How to Automate Your User Score Text in Lectora

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I recently discovered a better way to show your user’s score on your “Pass or Fail” page in Lectora. The Old Way to Show User Score Text. First, let me show you an old method for showing user’s scores. Text to explain your score.

Score 131

Passing Scores from Flash Games to Lectora

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Are you using our flash eLearning games in Lectora? Do you want to pass the score to Lectora? Let me show you how you can pass a flash game score to Lectora and then display it in a text box. Access the Demo Files – Here are links to the files I used in the demo: Lectora file that I used in the video - Free download. Steps in Lectora. This box will display your game score.

Score 118

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How to Get Lectora Game Templates to Send Score Results to Your LMS

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The Game Templates at eLearning Brothers have tons of fun and exciting interactions to add to your Lectora projects. To give the Flash score to Lectora’s AICC_Score variable, both the Lectora and Flash files need to be modified to ‘talk’ to each other.

5 Sporty Lectora Templates

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To add a little athletic flair and pizzaz to your next eLearning course, drop one of these HTML5 game templates into Lectora. Only the correct answer will you score you that coveted hole-in-one. The post 5 Sporty Lectora Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Lectora Templates Imitating Life

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Regardless of your position on the question, we’d like to share with you a few Lectora templates that do their best to imitate life, providing familiar real-world situations to help engage learners in the material. Rinse and repeat until you get a perfect score!

Lectora Score to LMS Basics

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I have completed developing my first course in Lectora and it is ready to run inside the LMS. For this course, I am not requiring a passing score for an assessment. So once all sections of the lesson are complete, the user will receive a score of 100% and a status of complete.

Score 52

Lectora Best Practices Part 2 - Variables and Actions

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This post is Part 2 in a series intended to list some ways to use Lectora that avoid problems, reduce development time, and make development easier overall. In Part 1 , we covered how to optimize Lectora preferences for best performance. By Joseph Suarez.

3 Things I'm Looking Forward To In Lectora Version 11

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By Jay Lambert Trivantis gave a sneak preview of their upcoming Lectora Version 11 release at this week's user conference in Chicago. Twitter and RSS feeds and the like are cool, but probably still off limits in eLearning courses for the scores of companies that still lock out Dropbox. Trivantis has finally simplified a few things that have long frustrated us Lectora developers. The new Lectora will give us a visual cue when conditions exist for an Action.

SCORM 101 and a Lectora How-To


This article will take a look at what SCORM is and how it applies to eLearning created in Lectora® and Lectora Online®. Lectora) into a learning management system or LMS (e.g. In Lectora/Lectora Online, the SCO is also known as an Assignable Unit (AU).

Creating Randomized Tests in Lectora and Lectora Online


Randomizing your questions reduces the likelihood that the learner has, at best, memorized answers, is using process of elimination on subsequent attempts to improve his or her score or, at worst, has been given the answers from other learners. the required minimum passing score) for the test.

5 Hot Lectora Publisher 17 Updates

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Lectora – the most widely used e-learning development software in the world. One of the most popular members of this family is Lectora Publisher. The latest version of Lectora Publisher eliminates this problem, thanks to a new feature called Publish for Seamless Play.

Variables 101: Learn the Basics and More with Lectora University


And you can—with variables in Lectora® e-Learning software. Variables were a hot topic at the 2014 Lectora User Conference this year. We’re not surprised; they’re what makes Lectora so powerful! It’s easy to learn how to use variables in Lectora—even for beginners.

Event Recap: Lectora User Conference 2015

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Back in May, I presented at the 11 th annual Lectora User Conference. My presentation was all about using Lectora’s status indicator object and showcasing unique, but easily implemented, uses for it within courses.

5 Benefits of Using Lectora Online Tool [Infographic]

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Lectora Online is a cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to design e-learning courses in the cloud. No matter where you are, you can login to your account online and create (and review) courses using Lectora Online. Learning Technology Lectora Online

How to add attachments to an xAPI course in Lectora: xAPI Party demo

Experience API

They needed the ability to maintain and later present certificates for learners so that any administrator in the organization could go into the LRS, view the learners’ scores and download certificates for each learner. Technical steps for sending and receiving attachments in Lectora.

xapi 71

Storyline vs. Lectora: Who Wins What?

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We will compare two major rapid authoring tools – Articulate Storyline 2 and Lectora 17. Articulate Storyline 2 scores high on ease of use. Lectora 17 is less user-friendly and offers no slide layers but new features such as BranchTrack make it easy to create scenarios.

A Budding Relationship for Captivate and Lectora

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I've been working with Lectora and Captivate to create my eLearning content (see Jan 13th I'm not yet Captivated by Lectora ). Use Javascript calls from within Captivate to write to variables in Lectora. Tags: Lectora JavaScript Captivate

A Budding Relationship for Captivate and Lectora

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I've been working with Lectora and Captivate to create my eLearning content (see Jan 13th I'm not yet Captivated by Lectora ). Use Javascript calls from within Captivate to write to variables in Lectora. I was able to use JavaScript calls from Captivate to set Lectora variables.

