The Importance Of Learning Styles In E-Learning


Styles and guidelines are essential to all forms of instruction. This fact is not debated, but what is certainly questioned is the effectiveness of existing learning styles and their utility. A paper on the Concept and Evidence of Utility of Learning Styles by Harold Pashler, Mark McDaniel, Doug Rohrer and Robert Bjorg, details the evidence validating the success of existing methodologies of teaching and learning.

Millennial Learning Styles

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Millennials are moving into the workforce as fast as Baby Boomers are leaving, making it essential for us to understand the principal millennial learning styles of our younger generation. We have gathered ways in which variety for millennial learning styles can be incorporated into your employee learning strategy. Encourage self-directed and flexible learning. Flexible learning is instantaneously appealing to millennials as they feel supported and suited.


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How to Cater for Different Workplace Learning Styles

Engage in Learning

Everyone is unique and experience the world differently, so it’s not surprising that we all learn in different ways too. In order to successfully engage employees in your learning initiatives, you need to understand how they learn. In other words, they learn by listening.

Driving Employee Engagement using Digital Learning Methods

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Given the times we live in, digital learning has become more relevant than before in driving employee learning and engagement. In this blog, I will explore digital learning methods that can be used to drive employee engagement. Mobile Learning.

Unleashing Superheroes – Learning Style

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This week I explore how tapping into different learning styles lets you build engaging online training for different types of learner and Unleash Superheroes in your organisation! Most of all it’s time to pack away the woolies, bring out the superhero spring wardrobe and check out this season’s styles! This week, as I dusted off my favourite seasonal superhero cape, I pondered a style dilemma of the non-fashion variety. How many styles are there?

4 Popular Training Employee Methods

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If you’re looking at training employee methods there are many to consider. A combination of different training employee methods brings variety, which is necessary if you’re to maximize learning retention. But what methods should you use to ensure staff absorb information correctly? If you’re seeking inspiration or simply curious to learn about how to best educate your staff, fortunately you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading for some great methods.

Stop Worrying About Generation Z,Start Thinking About Learner Preferences


A comfortable learning environment for your learners can boost engagement and increase completion rates. But what exactly makes a learning environment comfy? In this post, we’ll break down the major types of training styles that your individual learners might prefer – and how to cater to them. Learner Preferences: the key to a comfortable learning environment. And why would there be a specific set of “generation z learning styles”?

Learning theories

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Five Current Learning Theories. Learning theories unpack complex cognitive processes and provide useful mental models for educators to structure and design courses around, while also providing insights on best practice during and after learning experiences. Freedom to learn.

Artificial Intelligence – How to Blend it into Custom eLearning Development


But rather than fear the automation of jobs, employees can gain and benefit and learn to work alongside AI to realize maximum potential. This is where AI in custom e-learning , training, and development comes in. Let your AI systems do the best work for you and your teams.

Why Is Personalized Learning Key to Language Learning?


This makes it extra important for the content and activities in corporate language courses to be personalized learning which is tailored to the individual. For this, we need to understand not only each individual learner’s training goals, but also their unique learning style. For a training course to really succeed, both learners and trainers need to take learning style into account. How technology and new learning preferences are shaping modern-day learning.

5 excellent learning portal examples for training employees


Learning portals are becoming an increasingly popular choice for organizations that want to get elearning content to their learners, fast. So, let’s take a look at some great examples of elearning portals to give you a clearer idea of what could best suit your learners.

Why Flipped Learning Can’t Replace Good Teaching

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Flipped learning is a well-established approach to education that has been trending upward for more than a decade. In a flipped learning classroom, students learn basic content at home through videos of lectures and/or reading assignments. This then allows the teacher to have a more flexible classroom time dedicated to in-depth exploration of subject matter through discussions, experimentation and/ or hands-on learning. Often, the best way to learn is to teach.

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How can your business become resilient? Digital skilling


The approach to learning and development in the time of this pandemic and beyond must be innovative and dynamic, allowing employees of all skill levels to learn in a way that is most beneficial to them. Is the Adaptive Learning Platform the right tool for my organization?

How Virtual Instructor-Led Training Would Benefit The Corporate Training


Creates An Immersive Learning Experience. Another benefit of virtual instructor-led training is that it helps to create an immersive learning experience for learners. Today, there are many ways that learning can get delivered to help learners improve their retention ability.

How animation-based learning can improve your online courses


In case you’re wondering how animation-based learning can help to improve your online courses, you might have to stop worrying about it. Over the years, animation has become a powerful tool in the e-Learning industry. What are the benefits of animation-based learning?

Is There Still a Place For In-Person Corporate Learning?


?Online learning has gotten more and more popular in the last few years. All of this may suggest that live in-person learning is fading into irrelevance. Will all corporate learning be online in the future or is there still a place for traditional in-person learning?

How We Learn – Capitalize On Knowing


How We Learn – Capitalize On Knowing. Before I start, it is best to issue a few disclaimers: I am not a neuroscientist; this blog post is not written with appropriate scientific method. This post is written based on my personal understanding and could reflect deficiencies experienced in my own personal learning process. To begin we should evaluate what a younger version of myself experienced in the learning process. There are five major types of learning styles.

OpenSesame Announces The Release of OpenSesame Books™


Some other exciting features of OpenSesame Books: Users can add new titles and reading packages to suit their own internal training needs. Companies are increasingly designing their training programs and recognizing that their employees have varied learning styles. They are replacing the “one size fits all” method of staff development with integrated programs that cater to different learning styles.

