24 New Lectora Online Support Videos You Should Watch

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We just added 24 new videos with short, step-by-step instructions for editing and adding to your courses in Lectora Online. These videos use our Customizable Courseware lessons as examples, but they’re also a great way to get familiar with using Lectora Online for any eLearning project. Whether you’re trying to master Lectora Online for the first time, or just need a refresher of a feature you don’t use often, these videos are here to help.

Snap! by Lectora Review

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Recently Trivantis, makers of the eLearning development program Lectora, announced the release of Snap! by Lectora. Far and away the biggest advantage to Snap by Lectora is the extremely low price of $99. The ability to natively record slide-by-slide video annotations is a feature currently only supported in Snap. Exporting to Lectora and Lectora Online. Every presentation created with Snap can be exported to a Lectora Project file (.awt).


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Lectora Inspire 12.1 Review by Rick Zanotti


While many vendors rush to create mobile applications, Lectora® has quietly led the way with a foundation built around what would emerge as mobile. While many vendors struggle to shed their “Flash” skins and claim open-ness, Lectora quietly embraced “open” from the get-go. Lectora was designed to be flexible, and in essence, was an HTML and HTML5 code generator. In Lectora® Inspire 12.1, Lectora improves upon the PowerPoint experience and goes way beyond in many ways.

Accelerate Your E-Learning Development With Free Lectora Templates

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Accelerate Your E-learning Development with 10 Free Lectora Templates. These Lectora templates will keep the design elements consistent in your e-learning courses and offer a good look and feel to your images, icons, and diagrams. This blog will introduce the list of customized Lectora Templates and how they can be used in e-learning development. In the ‘Click on Tabs’ template, you can write briefly what are you going to cover in that slide.

Storyline vs. Lectora: Who Wins What?

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We will compare two major rapid authoring tools – Articulate Storyline 2 and Lectora 17. It has a PowerPoint-like interface and simple slide layers that are easy to use. Lectora 17 is less user-friendly and offers no slide layers but new features such as BranchTrack make it easy to create scenarios. As for Lectora 17 , it has enhanced features that help you create responsive courses. Lectora does not have a built-in feature to create simulations.

Why you should use Lectora to create Branching Scenarios for your e-learning

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So why choose Lectora Inspire? Lectora is a great tool for creating branching scenarios. Combining traditional courses and branching scenarios is made easy in Lectora. For example, imagine you have a 40-slide course PowerPoint and 3 branching conversations of 20 slides each. You go from 40 slides to 100 slides immediately if you build branching scenarios in PowerPoint (and you can’t really structure them in anyway). Learning Technology Lectora Inspire

Articulate vs. Lectora | LearnNuggets


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags Add new tag , development , eLearning Articulate vs. Lectora by Kevin on August 12th, 2009 When it comes to software development tools, I’m fortunate to work in an environment that understands no two tools are the same and each provide advantages and disadvantages. However, there is still a steep learning curve understanding all of Lectora’s power and control.

Articulate Storyline 2, Adobe Captivate 9 & Lectora Inspire 16: The Infinity War

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In my previous blog, E-learning Authoring Tools: The Civil War , we have seen the comparison between the top three preferred e-learning rapid authoring tools – Articulate Storyline 2, Adobe Captivate 9, and Lectora Inspire 16. Simple slide layers. Converts static slides into free-form interactivities. Users require training to get acquainted with the software. No slide layers. Lectora Inspire 16. No slide layers.

4 HTML5 Authoring Tools You Need to Know About

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You already know that elearning is inevitable if you have to keep pace with the rapidly changing business-scape which is consequentially evolving the way training, learning and development of employees takes place. Page objects come to life as different slide templates and more than 47,000 combinations of customizable characters help you author content that can be published to Flash, HTML5 and even Articulate Mobile player, which is a native iOS application meant exclusively for iPads.

eLearning Brothers Revamps the Free eLearning Library

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It contains over 25 pre-built slides ready for your custom content with absolutely no headache. Changing the colors and branding each slide to your needs has never been easier. Our developers have built this template using Master Views and Slides; this means that there is one central location where branding and visual edits need to take place. This free resource talks to some of the biggest problems within the eLearning/Training industry and how they can be remedied.

The 25 Most Popular eLearning Templates of 2015

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Other versions: Storyline | Lectora | PowerPoint | Camtasia. #24 This template is also available in a Lectora version. #23 This game is available in multiple versions , including: Storyline | Lectora | HTML5 | Flash. #22 Other versions: PowerPoint | Lectora | Storyline. #21 Other versions: Lectora | PowerPoint. #19 This is another one of our business-oriented Storyline layout templates, and it also comes with the same types of slides as found with Business 07.

Choosing Amongst the Top Elearning Authoring Tools to Create Effective Training Content Tailored to the Diversified Learning Needs


Over the past many years, there is a remarkable increase in the demand for eLearning courses to meet pertinent training needs of the corporate sector. A cloud-based and responsive rapid learning tool which helps to create high-quality training content. It gives the ability to add interactivities by dragging and dropping text and media components to training content. Lectora. With technological advancement, the way learning is delivered also changing.

Interactive Soft Skills Training with New Customizable Courseware

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Our Customizable Courseware consists of 15 of the most popular training topics in business built from the ground up by some of the industry’s top Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Writers and Developers. But what is the difference from other canned and ready to go training courses and eLearning Brothers new Customizable Courseware? Course Source Files for Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline.

