LearnTrends Innovation Awards

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Looks like a season for Awards; and as a vibrant community, it was about time LearnTrends joined in. They say “ The awards will recognize products, projects, and companies that represent significant innovation in Corporate/Workplace Learning and Performance.”

LearnTrends: The Immernet Singularity

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These are my live blogged notes from Tony O’Driscoll’s LearnTrends session on The Immernet Singularity. We focus on formal learning & productivity but ignore informal learning and performance. Workplace Learning immersive learning learntrends Tony O'Driscoll My side comments are in italics. Official description: The Immernet Singularity: How the Immersive Internet Will Redefine Learning and Collaboration.

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LearnTrends: Reinventing Organizational Learning

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These are my live blogged notes from Jay Cross & Clark Quinn’s LearnTrends session on Reinventing Organizational Learning. It isn’t about creating courses–it’s about being partners in people’s success, having more productive relationships. Tags: Informal Learning Workplace Learning Clark Quinn Jay Cross learntrends

LearnTrends Innovation Awards

Tony Karrer

George Siemens , Jay Cross and Tony Karrer are pleased to announce the first ever LearnTrends 2009 Innovation Awards.

LearnTrends Innovation Awards

Jay Cross

George Siemens , Tony Karrer and I are pleased to announce the first ever LearnTrends 2009 Innovation Awards. The awards will recognize products, projects, and companies that represent significant innovation in Corporate/Workplace Learning and Performance. Winners will be announced and will be asked to do short presentations during LearnTrends 2009. Here are some graphics for your use: LearnTrends is the free, online, non-profit conference on innovation in corporate learning.

Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations 2008

Jay Cross

Use the tag learntrends to share and find information, locate participant blogs, and invent new activities. Dave Pollard - Working Smarter: Improving the personal productivity of knowledge workers. Attend a conference for troubled times. This event focuses on experimenting with fresh concepts, putting wisdom in the foreground, replacing bureaucracy with common sense, and coming together to share ideas.You can’t beat the price. November 17-21, 2008 | Online | Free.


Win an award for an innovative project, product, or practice

Jay Cross

George Siemens , Tony Karrer , and I are pleased to announce the LearnTrends 2009 Innovation Awards. The awards are designed to recognize products, projects, processes, and companies that represent interesting innovations in applying technology for Corporate / Workplace Learning and Performance. Winners will make short presentations during the LearnTrends conference.

Brief Intro to Social Networks

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“We can be more productive with an individual, expert-based model.&# –George. George’s definition: connecting, often using technology–using the value of other people to be more productive and better at what we do. Tags: Connectivism Informal Learning Learning Communities learning learntrends social learning social networks These are my notes from the Learn Trends: Networked and Social Learning online mini-conference.

Social Learning Tools Should Not be Separate from Enterprise 2.0

Tony Karrer

As a side note, Skillsoft is trying really hard to get Social Learning to be SEOed to their inGenius product. Trying to extrapolate from a single product like inGenius is going to be hard for most people to understand social learning.

SharePoint Fear and Loathing by Learning Professionals

Tony Karrer

I was surprised by the fear and loathing expressed around SharePoint yesterday at LearnTrends 2009. SharePoint 2010 looks to be a much better product. I don’t think it’s the best tool out there, but it likely is the best tool being adopted by your IT department and is part of the Enterprise 2.0 plan in your organization. My belief is that it’s going to be a big part of eLearning 2.0 for many workplace learning professionals.

Free Learning

Tony Karrer

However, when you begin to go after small, niche audiences, then low cost production becomes important. Free Learning may not be as high a quality – although I would claim that LearnTrends and WorkLiteracy filled niches.


Learn Trends 2008 - Free

Tony Karrer

Speakers and topics include: Alvaro Fernandez: Brain Fitness for Peak Health and Performance Dave Gray: Visual Literacy, Learning Innovation Kevin Wheeler: The Future of Talent Dave Pollard - Working Smarter: Improving the personal productivity of knowledge workers. If you want to attend sign up and follow the conference blog: LearnTrends for on-going updates

Business of Learning

Tony Karrer

There are pretty important question here to ask about your learning business: Will there be demand for our training products (classroom, virtual classroom, eLearning)? Okay, I'm leading the witness, but I believe that you will find that most people are less interested in training as a product.

