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It contains over 25 pre-built slides ready for your custom content with absolutely no headache. Changing the colors and branding each slide to your needs has never been easier. We all love free stuff, especially when it can be put to good use!

Review of Snap by Lectora and how it stacks up against Articulate

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What is itSnap by Lectora is a new rapid eLearning development tool created by Trivantis (creators of Lectora).With Simply create slides in PowerPoint as you normally would and add text and images where required.Snap InterfaceOnce installed Snap appears as a new ribbon within PowerPoint.Animation / transition SupportLike Articulate, when you publish a Snap course from PowerPoint, the project is converted to Flash.

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Recording Audio with Adobe Presenter

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It can add an element of having a “trainer” to help expand on the points that are being presented on the slides – it adds a human touch to the course. Presenter works seamlessly with PowerPoint to allow slide by slide narration. By Dean Hawkinson.

eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go

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The thinking is that a team goes through more or less orderly stages of  Forming > Storming > Norming > Performing  as they become a cohesive unit able to grow, face challenges, solve problems and deliver results.

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Interactive Soft Skills Training with New Customizable Courseware

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Meaning that you have the ability switch out graphics, add slides, mix and match content, and even brand the course with your logo and company colors. Creative Problem Solving. Course Source Files for Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline.

Learning Takes Root with Branching Scenarios


Branching scenarios are a great way to introduce complex problems into an e-Learning module. How to create scenarios: It’s easy to create branching scenarios with Lectora® e-Learning authoring software.

Interactivity in e-Learning – Do you need to go up a level?


Interactivities like simple animations, roll-over effects and slide transitions can be built in with readily available tools like MS PowerPoint and a levy of rapid authoring tools.

3 Ways To Instantly Kill e-Learning Effectiveness


If your course looks anything like powerpoint slides, you're courses' effectiveness has taken a blow. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend an hour progressing slides hosted in a "player" instead of Microsoft PowerPoint. Simple fix to a big problem.

The Top 12 eLearning Authoring Tools (2019 Update)


As well as slides, you can incorporate video capture, interactions, and assessments to build engaging content. Lectora Online. Both a cloud and Windows-based solution, Lectora is an eLearning authoring tool that works well for SCORM content.

Advantages of the newest authoring tools over traditional ones


Traditional authoring tools like Articulate , Captivate , eXelearning , or Lectora have a common problem: they are not exactly easy to use. These are ideal if your content is brief and straightforward, of about 10 minutes and 10 slides.

How to Create Wireframes when Making Your Legacy Courses Responsive

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A wireframe is commonly used to specify the content layout of slides and functionality of an e-learning course. They are used early in the development process, to establish the basic structure of a slide before visual design and content are added.

Developing Mobile Content — Fast and Far-Reaching


Over the last few years, tools like Articulate Storyline and Lectora have evolved to suit the needs of the mobile platform and can develop content which is ready to be rendered on the mobile platform as well.

A Step by Step Guide to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning

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As these PowerPoint presentations are used in classrooms, they come with text-heavy slides and a few representational images. For example, Adobe Captivate is widely used for creating software simulation-based courses and Lectora Inspire to convert text-heavy content into online courses.

Stop Making These 5 Mistakes in Your e-Learning


You can solve both problems by taking the text on the screen and turning it into a voiceover script, and then selecting a meaningful graphic for the slide, along with a few key points in text. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Lectora® e-Learning Blog for e-Learning tips and how-tos!

Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

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Just in case you are delivering web-based learning, poor network connectivity can pose some problem. A: Heavy graphics don’t pose too much of a problem in HTML5. Can we publish HTML5 from Lectora? If we purchase your LMS, will u help developing HTML5 product in Lectora?

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When to Use Rapid eLearning

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The three most popular rapid authoring tools you might come across are Articulate Storyline , Adobe Captivate , and Lectora Inspire.

Latest Negative E-Learning Trends

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The problem though, at least what I am seeing, is that they are not willing to do so. Some Lectora Online. To me, and I expect nothing but flame-o-grams here, the top two for ID folks are Lectora Online (which is not for beginners) and dominKnow Claro (which a beginner can use).

Interview With Mobile Learning Thought Leader Mayra Aixa Villar

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When designing for mobile, the ability to understand the environment, the habits, the problems and the needs of the learners is far more critical than in any other training initiative. Mayra Aixa Villar.

Keynote Resources from #LUC2017

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The Lectora 2017 Users Conference promises to be an exciting and engaging event. Here are the slides from my keynote (but no peaking until it’s over). What we missed on the mission is provide in the information below (and in the slides above).

52 eLearning Experts Share their Best Tip for Creating Engaging eLearning


Having content pushed on us in the form of bullets and slides is clicking boring. Instead of designing by focusing on content (let alone PowerPoint slides) as is so common, we produce engaging e-learning by focusing on the learning experience first and foremost.

