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The Training Technology Conundrum

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Learning tools and strategies are increasingly focused on what can be done to make work more enjoyable and engaging. As a result, HR and learning and development departments have more training options than ever before and the chance to do something important: make learning relevant. We may be abandoning many aspects of Toby-style HR and training, but are there employees who will miss them? The Perfect Learning Cocktail.

Best Practices To Save Training Costs Using Blended Learning


Blended learning provides learners with the opportunity to take self-paced learning, including e-learning and microlearning. Benefits Of Blended Learning. A well-planned blended learning strategy can help to deliver efficient training to a broad audience.

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3 Reasons to Build Microlearning into Your L&D Strategy


With much to learn and little to no time to learn it, employees need flexible workplace learning options. As organizations advance their L&D strategies with efficient learning platforms , they must also build out effective learning content, including microlearning. Learning trends come and go, but the ones that tend to stick around are those that deliver real value and results for L&D teams and learners. Make “On the Go” Learning Easy.

Has Online Learning Killed the Corporate Training Seminar?


Last year, 87 percent of millennials said that opportunities for career growth and professional development were “very important,” while 68 percent of all workers called training and development the “most important workplace policy.”. Your employees come together as a team toward a common goal of learning new material. Employees don’t feel like they have control over their learning. The Rise of Online Learning.

How Mobile Learning Will Change Your Workplace?

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An extension of online learning, mobile learning (m-learning) is transforming the way organizations train their workforces. Managers and departmental leaders worldwide have recognized how preoccupied people are with their smartphones and are seeking to capitalize… by making learning material accessible via mobile devices. Let’s look at some of the ways how mobile learning can change your workplace. Addresses all learning styles.