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Around-the-world conversation on learning

Jay Cross

Corporate Learning Trends & Innovation (henceforth “Learntrends&# ) is hosting a free, online conversation on learning in organizations starting April 21. I’m getting fired up about conducting Learntrends globally , that is, for 24 hours. If you want to lead the conversation or take the online controls in your part of the world, become a member of Learntrends. Think about how you can help make these conversations productive.

Innovation Awards 2009

Tony Karrer

We’ve just announced the innovation awards associated with LearnTrends 2009. They receive a weekly e-mail with their assignment, additional written production exercises, motivational and technical tips as well as personalized feedback based on the self-study results as recorded in the LMS. The session was fraught with technical difficulties, so I thought it would be worth capturing a bit about each of the four award winners here.

2.0 and Interesting Times

Tony Karrer

The theme of LearnTrends 2009 is a term I call Convergence. The nature and value of content production is changing. Interesting post by Dan Pontefract where he provides definitions of some different "2.0" definitions and the HR & Organizational impacts. It's worth taking a look at some of these: Enterprise 2.0

eLearning Predictions Further Thoughts

Tony Karrer

That certainly goes along with what we’ve done with LearnTrends and what’s going on with social learning. virtual world, WebEx type product. I recently posted my Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010 and did a presentation on the topic. You can access a WebEx recording of the presentation here: https://nethope.webex.com/nethope/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=58772167&rKey=9ac6286700094e6f

eLearning Tour - May 21 - Free

Tony Karrer

On May 21, LearnTrends will be hosting an eLearning Tour Event. Before, Bob was the Executive Director of Education for Element K where he directed and influenced their learning model and products. This is designed to take you on a quick tour of different examples of what's happening out there.

Jay Cross's Informal Learning - Untitled Article

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Is your product an Ice Cream Glove or a Snuggie? Google Wave (continued): The Conversation Becomes the Process, and Even the Product , September 13, 2009. LearnTrends 2009 , September 23, 2009. LearnTrends 2009 , September 23, 2009. Here are the top sites from Informal Learning Flow for September 2009. Featured Sources. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. The Awesomeness Manifesto - HarvardBusiness.org , September 16, 2009.

Reflecting* on the second half of 2009

Jay Cross

Productivity in a Networked Era: Not Your Father’s ROI. George Siemens, Tony Karrer, and I co-hosted the third annual LearnTrends conference. LearnTrends faculty. * If you are not reflecting, you are not learning. Here are some things I learned from in the past six months.

New skills for learning professionals

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

We addressed this question at the April 2009 Learntrends event. Mzinga’s Dave Wilkins describes several production roles. This month’s big question asks, “In a Learning 2.0

Is there no room for Informal Learning?

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

LearnTrends and other efforts have been well received by the community but not without constructive feedback. Jay posts his own thoughts about April's LearnTrends event here. I think we can learn a lot from productivity gurus, and "effective meetings" advocates by continuing to ask "why are we here?" There is an ongoing discussion around formal v. informal learning and I think we are at a point where we need to put a stake in the ground.

Online social networks, learning and viral expansion loops

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Credit where credit is due, a great deal of this increase in awareness has come through my use of Twitter (especially #lrnchat ) and through a number of online social networks, such as Seth Godin's Triiibes , LearnTrends , Problogger and LinkedIn groups.

2009 Edublog Award Nominations

Janet Clarey

productivity (Charles Jennings). Here are two posts that highlight the worst of that and both serve as catalysts for productive conversation. Best educational use of a social networking service: LearnTrends Online Conference on Ning (George Siemens, Tony Karrer, Jay Cross). An Edublog is a blog written by someone with a stake in education (teacher, instructor, policy maker, corporate educator, etc.).

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

and how it organically facilitates collaboration and productivity? It shares the look and feel as well as the functionality of the EY intranet, three prototypes, overview of the EY usability methodology, lessons learned, and the results of a focus group study conducted on the final product.


Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

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They had attended the LearnTrends free online conference. Five Software Products for Adding an Avatar to Your eLearning - Kapp Notes , August 16, 2010 Here are 4 software products that allow you to add an avatar to your elearning courses. 21st Century L&D Skills - Performance Learning Productivity , August 8, 2010 I was recently involved in a discussion about 21st Century learning skills in one of the LinkedIn Groups.