4 Tips to help your training feel "Alive"

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Problem. Transitions can make your content feel alive and responsive instead of just another slide in a predestined slideshow. Many popular authoring tools like Lectora and Captivate provide good transitioning options. by Jonathan Shoaf. I'm sure you've seen the advertisements for the new Motorola Droid phones. The makers of the phone have gone through a lot of effort to make the phone appear alive and intelligent.

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Perception in the E-Learning World

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Hyundai had a problem. They came up with a solution to solve the perception problem. In the e-learning space there continues to be in some sectors, a perception problem. That is a perception problem, that isn’t totally solved, rather it is a band-aid solution. One sector that implies that it doesn’t have a perception problem are authoring tools, and in some ways it is true. A huge perception problem. .

Why your learning management system needs content support


Because most issues originate outside the LMS, there’s real value in being supported by a knowledgeable team who can help identify the problem and not pass the buck with the overused response: “It’s nothing to do with the LMS, so it’s not our problem!”

LMS Review: Docebo 7

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Here’s the problem: Let’s say your company has less than 100 users, but you want more sophisticated LMS functionality. Build course components using SCORM, xAPI, videos, files, HTML, slides. Content Creation — Elucidat, Lectora or any SCORM or xAPI authoring tool.

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Top Tech-Based Ways to Train a Distributed Workforce

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Below is a list of the most popular ways to tackle of the problem of training a distributed workforce, along with a summary of pros and cons. Low bandwidth at either end can cause problems. Another potential problem is the need to edit the files every time a procedure or policy changes.

What Does it Take to Create Interactive Online Learning Solutions

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Right Content: For classroom training, the SME collates the content, prepares notes, PowerPoint Slides and handouts and shares it directly with the learners. 3 Reasons Why Problem-based Learning Is Effective Learning. Yet another MOOC abandoned mid-way!

Any e-learning professional

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Their attitude to a learning situation will always be task or problem-centric, so they come to a training session with an intention to learn how to solve a particular problem or accomplish a task. We’ve all seen “page-turner” e-learning courses that show slide after slide of text.

Top Tech-Based Ways to Train a Distributed Workforce

The Learning Dispatch

Below is a list of the most popular ways to tackle of the problem of training a distributed workforce, along with a summary of pros and cons. Low bandwidth at either end can cause problems. Another potential problem is the need to edit the files every time a procedure or policy changes.

5 Tips to Convert Legacy Courses Into Responsive Courses

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A wireframe is the skeleton of the course slide, usually built with basic shapes and lines with organization branding colors and styling. These wireframes can be developed using any available authoring tool, like Articulate Storyline, Lectora 17 , Adobe Captivate 9 and many other tools.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


Lectora Inspire. Lectora is the powerhouse in the authoring tools coming with libraries of assets, templates and flexible. Lectora Inspire is the choice of experienced trainers and academic course creators that look for the best-in-class authoring tool. so you can message your students and solve their problems in real time. Keynote allows you to add audio and create voice over and adding unique sound effects or other audio clips to slides.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry

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Two problems that I see with PPT being used as an authoring tool is that to make it engaging, fun and interactive you have to use what the product includes, and those templates are a mixed bag. . The other huge issue is that the course terms of chapter-page-lesson/scenario and so forth has turned into “slides” As an added bonus, some products do not enable folks to have a TOC or even push or mention of it.

How to MOOC: Bite-Sized Content

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The problem is that unless the goal is to put people to sleep, lectures just don’t work. The attention and memory problems are solved in MOOCs by doing away with the long lecture altogether in favor of a brain-friendly method of delivery called “bite-sized learning.” In MOOCs, content delivery can take many forms, including videos, documents, slide shows, audio podcasts, whiteboard animations, and even live virtual webinars with real-time commenting and participation.

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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How to add Fluid Boxes to the slides. You’ll also look at specific examples of accessible courses built with Storyline, Lectora, and Captivate. It also explores layout, ways to communicate with design, and opportunities to go beyond the slide. " Joe Chosun University " by ???

Award Nominee Reveals His eLearning Authoring Toolkit [Guest Post]

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Authoring software can be relatively simple, such as packages that convert PowerPoint slides to a SCORM compliant module. For the more advanced user, or anyone authoring eLearning full time, Toolbook, Adobe , and Lectora offer suites of software that are state-of-the-art. The problem has been trying to fit traditional eLearning content on the smaller screen.

single-source learning content development…


Everyone knows that the old way of doing things is just not working any more once you have any number of courses… doing your Instructor Guide and Student Guide in Word or FrameMaker, your Slides in PowerPoint or Keynote and your learning in Articulate or Lectora. While people understand the problem, they don’t yet understand how they can really create one source of content. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.