Webinar Recap: Implementing Streaming Video into Articulate Storyline

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Adding streaming video to an eLearning course can raise all kinds of issues. From copyright, to advertisements, to extraneous content, to resource constraints…all of these can be issues with streaming video.

Video in Captivate – Embed Vs Stream

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Video in Captivate – Embed Vs Stream. Video and multimedia in general, is increasingly becoming a staple in on-line learning. YouTube has led everyone to believe accessing video is easy. Progressive Download vs Streaming Download. Video files are often large.

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Visions, values and video streaming

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We will feature a series of presentations and dialogues which we are calling 'learning events'. Each learning event will feature two or more guest speakers, drawn from the world of education, some in universities, some from schools, and also members of the business community.

5 Myths About Video Based Learning

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A lot of people still have a tough time to accept video-based learning as an effective and engaging learning tool. We have seen many myths in the learning and development industry and using video-based learning is no exception.

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Streaming learning events

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We broadcast our first live learning event yesterday, where our third year students listened to a talk by innovative school leader Dave Strudwick. The YouTube link for tomorrow's learning event is here. The entire schedule of learning events over the next few weeks is at this link.

How To Make A Live Video Streaming App For iOS And Android

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The world is moving towards live streaming. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Benefits Video In eLearning Video Production Best PracticesAnd there are multiple reasons why you should do the same! This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Future of Streaming – Get Ahead of the Curve


Flash has been a dominant force of technology in video and advertisement delivery. Since Flash was now a potential security threat, the tech-wizards also deduced RTMP streaming protocol – the way video is carried from one place to another – also needed to go.

Video-Based Learning: Engaging Your Audience with Video Content


A study investigating the effectiveness of two teaching approaches, illustrated text-based versus video-based, concluded the following: “Video-based e Learning is superior to illustrated text-based e Llearning when teaching certain practical skills.”.

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Tips For Creating Video-based Content And Choosing The Right Technology To Support It: Getting The Value Advantage Of Video-based Learning


Though initially created purely to entertain, power of videos to influence and teach soon became evident. As video-making evolved, so did the increase in its utility as a medium of instruction and learning. Evidently, the pedagogic use of film and video has been well established.

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eLearning Webinar (YouTube Live Stream) – Clichés and Bad Practices in Online Learning, July 3, 2017, 14:00 EDT

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In this week’s eLearning LIVE STREAM, we will be discussing your and my least favorite clichés and bad practices in Online Learning. Follow the link right now to set up a reminder for yourself so you get notified when this LIVE STREAM goes live. Use the same link to join the LIVE STREAM while it’s in progress. Video Captivate eLearning live stream quiz questions youtube video

It’s Showtime! How to Enhance Conference Learning With Online Video

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After a decade of explosive market growth, online video has reached critical mass and there’s no turning back. Countless research reports confirm that video is changing our lives profoundly at home and at work. 3) Add Sizzle With Time-Lapse Video. 3) Time-Lapse Video.

5 Challenges Developing E-Learning as a Revenue Stream

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As an independent e-learning consultant, I’m often asked how to develop e-learning courses as a viable revenue stream for their business - to sell to clients. Developing e-learning courses is multidisciplinary. There is so much mediocre e-learning courses out there.

Dev Corner - HTML 5 Video Player with multiple video streams

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This week's Dev Corner post comes from Mike Luongo and details using HTML5 to create a video player that lets you play multiple video streams at once. HTML5 video player with PIP that is movable/sizeable/opaciable. You can click the video and make it large.


TLDChat - Video Friday - Guest Brian Fanzo talks Live Streaming

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You can view it here or click the video screen below and login at crowdcast.io edtech elearning informal learning learning and development Learning Management Systems Streaming Video TLDC TLDC18 TLDChatWelcome to #TLDChat! Today we are talking with the amazing Brian Fanzo, aka @iSocialFanz ! for the event. Be sure to get updates on future #TLDChat guest by signing up for the newsletter at TLDC.us powered by crowdcast.

Webinar: Learning Efforts With Live Collaborative Streaming Video


WEBINAR – Scale Up Your Learning Efforts With Live Collaborative Streaming Video For many years our industry has functioned under this premise, “We know that 1:1 training is the most effective method to learn/teach, but that doesn’t scale” We created elaborate self-paced instructional courses that allowed anyone with a connection and the right computer equipment […].

Debunking Misconceptions about Video Learning


There are more than bil lion users (almost one-third of all people on the Internet) on YouTube, who spend extensive hours watching YouTube videos for entertainment as well as for education on a daily basis. The post Debunking Misconceptions about Video Learning appeared first on Gyrus.

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Video Learning Platforms

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Video Killed the Radio Star debuts. Everyone watches it – because it is the first video to be seen on the station. 1995 – Real Media arrives on the internet scene streaming an entire baseball game that probably no one watched. Grab your Video. Video editing.

