Social Media Policy?

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So what’s your social media policy? In fact, such a policy really is part of your personal knowledge mastery. And there’re the various chats that I participate in around learning (e.g. lrnchat , which I was recruited to be one of the original moderators, though I’ve finally stepped away, and a few others I join when I can), as another learning channel. Others have other strategies. This is my social media learning strategy.

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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Mobile learning is a relatively new domain and is rapidly evolving as well, which makes its implementation a not so easy task. When implementing mobile learning in workplace, following 6 steps will help create an effective mlearning strategy. Getting Started with Mobile Learning.

7 Essentials of a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy

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Broadly defined, mobile learning can happen anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. To deploy mobile learning successfully, you’ll need to make that broad definition very specific to your organization and users. Here are seven essentials to create a successful mobile learning strategy.

5 Must-Adopt Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training

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Today, mobile learning is an integral part of most organizations’ training deliveries. In this article, I share 5 mobile learning strategies that you can adopt for corporate training. Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training You Should Adopt.

Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

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Part of the learning leader’s job is to develop organizational learning strategies. For one thing, organizations aren’t reviewing their learning and development strategies very often. percent revisited strategies once or not at all.

5 Must-Adopt Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training

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Today, mobile learning is an integral part of most organizations’ training deliveries. In this article, I share 5 mobile learning strategies that you can adopt for corporate training. Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training You Should Adopt.

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Social Learning – A Transformational Shift in Workplace Learning

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“How do I make my team work better by letting them learn the skills they need?”. This is the primary question that L&D managers seek to address when embarking upon workplace learning programs in their organization. Understanding Social Learning Theory. Social Learning.

Improving Regulatory Compliance Training


Company Policies and Procedures. Make it easy to access—on demand and portable learning allows them to train when it’s convenient. Make it ongoing—your team should be constantly learning, but don’t rehash the same old training—change it up!

Six Obstacles To Building Communities In Organizations


I have written before about the fallibility of trying to have social learning as a bolt-on strategy , on the role of social technology as an avenue for building communities in organizations , and the importance of building communities to facilitate emergent learning.

Millennial Leadership Development: Building the Business Case & Getting Started

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L&D professionals must build the business case for new leadership development by highlighting the needs of millennials and where their company’s current learning strategy and learning management system can be improved. By creating a career path that will entice these workers to stay and continually learn as they grow, you’re securing the future of your company. Millennials now make up the largest cohort in the workplace, according to Pew Research.

Going Mobile for Enterprise Learning: Trends & Statistics

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According to SkillSoft, 93% of CEOs plan to increase or maintain their training budget, and 85% already have a mobile training strategy, or will implement one soon. Simply converting an existing e-learning catalog into m-learning has little success.

7 Reasons Stories Work for the Modern Learner - Tip #210

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Storytelling has been a very effective learning tool since time immemorial. But even with the changing learning landscape, big shifts in work environments and tech disruption, why do stories in eLearning designs still work? Instant learning through hyper-stories addresses that need.

5 Big Don’ts for Successful Webinar Presentations - Tip #211

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Don’t drag with facts I have learned, from my experience in doing webinars, that you immediately lose your audience’s attention the moment you start your presentation with facts. Not everyone is born with great presentation skills but it can definitely be learned.

How to Use Social Learning Bridge Geographical Gaps

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There is an implication associated with informal learning that you aren’t really learning or that the learning isn’t tied to objectives. But, as I stated in a recent video interview with Chief Learning Officer magazine , learning is learning, whether it happens in a structured (formal) or unstructured (informal) manner. Social learning enhances both types of education. Often they include social learning tactics.

5A Learning for the digital age

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The “consumerization of IT” ushered in by the five digital forces — social, mobile, big data and analytics, cloud, and AI and robotics — has changed the way we work, interact and learn. Learning in the New World. To be a global organization and drive growth in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, or VUCA, world, it is important to drive a culture of continuous learning. Learning has to be continuous in the ultra-competitive world of digital services.

Tips for Kickstarting Your Podcast Channel

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Are you shaping public perception and policy? You can also wrap eCommerce or learning around your podcasts, expanding your options. Then get the word out via email blasts and social media. You’ve finally done it. You’ve decided your organization needs to start hosting podcasts.

Learner First Model Part 5


Build Your Training: Choosing Learning Tools. The learner-first training approach places the learner at the center of your training strategy. The ‘Build’ phase is about using your newfound understanding of your learners and learning goals , to build out your training structure.

Is There a Better Way to Social Learning?


Home > Learning Technologies , Social Learning > Is There a Better Way to Social Learning? Is There a Better Way to Social Learning? in light of social media. These sound a lot like the definition of Social Learning.