Creating a Leaderboard in Storyline Using Tin Can API


Scores? With the help of ‘tincan.js’, we sent the score from Storyline to a Learning Record Store (LRS) using JavaScript, and we received data back from the LRS into the Storyline course. The data we received from the LRS included the names and scores of the top five scorers.

Create 170

The 25 Most Popular eLearning Templates of 2015

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Other versions: Storyline | Lectora | PowerPoint | Camtasia. #24 This template is also available in a Lectora version. #23 This game is available in multiple versions , including: Storyline | Lectora | HTML5 | Flash. #22 Other versions: PowerPoint | Lectora | Storyline. #21

Storyline, Captivate, Lectora – An Evaluation Checklist of 3 Rapid Authoring Tools

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We will now evaluate the 3 widely used rapid authoring tools – Articulate Storyline 2 , Adobe Captivate 9 , and Lectora Inspire 16 , based on the features listed by the report. Lectora Inspire 16. Can show a review of the questions after scoring.

Adobe Captivate 9 or Lectora Inspire 16 – Who Is the King of the RCD Ring?

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Of these, Adobe Captivate 9 and Lectora Inspire 16 are the most widely used. Many companies have developed several courses using the earlier versions of Adobe Captivate 9 and Lectora Inspire 16? Naresh: Lectora Inspire 16 too comes with several device-agnostic themes.

Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: Variables


We had a user tweet at Lectora recently, asking how he could become better at using variables. This is one of the biggest questions we get from new Lectora® users, so for this month’s Thursday’s Trending Topic, I’m pulling together a bunch of variable resources for you.

The eLearning Brothers Games that Won 2017

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And now…the most downloaded Lectora game was…. Users answer questions along a map route and receive a score. Download for Lectora. We have over 3,500 library assets in our Template Library, from styles to scenarios to games and interactions.

Games 160

Effective eLearning Design & Development Using Top Rapid Authoring Tools


Lectora. Lectora also integrates with other software such as Camtasia and Snagit to successfully edit and import images as well as videos with the training content.

How to Create a Leaderboard for eLearning with Google (Part 2)

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Today, as promised, I would like to show how you can do this for Adobe Captivate and Lectora as well! And get the score from a game or interaction. Instructions for Lectora. It is easier to edit the JavaScript in an editor before you paste it into Lectora. Lectora JS.

Google 131

The Best of e-Learning in September


Using jQuery and Lectora to Customize Your e-Learning Courses: Part 1. In Part 1 of this 4-part series, guest author Sergey Snegirev from BranchTrack explains how to use jQuery to customize your Lectora® courses. How to Automate Your User Score Text in Lectora.

Trivantis Talks Learning Solutions 2015 – A Recap


In her session, “Lectora®: Developing at the Speed of Need,” Tara spoke about the many ways Lectora can help the everyday developer create engaging and sophisticated content quickly and efficiently. In the upcoming Lectora 12.1

Balancing Difficulty in eLearning Games & Simulations


Emil presented on gamification and simulations at the 2015 Lectora® User Conference in Nashville this spring. LUC 2015 attendees were excited to start creating their own games with Lectora. Have you created something cool in Lectora that you want to share?

Learning Objectives Drive Personalized Learning


Connect the questions (and information pages) that score progress to the objective. Learning objectives play a crucial role in learning – supporting the learner by ensuring an understanding of learning expectations and outcomes.

Saba Player Templates and Best Practices

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My Approach I’ve decided to use Lectora for this project because it has a good frame work for handling video based content. So in Saba I am only loading the SCO, when the SCO is loaded, the video window pops up based on the code I wrote using Lectora. Regardless, it seems to work well for me and the result is easy and consistent usability with minimal development effort since Saba is handling the table of contents and consolidating the scoring.

Saba 48

6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14

Bottom-Line Performance

You can embed games into course authoring tools such as Lectora or Articulate Storyline. Scoring is the hardest element to get right – and requires far more time than a novice designer will probably assign to the project plan for it.

Games 296

4 Features Every Multimedia Authoring Tool Should Have [Infographic]

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Related Posts 3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016 How to Differentiate User’s Category Based on his Final Score in Articulate Storyline? 10 Answers to the Commonly Asked Questions About Lectora 11. Are you investing in a multimedia authoring software tool?

Authoring Tool Comparison – Updated!

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As such, we’ve promoted a few of the other scores for Captivate, such as complex branching, course interface, and customized navigation. Uncategorized articulate captivate lectora resources review zebrazappsWell, we knew we’d have to keep our authoring tool comparison grid updated as the market changes, but we didn’t think it would be outdated within a week! Last week, Adobe announced the release of Adobe Captivate 5.5.

SCORM for E-learning Courses: WHY?

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You can also track the course completion status, assessment score or percentage, number of points earned, or even how many times a user has accessed a course, provide certificates, etc.