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Can you look through the different terms or searches that are used to find your website. When was the last time you looked through the stats of your blog?

Top 8 Online Course Trends for 2021


Here are some of the most popular course trends to prepare for 2021. It’s been a red-letter year for online learning. And while it’s true that for many this transition has been rough, it’s also evident that e-learning isn’t going anywhere. Analytics, machine learning, and AI.

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Why do searches on e-Learning terms drop dramatically?

Challenge to Learn

Searches on Google on some e-Learning related terms are dropping year by year: searches on Instructional design for example dropped by 80% since 2005. Is this a decline in interest for e-Learning or is a signal for something else? I do not believe it is a declining interest in e-Learning. The e-Learning market is over 50 billion and is growing with double digits each year. The same thing is now happening in e-Learning. e-Learning

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Awesome New Search Tool

Bottom-Line Performance

I found this search tool completely by accident last week. First, it organizes my past searches so that I can see them listed out every time I go to website. Then, it shows the search results two ways, as a list on the left and screen grabs on the right. It saves the links from my search that I select, allows me to add additional links that I already know, and make comments on what I place in the workpad.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. across the learning experience1.

Why do searches on e-Learning terms drop dramatically?

Challenge to Learn

Searches on Google on some e-Learning related terms are dropping year by year: searches on Instructional design for example dropped by 80% since 2005. Is this a decline in interest for e-Learning or is a signal for something else? I do not believe it is a declining interest in e-Learning. The e-Learning market is over 50 billion and is growing with double digits each year. The same thing is now happening in e-Learning. e-Learning

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Top Learning Trends for 2020


Have learning trends for 2020 shifted at all? Here are our top trends we recommend to maximize your learning program. More and more companies are taking a lateral approach to operating their companies and with this trend, managers need training on new skills.

Gamification, Rapid Search, Scalability, Personalized Learning & More: Key Features Supported by Video-based Learning Management Systems


In today’s age of visual information, where the majority of people learn better by accessing visual content; images and videos have gained immense popularity in online courses, enabling the modern learners to engage more and retain for long. Learning Management Systems (LMSs) which support video-enabled content is very powerful, like emails, video-based courses can be delivered across all departments of the company. Learn at your own pace. Tailored learning paths.

E-Learning Trends For 2018: From Flux To Focus


We live in very interesting times – technology is now getting omnipresent around us, we are interconnected at global level like never before, and thanks to all the search engines and bots and calendars and what not, we don’t want to remember anything, but be given the information we need just at the right time, and preferably the information should reach us on its own without us telling anyone/anything what we need! e-Learning Trends 2018

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L&D Trend Insights: Impact of Work from Home


insights on learning patterns. This was qualified by global information search patterns and an increase in client requirements. The trend continued through most of the year with minimal dips during holidays and festive seasons. According to Emily Poague, Vice President of Marketing, LinkedIn Learning and Glint, ‘Professionals have been learning at record rates since COVID-19 hit and have added more than 140 million skills to their LinkedIn profiles since March.’

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18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

Talented Learning

Welcome to our 4th annual LMS and learning systems “Trends” post! What is a trend, anyway? And how much do trends matter? As fiercely independent learning technology analysts, we think a trend isn’t just a fleeting idea that comes and goes like fashion, or a social media hashtag. A trend should matter to any buyer, seller or user of learning technology who wants to make ongoing, intelligent and informed choices.

Business of eLearning – Trends for 2014


Social, MOOC, gamification, games, byte-sized learning, performance management, mobile content, HTML5, Tin Can API – these were the buzz words in 2013, and many gurus have predicted that these trends will gain further momentum in 2014. Continuous Learning -L&D managers now very well realize that training can’t be a one-time event, and elearning is the natural choice to provide continuous support.

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Gamification trends for 2019


Here are the booming gamification trends for this year. Personalized: Personalization is a key advantage in gamification, which helps in achieving a personalized learning experience. As compared to machine learning approaches, data-driven approaches will better help to improve the algorithms. The industry is, at last, prepared to deliver what the data c-suites have been searching for. The post Gamification trends for 2019 appeared first on CHRP-INDIA.

Mobile Photo Search: The learning potential

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s a mobile app for android phones that allows you to complete internet searches based on a photo you take with your smart phone. Here’s an example from Google’s site: Literally you take a picture of a bridge and it recognizes it, searches for related information, and returns information to you. When I think of mobile apps and learning, this technology has unlimited opportunity. How else could this technology be used for learning?

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4 Interesting trends in executive development


When we talk about trends, we usually think about fashion, travel destinations, or healthy life choices. So, when the serious business subject of ‘executives’ development’ comes up, it’s challenging to think of it in terms of trends.

