Shaping Up: Geometric Lectora Templates

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Today we’re taking a look at a handful of Lectora templates that showcase basic geometry and come through with stunning design. Use this template to introduce trainees to important members of your team and provide context in the workplace. Find any of these templates and more in the Lectora library. Use a template in your next Lectora project and we promise you’ll be in ship shape!

Lectora Layouts Rich With the Luck of the Irish

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Saint Patrick’s Day is approaching and that means it’s time to infuse your Lectora eLearning layouts with Irish charm—and maybe a pot of gold at the end. Sometimes you want to be able to provide extra information about a scenario. This template gives you the opportunity to provide that information and verify if the learner would like to continue with the current course of action. You can copy and paste any of the layouts into an existing Lectora project.

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Lectora Templates Imitating Life

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Regardless of your position on the question, we’d like to share with you a few Lectora templates that do their best to imitate life, providing familiar real-world situations to help engage learners in the material. Allow your learners to make art imitate life in their eLearning with these and many other Lectora templates in our template library. The post Lectora Templates Imitating Life appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Overview of What’s New in Lectora 12

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Trivantis announced today they released Lectora 12. The announcement gave us everything we have been asking for in a Lectora update and more. A few things you will notice when you open Lectora 12 is the time-saving usability enhancements and the professional tool options. The new features of Lectora 12 will make you proud to be a Lectora developer and makes it easier than ever to create engaging eLearning. Read about all the new Lectora 12 updates and features.

5 Real World Lectora Scenarios

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Today we’d like to suggest a handful of great Lectora scenario templates that you can use to add a dose of everyday life to your eLearning. That being the case, Lobby 02 provides a relatable scenario featuring a branching discussion between two patients that learners must navigate. For these and many other great Lectora scenario templates , check out our Lectora template library and get downloading today!

Create a Little Magic with Lectora 12 Themes

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The built-in themes of Lectora 12 can provide it! Tell us about any Lectora magic tricks that you have worked in the comments below! The post Create a Little Magic with Lectora 12 Themes appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Authoring Tools eLearning Featured learning management system Lectora Resources lms Products/Services lectora Lectora 12 Lectora 12 themesWant a little magic for your courses?

A Few Lectora Tips

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I recently had the chance to attend a two-day course on using Lectora. Although I have been using Lectora extensively for a few years, what I know was self-taught or learned through the example of others who use the software. So, attending this course was a good “back to basics” for me, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn a few tips and tricks that I did not know about Lectora. Know of any other small tips or tricks for Lectora? LectoraBy Dean Hawkinson.

Lectora Inspire – How to Use Translation Tool For Localization?

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Lectora Inspire is one of the powerful eLearning authoring tool by using we can create eLearning courses for multiple devices as it provides HTML5 output that runs on all devices. Lectora has made it easy to convert all your old and existing courses into responsive, instead of copy and paste all the content over again.…

Choosing Your Lectora Scenarios Wisely

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We’ve chosen to highlight these four Lectora scenario templates that can help shape your next training course down the right path! We’ve set it up to look just as you might expect to see it happen on a device and can provide another interesting perspective to your role playing. With over 50 different scenarios to choose from, all of which come included in the purchase of Lectora Inspire, you can’t go wrong. Every day we’re faced with choices.

Lectora User Conference (#LUC2014) Recap

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I recently attended the Lectora User’s Conference held in Los Angeles and it was one of the most unique and intimate experiences I’ve had. I had a sense of belonging to a tight-knit group as we danced with Lectora users from all over the world. Here are a few of the #BroBand pictures we posted: Lectora User Conference Sessions. My background is instructional design, so I loved the creative energy of a smart idea that was brought to life using Lectora.

The Newly Released Lectora Crossword Puzzle Game

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Whether you’re on a plane looking at the in-flight magazine trying to solve for 7 Across or sitting in the comfort of your recliner solving for 21 Down as you bask in the warmth of a nice autumn fire, crosswords provide a fun opportunity to test terms and definitions. This popular crossword puzzle game made its debut into our Lectora templates recently and we think you’re totally going to want to make “a descending duplication” of it!

Using a Lectora Drag and Drop to Think Outside the Box

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One of the advantages of Lectora, in my opinion, is that you can tackle any task numerous ways. Lectora gives you ample opportunity do this. Recently I developed a Lectora interaction utilizing the “ Drag and Drop ” question. Using the Lectora Drag and Drop question functionality gave me some unique opportunities to approach a typical “Click to Reveal” interaction differently. eLearning Interactions Lectora Resources lectora Lectora Interaction

Creating a Smart Next Button in Lectora

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Most e-learn development tools provide some sort of object reuse through inheritance or master pages. We'll look at a course built in Lectora that has a main menu and several chapters. Lectora Actions Lectora Navigation Lectora Variablesby Jonathan Shoaf. Reducing the number of objects in your development project saves time to develop and makes project maintenance easier.