Cognitive Business

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One of my mantras is that organizations need to align better with how we think, work, and learn. We need to incorporate this in our learning design, but it should go beyond training and learning and be involved in helping people understand why their work is important and how they contribute. It’s not just about performance support, but should influence policies and tools as well. meta-learning strategy

Stories of Real-Life Fiascos and Blunders Motivate Learners - Tip #121

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The challenge then is how to make learning ideas concrete. Know your audience What lessons do your learners need to learn? You can connect the fiasco or blunder to learning objectives and focus on the consequences of what happens if learners fail to succeed or do something.

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In Case of Brand Crisis, Call Learning

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Thanks to camera phones and live social media feeds, review and rating sites like Yelp and Glassdoor, the company complaint vacuum no longer exists. Learning and development has internal and external company value. Blogs and social media aren’t going anywhere.

Diverse Workforce – How to Meet Learning Needs?

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How does an organization meet the learning needs of a diverse work base? What are the learning strategies it adopts to make its workforce stay focused and engaged? A single portal for learning, sharing, and collaboration accessible through any device (PC, smartphone, or tablets).

5 Success Strategies in Micro-Learning Implementation - Tip #115

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The five mother sauces are analogous to the five core success strategies in the elements of Micro-Learning. They make learning enjoyable so that it stays in our memories as flavorful and artistic experiences. In short, insert Micro-Learning in the workflow.

The Training Technology Conundrum

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Learning tools and strategies are increasingly focused on what can be done to make work more enjoyable and engaging. As a result, HR and learning and development departments have more training options than ever before and the chance to do something important: make learning relevant.

Five Best Videos on the Story-Based Design Approach - Tip #63

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I am thrilled to present you five of my best videos, each one providing you with a sneak peak, as well as helpful tips, on how the Story-Based eLearning Design can transform your courses into high-impact learning events. Must Learn - Does Your Learner Need 1,500 Pages?

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The Top Six Things Organizations Must Do to Enable Emergent Learning


What is common across the learning modes and methods mentioned? Social learning via an enterprise collaboration platform. Mobile enabled learning accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device of the user’s choice. But first, WHAT IS EMERGENT LEARNING?

Understanding The Power Of Interactivity For Learning And Professional Development


For years, educators have understood the power of interactivity when it comes to learning – whether in a classroom, or an online interactive eLearning program. On the other hand, an interactive learning environment promotes true understanding.

How to Implement a Corporate Wide Story-Based Learning

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In the workshops that I conducted on Story-based eLearning Design , participants constantly ask: How do we implement Story-Based Learning in our entire company or in various forms of our learning? What is Story-Based Learning? Hence, this is where we focus our strategies.

Corporate learning in the digital age

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Learning in many organisations is going through radical change. Some are ditching their training rooms in favour of digital delivery of content, and bosses that are forward thinking are investing in social learning, social media and mobile devices to support the learning of their employees.

May I Borrow Your Job?

Marcia Conner

He removed policies making it difficult to change jobs and he actively encouraged employees to seek change. The County Administrator strongly encourages rising leaders and their seconds to move around, learn, and stretch. She also learned about the hiring process.

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8 Examples Of Video-Based Learning That Will Help You Deliver High-Impact mLearning

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Video-based learning is an important component of online training delivery today. In this article, I showcase 8 examples of video-based learning that will help you create high-impact mLearning solutions. How These Examples Of Video-Based Learning Help You Deliver High-Impact mLearning.

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How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Dramatic changes have occurred in how learning is recognized, accredited and validated. Often it is the intrinsic, on-the-job skills and best practices that are learned and applied that provide the most value and benefit. What Does Designing a Digital Badge Strategy Look Like?

5 Mobile Learning Trends In Vogue

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This sort of engagement with mobiles has lead to the rise of many mobile learning trends in the corporate sector. Through the BYOD policy, organizations permit their employees to carry their own devices such as laptops, Smartphones, and tablets to work. Game-based learning.

4 Amazing Ways To Uplift Boring Compliance Training With Microlearning

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Compliance training is crucial training for organizations that are mandated to comply with the policies and procedures from Govt or Regulatory bodies. As the training is mandatory, more often than not, the learning strategies are rather predictable ones (read, boring).

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Now against the backdrop of such information, it is interesting to explore what role mobiles are playing in shaping up the workplace learning scenario. These trends with mobile learning are evidence to the fact that we are on the brink of a new era of learning – through the mobile device.

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mLearning: What Are the Uses of Mobile Apps?

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Increasingly, Mobile Learning or mLearning is becoming an integral part of an organization’s learning strategy. Today, many organizations have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place that recognizes the learners’ demand to choose the device they wish to use for learning.

mLearning: What Are the Usages for Mobile Apps?

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Increasingly, Mobile Learning or mLearning is becoming an integral part of an organisation’s learning strategy. Today, many organisations have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place that recognises the learners’ demand to choose the device they wish to use for learning.