5 Top IT-enabled business trends that are affecting Corporate Learning


Developments in information technology affect every nook and corner of the business world – creating leading trends that dictate business discourse and atmosphere. These IT-enabled business trends also affect learner preferences for ways to access and consume workplace learning. Here are the reigning IT-enabled trends that are defining corporate training today: It’s All Social. Learners and mangers do not have to search the reports to dig out insights.

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4 Modern-Day Learning Trends in Education


Learning trends are starting to take on a whole new shape as schools and businesses leverage modern technologies and strategies to creatively deliver content in various ways. Classrooms are seeing an uptick in learning management systems for blended learning purposes, while businesses are taking advantage of improved delivery methods from new APIs which better enable mobile learning. elearning online learning

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4 Key Emerging Trends in LMS

Upside Learning

Today, after the rapid evolution of the LMS – hastened by several factors, right from the inclusion of social learning tools, to an ever increasing need for usability – many things have changed, and still continue to change, in the LMS. While there is no knowing for sure what will happen over the next 3 – 5 years, there are some key trends that may find a prominent place in the evolution of the LMS in the coming time. 2.Personal Learning Environment (PLE).

Keep Calm and Follow the Data: Search results show what employees value in times of uncertainty


Even here at Degreed, we’ve put out a few of our favorite tips for transitioning to a virtual learning program and a Kids’ Activity Book to keep parents sane. . But beyond our initial response to the surge of remote work, we started wondering if our own search data from millions of users around the world could tell us what employees are really looking for now—and how we could appropriately support them and their companies. What did we learn?

What Have Professional Digital Marketers Learned From SEO Trends In 2020?

Dan Keckan

Learn about Search Engine Optimization and metadata strategies for 2021. Content Marketing Content Marketing Strategy eLearning Trends Inbound Marketing SEO

Don’t get killed by trends

CLO Magazine

As a learning manager, you are contemplating your next wise investment in order to serve your remote working employees effectively. A few common questions you may have encountered: Would you go for an auto-switch from classroom to e-learning? Learning management systems.

Authoring Tool Trends for 2017

eLearning 24-7

If you are inquiring adoption across all learning tech capabilities and consumer demand (from the consumer marketplace and learners), then the answer is half yes and half no. . I won’t regurgitate everything that appeared and did not for that matter in the authoring tool space as a whole in 2016, but a few have crossed over in a positive light, which is pushing trend. Speaking of trends. . I’m still a m-learning purist. They all had a learning curve.

Online Learning: 10 Trends for 2020


What are the trends most likely to mark 2020 in elearning? The perception of the learners and their relationship to learning and the teacher has changed significantly over the past few decades. This basic trend of putting the learner at the centre of learning has allowed other trends to emerge. Universal Design for Learning (see Creating inclusive online training courses: follow the guide! Adapted learning methods. Learn more.

E-Learning Forecasts & Trends for 2014


THE QUOTE: “ Online learning is not the next big thing, it is now big thing.” – Donna J. THE JOURNEY: Where is e-learning heading? As we know, the e-learning market is evolving dynamically, witnessing newer horizons day after day. It’s almost a year since we published our last forecasts on the e-learning trends. What were some of the interesting predictions for the global e-learning market for 2014? Trends. Today, e-Learning is a $56.2

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Digitization Requires Soul-Searching for L&D

CLO Magazine

That’s especially true for traditional corporate learning and development strategies threatened by an onslaught of MOOCs and learning experience providers. The report’s predictions offer some direct and indirect implications for chief learning officers: Organizational design will be challenged at every point. To compete in today’s economy, companies should consider breaking functional groups into smaller teams, customer-centric learning and time-to-market, the report said.

LMS Market Trends: Issues and Opportunities

Talented Learning

If you’ve ever crossed professional paths with me, you know I’m willing to talk learning tech shop with anyone — vendors, buyers and practitioners– anytime, anywhere in the world. Every day I meet new experts and exchange ideas about what’s good, bad and ugly in the world of learning technology. It’s not just because I’m a learning tech fanatic with more than 22 years of LMS/elearning industry experience. You’ll learn: .

Issue 67

Google Blog Search Problems

Tony Karrer

I rely pretty heavily on Google Blog Search to help me find people who are citing blog posts of mine so that I can see that kind of conversation. Unfortunately, it looks like Google Blog Search has decided that they will now include the entire contents of the web page rather than just the contents of the RSS feed. Learning Trends 2008 - Online - Free [link

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Day 2 mobile learning conference #MLearncon: Trends day

Challenge to Learn

Today was trends day. The first three sessions I attended were about trends in Mobile and the other two (user generated content and ten mobile start-ups to watch) are also trendy. Three perspectives on making mobile e-Learning work. Geoff is head of innovation at Tribal an e-Learning company from the UK. Mobile learning is here to stay and is developing rapidly, at least the technology and platforms are. MLearning is not a replacement of e-learning.

