

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Is your microlearning online training library keeping your corporate learners interested? How Small Updates To Your Microlearning Online Training Library Can Bring Big Changes. You’ve caught the microlearning wave and have started thinking about how to provide bite-sized modules. Whether you’re looking to meet the demand for Just-In-Time online training, or just want to increase course completion rates, microlearning online training assets are the way forward.

The Conversation Loop: Foster Learning Through Experience Sharing - Tip #181

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learning) I call this process, the Conversation Loop. It opens the mind to relevant experiences that facilitate learning. Goal This is what you want learners to learn. It is the learning objective and what you want learners to take away from the lesson or story. Related tip: How Story Characters Help Learners Learn Difficult and Sensitive Topics - Tip #169 The key to achieving your learning objective then, is to change the question.

3 Benefits a Blended Virtual Onboarding Plan Brings to Your In-House and Remote Workers

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Blended learning is a highly effective instructional strategy. In the past, virtual learning assets (microlearning, video, etc.) were embedded as one aspect of a broader blended learning program. It also incorporates elements of social learning.

How to Give Your Learners the Training They Want

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If your learners are unconvinced of the value of a training, bored by its contents, or distracted by pressing work, they won’t learn much, no matter how fantastic your training is. . GIVE THEM AUTONOMY IN WHAT THEY LEARN AND HOW THEY LEARN IT. . To get engagement from your learners on learning initiatives, start by asking them what they want. Find out what learning opportunities your learners want. .

It’s Really That Simple - Steps in Story Learning Design - Try the Live Exercise - Tip #120

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SET UP The Set Up is a Story-Based Learning Objective; unlike the static and linear learning objectives, we help learners to immediately recognize the value of these new approach to creating objectives and the lessons to be learned. Here they learn to find their place (Context). As we learned in the previous chapter, the Autobiographical Memory begins to make a connection with the learning.