8 Editing Techniques for Great Images in Lectora

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She enjoys blogging, social media, and researching. Lectora introduced some new image editing features with Version 12 which can save time and money. Psst: Lectora supports.bmp,jpeg,png,tif,wmf and.emf file extensions). Turn on and off the Maintain Ratio button if needed.

A Recipe for Explaining eLearning During Thanksgiving

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Bersin indicates the training-to-workforce ratio (L&D footprint) is shrinking [1] , forcing the L&D function more and more out of the classroom and towards external “learning enablement role.”.

eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

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The course will be developed using a Lectora-style system that produces what is essentially an HTML/javascript page turner. I went to my favorite resource ( eLearning Learning ) and looked at the keywords: Cost and Ratio and found some pretty good sources: How Long Does It Take to Develop One Hour of E-Learning-Updated for 2009 Time to Develop One Hour of Training Estimating Training Developing Time and Costs What is the TRUE cost Rapid eLearning?

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