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Human-Centered Training: One L&D Trend to Rule Them All?

Bottom-Line Performance

In the search for more meaningful training approaches, many of us turn to the latest trend or technology. Microlearning, Augmented Reality, Gamification, Machine Learning: each one of these trends, or perhaps a trend I have not listed, can seem like the one thing that your training approaches are missing. There are articles and webinars galore that hype up the latest learning trends.

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What's trending in learning 2019


We’re at the tail-end of January meaning that it’s well and truly time to toss out the trends of last year and make room for the new ones. Learning trends that is. Training, learning & development, workplace learning – just a few of the ‘learning’ terms you may have come across. But don’t let the buzzwords cause you to underestimate the expanse of the learning industry. So what if we apply that concept to learning and development?

SEO For LMS Websites: What It Takes To Get To The Top Of Google Search

Dan Keckan

And which trends must we follow to make sure we rank the way we should be ranking? Learning Management Systems Free eLearning eBooks LMS Websites SEO SEO LMSIt's not always evident which techniques we need to apply to make sure our websites are SEO optimized. Which rules must we absolutely not break? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Top Learning Systems Trends – A 2019 Extended Enterprise Market Guide

Talented Learning

Welcome to our 5th annual trends post! When you look at the list below you might wonder why we’re not calling this our 2019 Book of Learning Systems Trends. Well, a lot is happening in extended enterprise learning and we want to touch on all the high points. In fact, this guide is like the learning systems landscape, itself – deep, broad and multi-faceted. Top Learning Systems Trends for 2019. #21 We first noticed this trend last year.

mLearning – the trend that’s NOT? mSupport the trend that might be?

Bottom-Line Performance

Clark Quinn is a long-time advocate of the use of mobile technologies to support learning efforts. He’s also been a very public presence in trying to help the learning and development community (and anyone else who cares to listen to the conversation) that the BEST use of mobile phones is NOT eLearning. When the L&D community talks about the “mLearning” trend, we’re talking about a trend that is just… not.

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Authoring Tool Trends

eLearning 24-7

They didn’t see the trend that people just ate the marshmallows and not the rest of the box. Nor did they see the trend that the other cereals that never contained marshmallows – I’m talking to you Kix for Kids – wouldn’t rule the kid world of the 70′s. See, the trend? Trends and seeing them can boost sales and increase your market share. Hopefully as this trend continues the number of languages expands as well. .

Digital Natives Actually Stink at Search, Says Research


Only seven out of 30 students whom anthropologists observed at Illinois Wesleyan “conducted what a librarian might consider a reasonably well-executed search,&# wrote Duke and Andrew Asher, an anthropologist at Bucknell University, whom the Illinois consortium called in to lead the project. They were basically clueless about the logic underlying how the search engine organizes and displays its results. News Link Online Training digital natives search

Trends in Careers and Learning

Powerhouse Hub

There is a shift towards more diverse career paths and a continual search for learning

Why and How to Create a Continuous Learning Culture


As the great Albert Einstein once said: “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”. When done exceptionally, continuous learning can foster talent that is constantly innovating, rethinking, and formulating new strategies to better your business. The implications of a stagnant learning culture can prove to be severe for the health and progress of an organization. What is continuous learning? Why you should look to foster a culture of continuous learning.

Online Learning Trends and Predictions for 2018


A few weeks ago, I gave you a sneak peek at a trend and prediction from the Tagoras and Community Brands team. Today I’m sharing the rest of our insights from the webinar, “2017 Learning Trends, 2018 Learning Forecast.” Trend: Sourcing and Channeling . Sourcing and channeling points to the trend where associations become the source of content for other organizations or serve as a channel for outside content. Trend: Interactive Video .

See Why Learning and Development Will Be More Important Than Ever In 2019


Uncover the key e-learning trends you can’t ignore for your learning strategy. More organizations than ever before are embracing the importance of learning and development (L&D) and talent development – a trend that is very much being driven from the top down. 90% of executives say learning and development is a necessary benefit to the employees at the company. The Top Learning Technology Priorities for the next 12-24 months.

LMS Technology Trends: Why Focus Is The Next Big Thing

Talented Learning

I have now formally reviewed 125 of the potential 700 learning management solutions available in the world. As I get deeper and deeper into the industry, I’m more convinced than ever that “focus” is the key LMS technology trend of today’s winning vendors. Our industry is always searching for the next big feature destined to change everything. In the learning technology market, focus creates business value and winning vendors have it!