Streaming Media for E-Learning: A Primer

The E-Learning Curve

I'm preparing a series of blog articles on the topic E-Learning Using Collaboration Platforms. The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Tags: video multimedia Audio web-based training online training WBT streaming media digital media collaboration platform In the series I will discuss: Collaboration Platform Technology Synchronous Delivery.

eLearning Development: 4 Tech Considerations When Using Videos

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With increasing bandwidths and better compression techniques available, use of videos in Flash platform based eLearning courses is on the rise. However, often we find videos not being used optimally. Here are a few technical aspects to keep in mind when working with videos.

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Delivering streaming video to mobile devices

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As you may know, the world of online video is going through some upheaval right now with at least two competing views of how embedded video should be delivered. And mobile video is at the center of the fracas. Best way to share video via a link. Best way to embed video.

In defense of the stream.

Mark Oehlert

Sameer Patel, currently SVP and in charge of SAP’s Enterprise Social and Collaborative Software Products and Go to Market recently penned a blog post, "Who Spiked the Enterprise Activity Stream?" I''ll try to focus on the stream though. . My Inbox can be a stream - at times its been a river, or a firehose. So why do I like the activity stream better? Remember the Herding Cats video ? Behavior has to change in order to maximize the effective use of streams.

How Corporate Videos Can Help Prepare & Train New Recruits?

Your Training Edge

Here we would like to share with you how corporate videos can play a constructive and powerful role in dealing with similar kinds of apprehensions. In Saudi Arabia, nearly 64% of the population watch online videos. Videos are the no.

Video 141

How Long Should Videos Be for E-Learning?


Videos are an essential aspect of online education. If your video strategy for creating course videos was to tape a lecture and throw it online, it’s unlikely many of your learners are staying till the end. If they are, they’re probably pausing it mid-stream and coming back to it later. But online courses operate under different conditions, where the longer video format isn’t just unnecessary, it may even be counterproductive.

Video 189

TechSmith Tips – Getting Started with Video Webinars

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At TechSmith we use video webinars for a number of purposes: in-depth demonstrations of our more complicated products, highlighting the success of our customers, a few times we even stayed up for 24 hours straight for our 24 in 24 and 48 in 24 video series. What is a Webinar?

Connect. Communicate. Learn Video Way

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The engagement experience can be a remarkable one if the power of visual learning is put to effective use. In the context of learning, this is a medium that is gaining more visibility within organizations. Using the videos as part of an activity stream is engaging as well as effective.

Online Learning Live – Ask Me Anything | April 29th, 12:00 EDT

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The post Online Learning Live – Ask Me Anything | April 29th, 12:00 EDT appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Q&As Videos "Elearning authoring tools" adobe captivate e-learning captivate video live stream livestream q&as videos

Role of Video Conferencing in Education


If you have taken an elearning course, chances are that at some point there was a video component. For quite some time now, elearning developers have been utilizing video delivery as a method to present information. But Why Live-Stream? distance learning online learning

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Share Your Captivate Tutorial with the eLearning Community

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If you find this video useful, please share it with your colleagues, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel when you get a chance.

In defense of the stream.

Mark Oehlert

Sameer Patel, currently SVP and in charge of SAP’s Enterprise Social and Collaborative Software Products and Go to Market recently penned a blog post, "Who Spiked the Enterprise Activity Stream?" I'll try to focus on the stream though. . My Inbox can be a stream - at times its been a river, or a firehose. So why do I like the activity stream better? Remember the Herding Cats video ? Behavior has to change in order to maximize the effective use of streams.

FERGHSC on adopting eFront LMS & creating a new revenue stream


FERGHSC is an online tutoring business based in Sydney, Australia that focuses on supporting students in their final year of schooling (the Australian Higher School Certificate aka HSC) their focus is on developing systems for HSC success through video lessons, interactive feedback such as their essay marking service and website course material, developed by a team of experts. Customer story eLearning Learning education HSC learning management system Learning Technology LMS

Digital Video: 10 Ways to Experience Modern Learning Live and On-Demand

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Until recently, digital video was underutilized by technology-enabled learning solutions. In recent years, the surge in digital video demand has been phenomenal and it doesn’t show signs of slowing anytime soon. 10 Ways Digital Video Is Redefining Learning.

Adobe Captivate 2019 release

Adobe Captivate

New Features for Experiential Learning. For me, that theme is experiential learning. If eLearning was a video game, we’ve just gone from Donkey Kong to World of Warcraft. In this video tutorial, I show you the new Virtual Reality Projects in Adobe Captivate 2019.

How to Optimise Video Content in Your E-Learning Courses


How to Optimise Video Content in Your E-Learning Courses. Read any guide on how to improve your e-learning courses and you will find a tip on including video. Those guides are right, of course, but there are e-learning videos and then there are e-learning videos.In

#eLearning #LIVESTREAM – Should I Upgrade to Captivate 2017? | 2018-03-12 16:00 EST/21:00 UTC

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In this Adobe Captivate eLearning live stream, I will be talking about if it’s actually worth upgrading to Adobe Captivate (2017 Release). Video Adobe Captivate e-learning eLearning live stream live stream tutorial paul wilson adobe captivate

Video for learning: Today and tomorrow

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Photo by Vladimer Shioshvili on Flickr Educators have been using video for decades. The first time I saw video being used in a classroom was in 1973. I was studying at college and a man in a white coat wheeled a television and video player into the room.

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