7 Simple Ways To Make Your Lectora Course More Accessible

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Before discussing how to make your Lectora course more accessible/ 508 compliant , it’s important to keep in mind two main principles to make your course accessible: Provide an equivalent experience for those with hearing, visual, motor function and cognitive impairments. Here are seven simple ways to make your Lectora course more accessible: 1: Use Descriptive Titles for Everything. There is a 128-character limit in Lectoras’ properties box.

Line Spacing and Other Text Goodies in Lectora

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Where did the text boxes and formatting text options in Lectora go? Lectora X had a bunch of options for dealing with text boxes and formatting text that just don’t appear in the “Properties tab” of the ribbon in Lectora 11. And selecting a text box and right-clicking on it doesn’t provide anything new either. Are you saying I can fix my line spacing in Lectora? You can use these hyperlinks to trigger any type of Lectora Action, too!

Lectora Interactions to Add to Your Tab

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Having a wealth of tabbed Lectora interactions in our template library alone, we’d like to show off a few of our favorites. When clicked, the yellow rectangle encasing the tab title will retract as the title itself turns form white to yellow, differentiating the clicked state to provide context for the learner. You can find these and other great tabbed interactions in our Lectora Template Library !

Using Custom Progress Bars in Lectora

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Lectora’s progress bars are like a “You are here” marker for eLearning courses, providing visual feedback to users about their progress. The three types of Progress Bars in Lectora are Timer, Table of Contents, and Custom. Custom progress bars offer the widest range of possibilities and greater control, but require a deeper understanding of how Lectora’s progress bars operate. Lectora Actions Lectora Lectora VariablesBy Joseph Suarez.

eLearning Magic: 3 Lectora Course Enhancement Tips

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We love Lectora for its versatility and quality. That’s why we partnered with them to provide so many awesome templates for you to plug into the interface! Lectora does the job, and it does it well. Today we’re talking about a three types of Lectora templates that will work wonders, raising the visual quality of your Lectora course to the umpteenth degree.

LMS Basics: Can You Import eLearning Courses from One Provider Into an LMS by Another Provider

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So what about elearning courses that you made yourself, in an elearning authoring tool such as Adobe Captivate or the similar products by Lectora, Articulate, and other companies? Conclusion: Yes, You CAN Import an eLearning Course by One Provider into an LMS by Another Provider.

Quick Tip for Developing for Mobile Devices in Lectora

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Recently, while developing a course for a client in Lectora 11, I came across an interesting dilemma. However, the Lectora “Multiple Choice” question uses radio buttons or checkboxes. So I decided to utilize Lectora’s “Hot Spot” question type as a solution. Here is an example of what I got from the designer: If you create a question in Lectora, it requires you to have question text. Once you’re ready, press OK and your question will be created on your stage in Lectora.

Incorporate Lectora Course Starters into Your eLearning

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Our Lectora course starters are the perfect business tool to help you get a large amount of work out of the way, so you can focus on making your content look just right from the beginning. These three course starter templates are easily some of the most popular that we provide, lending a more polished look to your eLearning. Each one of these templates and cutouts are included in Lectora Inspire! Start browsing through this and the other great Lectora Inspire tools today!

3 Ways to Link in Lectora

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Lectora is a popular tool for creating e-Learning content for exactly this reason--it provides multiple ways to solve problems. You want to link to content from your Lectora self-paced course. There are three main approaches to use in Lectora. Using a Lectora Hyperlink.

Saving Time with Lectora Text Styles

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One helpful feature of Lectora that is often neglected is “Text Styles.” They provide an easy way to set the font, color, and size settings for selections of text or entire text blocks. Other Lectora developers will only see their own styles. To share Text Styles between developers, Lectora provides the option to import and export Text Styles. So if you haven’t already, give Lectora Text Styles a try in your next course. By Joseph Suarez.

Utilizing Notes in Lectora and Lectora Online


Have you ever walked away from developing a Lectora® or Lectora® Online title and forgot about what you wanted to develop or forgot what type of interaction you were working on? Not anymore… use Lectora notes to keep yourself organized. Lectora notes can be added to any Lectora or Lectora Online title. Notes will serve as reminders to provide instructions to authors who you may be collaborating with on a shared title. .