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How Mobile Learning is Changing the Educational Landscape

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Technology today is turning the old learning techniques on their head, unearthing several new dimensions of learning for students. Smart devices and mobile phones have completely taken over our lives, right from entertainment and communication, to the way we learn.

How eLearning Can Promote Cross Departmental Training


You have to coordinate between multiple teams with differing schedules, differing locations, and differing learning styles. With a Learning Management System , you don’t have to worry about getting different departments in the same place.

5 Things You Need to Know About Learner-Centred eLearning

eLearning Brothers

If we go a step further from coursework which is relevant to the daily life of the learner, we can see how learner-centred eLearning can be personalised to suit the individual student themselves. Though we will talk about learning styles a little later personalisation involves little touches such as the interface design, font size and many other factors. It provides for different learning styles.

What Are The Most Effective Training Techniques in Today’s Changing Business Environments

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Training is a great way to elevate growth, and there are various types of training methods you can capitalize on for positive impact. It’s a case of determining a method which suits the individual preferences of participants. If the style of learning chosen is compatible, learners have a much better chance of retaining information. Personalizing the education experience is advantageous, which involves tailoring different types of training methods accordingly.

Online Learning VS In-person Training: 6 Key Differences


Over the last while, options in online learning have significantly increased. As long as online learners have an internet connection, they are able to learn from any location. There are several differences between online learning and in-person training that organizations should know.

Daily Bookmarks 07/19/2008

Experiencing eLearning

Examines what cognitive science actually tells us about different learning styles and argues that the best answer is to choose the modality that best suits the content rather than adapting to the student. tags: learning , cognition , learningstyles , research , education. Ask the Cognitive Scientist: "Brain-Based" Learning: More Fiction than Fact. tags: education , learning , research , neuroscience , cognition.

How to go about a multi-generational approach to e-learning


Previously I have talked about the different demographics that make up the current workplace and their respective approaches to learning. Learners who are genuinely enthusiastic and want to participate fully in the experience are crucial to the success of a learning intervention.

Your LMS criteria can make or break your buying process – here’s how to win


Finding a learning management system (LMS) requires a lot of brainstorming and prioritizing to nail down your final system requirements. Tackle the big questions about your learning strategy. LMS features found in modern, world-class learning suites. Blended learning.

Creating Custom Learning Programs for Online Learners

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At present, wisdom is considered to be the ability to perceive and learn. . And do you know what has facilitated this unique form of learning? . Here’s a set of tips to create learning programs for online learners- Determine Different Learning Preferences. Mobile learning.

How to Create Personalized Learning Paths for Higher Education Students

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Personalized learning paths offer an exciting solution to some of these challenges by primarily focusing on the specific needs of individual students in the higher education space. What is a Personalized Learning Path? Ownership of Learning. Self-Paced Learning.

The Modern Workforce – Demanding A Digital Workplace


Employees feel valued when they can learn and develop, while also sharing their expertise and experiences. Online learning platforms allow employees to access knowledge quickly and easily they need and share this knowledge digitally with others. Adapt Learning Methods.

Learning experience

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A learning experience typically refers to interacting with a course or program in which learning takes place. In this article, we unpack learning experiences, e-Learning, and how authoring e-Learning content should tie into it all. What is a learning experience?

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What is Blended Learning? A Guide to Everything You Need to Know


What is Blended Learning? Blended learning combines the best of two training environments—traditional face-to-face classroom training and high-tech eLearning. Why Blended Learning? Luckily, corporate learning is catching up. Learning Trends and Feedback.

Training evaluation: Ask the right questions

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Did you feel that this training suited your personal learning style? An equally-valid method, yet more labor-intensive, is personal interviews. Level 2: So did they learn anything? A training evaluation , like any assessment, is only as good as the data it captures.

4 Ways to Boost Learning in the Workplace

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If you were to look around your organization today, how would you describe your learning culture? If you fall somewhere in between, what steps are you taking to improve your learning culture? Align Business Goals with Learning Objectives. Brand Your Learning & Development.

What is an LMS, and how can it help your business?

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SUV, DBA, BRB, IRS… In a culture that is teeming with abbreviations and acronyms for just about everything, “LMS” is one acronym every business should make a point to learn and become comfortable with. An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a vital tool for educating and training employees that does exactly what most of those handy abbreviations do – it makes things easier and more efficient for you. LMS crosses generational learning styles.

What is an LMS, and how can it help your business?

Overnite Software

SUV, DBA, BRB, IRS… In a culture that is teeming with abbreviations and acronyms for just about everything, “LMS” is one acronym every business should make a point to learn and become comfortable with. An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a vital tool for educating and training employees that does exactly what most of those handy abbreviations do – it makes things easier and more efficient for you. LMS crosses generational learning styles.

Essential Criteria for Choosing the Right Video-Based Learning Model

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Video-based learning is a powerful learning tool. The medium is endowed with unique features that make it an effective learning method, able to enhance traditional instructor-led learning approaches and change the way we learn and the way we teach. Also, videos can more easily establish emotional connections, keeping learners more engaged and motivated as compared to traditional learning approaches. Now you’re ready to apply the learning.


How Serious Games Can Do Serious Good For Company Culture

Enable Education

Gaming is also making its way into the workplace, in the form of gamified training, and is helping to redefine training and lifelong learning. Here are five reasons to include game based learning in your company’s culture-building initiatives: Gaming is fun! The content can still be work-centric, but it still presents a less formal, more relaxed approach to learning. Videogames are rapidly taking on a new role, proving useful for grown-ups as well as younger users.