Unlocking the Power of Lectora Variables, Part 1

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As we network with newer Lectora developers, we are often asked to clarify the use of variables in the tool. As a reminder, variables within Lectora hold key pieces of information that you can later refer to and act upon. I’ll provide another example in my next post.

Lectora Basics: About Question Variables


Quite often, we get questions from our Lectora® users wondering how they can provide some kind of customized behavior based on a learner’s response to a question, such as showing a checkmark or an X next to each option of a drag and drop or matching question. The table below explains the formats for the 12 different question types available in Lectora. Lectora Basics is your intro to eLearning authoring with Lectora. Lectora Basics: Using User-Defined Variables.

5 Latest Updates to Lectora Online 3.2

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Furthermore, many providers of cloud-based digital learning applications provide flexible pricing options. One of the most popular cloud-based authoring tools is Lectora Online. The latest version of this e-learning development software, Lectora Online 3.2, The latest version of Lectora Online comes with an improved style ribbon that allows you to use gradients, shadows, and reflections. Another latest feature of Lectora Online 3.2 Lectora Online 3.2

Browser Detection with Lectora


In most cases, you shouldn’t worry about it, since Lectora® does a good job of making sure your content works across browsers. Provide different instructions to users with different browsers. P.S. Doesn’t Lectora detect the browser already? You might have noticed that there is a default Lectora variable called “Browser”. Just one more reason why it’s great that we can use custom variables and code with Lectora! Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Lectora 12.

Adding Web Windows in Lectora


Have you ever thought about how to add additional information to your Lectora ® titles, but you’re not sure how? The Web Window option provides you with a variety of options which will allow you to add LIVE web resources within a title. Select the window source from the drop-down in which you want to include within your Lectora title. You’re able to preview your content within this window before placing it within your Lectora work space.

Lectora Inspire 12.1 Review by Rick Zanotti


While many vendors rush to create mobile applications, Lectora® has quietly led the way with a foundation built around what would emerge as mobile. While many vendors struggle to shed their “Flash” skins and claim open-ness, Lectora quietly embraced “open” from the get-go. Lectora was designed to be flexible, and in essence, was an HTML and HTML5 code generator. In Lectora® Inspire 12.1, Lectora improves upon the PowerPoint experience and goes way beyond in many ways.

How to Create Rollovers, Pop-ups and Branching for Lectora e.


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Lectora Basics: Using User-Defined Variables


Lectora® eLearning software provides a ton of useful variables for you to use automatically, but the Lectora programmers can’t possibly anticipate everything you might ever want to create. Making your own variables in Lectora is super easy. Tip: I like to start my variable names with an underscore so that they are placed at the top of the list in the Lectora variable selection menus.) Download Lectora Desktop Version. Download Lectora Online Version.

Lectora 12 Just Released—It’s the Best Lectora Yet!


Trivantis is excited to announce the release of Lectora® 12 e-Learning software. Our Lectora users are important to us—that’s why this update of your favorite authoring tool delivers the timesaving usability enhancements you’ve asked for! For years Lectora has made it easy to create quality e-Learning authoring quickly (which is why it’s the tool of choice for the Global 2000). Check out what’s new in Lectora 12: Content Development. Lectora Inspire Tools.

Sneak Peek at Lectora 12

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Trivantis had its 10 th annual Lectora User Conference just last week, where they previewed some of the new features of Lectora version 12 to be released later this year. Either way, it’s an update Lectora users will undoubtedly look forward to! Here are some of the features coming in Lectora version 12: Image Effects and Manipulation Options. Want to rotate, reflect, or crop your images in Lectora?

Reusing Content with Library Objects in Lectora and Lectora Online


Here on the product team for Lectora® e-Learning software, we often hear questions like this: “I have a really great interaction that I created, and I need to use it in another title. In this blog we’ll show you step-by-step how to create and save “library objects” in Lectora ® and Lectora® Online, how to insert that saved content into another title and how to share library objects with your colleagues through shared repositories and email.

SCORM 101 and a Lectora How-To


This article will take a look at what SCORM is and how it applies to eLearning created in Lectora® and Lectora Online®. Lectora) into a learning management system or LMS (e.g. In Lectora/Lectora Online, the SCO is also known as an Assignable Unit (AU). It can determine the navigation provided, specify prerequisites that are required, give you the ability to use weighted questions or question pools, and offer options for remediation.

Getting Social with Lectora Development


To promote a professional environment, consider providing employees and students with the following guidelines: • Offer supplemental instructions on how to create an account. The post Getting Social with Lectora Development appeared first on Trivantis e-Learning. What were you doing five, ten, or sixty minutes ago? There’s a good possibility that you got a notification on your phone, accessed it on your computer, or used an app on your tablet.