Review of Snap by Lectora and how it stacks up against Articulate

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What is itSnap by Lectora is a new rapid eLearning development tool created by Trivantis (creators of Lectora).With Because of its ease-of-use and lack of customisation options, I’d say that Snap is aimed more at Instructional Designers or in-house training staff rather than content developers.Using SnapCreating a course in Snap is very easy. PowerPoint animations are included as well as some slide transitions.

Old Wine In New Bottle – Make Legacy Courses Responsive Using Lectora17

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With our experience of converting more than 1000s of courses using Lectora Inspire 17, we recommend this tool for this job. Lectora 17 is the newest and feature-loaded tool, which is cozy and intuitive for developers to develop responsive courses. Though you have responsive page layouts in Lectora 17, which are specifically designed to aesthetically adjust well on other devices, you can have your own wireframes too. You will have access to Lectora review link 3.3.

Top 10 authoring tool in 2020 delivering engaging digital learning content


Choosing the best eLearning authoring tools is one of the most important decisions any training organization can make as it uses WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) interfaces for building engaging content. Adobe Captivate is the best elearning authoring tools for systems training.

Top Tech-Based Ways to Train a Distributed Workforce

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One of the enduring challenges in the learning and development world is how to disseminate training classes to the largest audience in the least amount of time. Supporting a distributed workforce through effective training is an increasingly important challenge as companies expand across larger geographic regions. Conquering Distance Education: Top 4 Ways to Train Staff Across the Miles. Self-Directed, Web-Based Training. Training Technology: Looking Ahead.

Top Tech-Based Ways to Train a Distributed Workforce

The Learning Dispatch

One of the enduring challenges in the learning and development world is disseminating training classes to the largest audience in the least amount of time. Supporting a distributed workforce through effective training is an increasingly important challenge as companies expand across larger geographic regions. Conquering Distance Education: Top 4 Ways to Train Staff Across the Miles. Self-Directed, Web-Based Training. Training Technology: Looking Ahead.

2018’s Hottest eLearning Styles Hit the Catwalk

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Shake off those winter blues and slide into Shamrock, Flat Blue, or New Stone 2.0—now Plus, we just launched Shamrock and Flat Blue for Trivantis Lectora , with more coming soon. Styles include 31 different layouts and interactions so your course has the perfect look for every training need: 10 Click to Reveals. Spring styles have hit the eLearning Brothers Template Library and they are looking FRESH.

eLearn Authoring Round-Up

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As my organization selects an LMS and gears up for web based training, I've been looking at a variety of authoring tools for online training. For this post I tool a look at the following products: SoftChalk Articulate Lectora Captivate My Findings. Lectora and Captivate have a steeper learning curve but allow for more advanced interaction with the learner. With the release of Captivate 4, Lectora and Captivate have become very similar products.

4 Tips to help your training feel "Alive"

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This post will focus on how you can make your training feel more alive by making the training environment more responsive to the learner. Of course, well designed training will always trump usability. The training environment still feels flat, too mechanical, or dead. Breath some life into your training environment with these tips. #1 The same applies for all interactive elements in the training content. by Jonathan Shoaf.

Help 103

e-Learning What Not to Do… BuzzFeed Style!


I logged into Lectora® Online (my favorite cloud-based authoring tool that lets me develop on my beloved Macbook) and whipped up some examples of what NOT to do! How boring is this e-Learning slide? This is a classic example of a slide that could benefit from some content chunking. I actually lost track of how many fonts I used in this slide. You might also like: 3 Ways to Use Custom Fonts in Lectora. How many photos of a cat does this slide really need?

3 Rapid E-learning Development Tools

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Lectora Inspire. You will feel at home adding text, shapes and other elements to your slide. For example, when you want to insert a shape on your slide, you will see a drop down library of shapes similar to what you will find in PowerPoint. Captivate enables any one to ‘rapidly create powerful and engaging simulations, scenario-based training without programming knowledge or multimedia skills.’ . Lectora Inspire.

Saving Development Time With Keyboard Shortcuts

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For example, in PowerPoint, New Slide is Ctrl + M. Check out the Lectora page and Captivate page on our website for printable lists of keyboards shortcuts. Some software applications, such as Word and Lectora let you create your own keyboard shortcuts for just about any command in the system. When I’m writing our computer books or doing systems training for clients, I have to bold the names of the features of the software. I admit it—I’m a keyboard shortcut fanatic!

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Convert PPT to SCORM: Top Tools to Convert PowerPoint Into SCORM Packages

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Boasting of a great slide deck, it is used across every industry ubiquitously. SCORM, on the other hand, is a universal eLearning standard for both collecting and organizing training content into uniform digital packages for usage as well as tracking in various learning management systems.

PPT 52

Convert PPT to SCROM: Top Tools to Convert PowerPoint Into SCORM Packages

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Boasting of a great slide deck, it is used across every industry ubiquitously. SCORM, on the other hand, is a universal eLearning standard for both collecting and organizing training content into uniform digital packages for usage as well as tracking in various learning management systems.

PPT 52

eLearning: Adding Silence to Audio Waveforms

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For instance, if you're using Adobe Captivate, choose  Audio > Edit > Slide.         Last, but not least, if you're a Lectora user, visit the  Home  tab on the Ribbon, select a segment of the waveform and from the  Volume  group, click  Insert Silence.       Looking for training or help with Adobe Captivate?

Audio 122

eLearning Hot Topics from 2011

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This post suggests that partnering with a subject matter expert (SME) to write dialog for training scenarios results in scenarios that are more robust and realistic than what an instructional designer is likely to create without a SME’s help. By Lectora Review , which posted in July. Wanna become a Lectora power user? Using Custom Progress Bars in Lectora. Creating a Smart Next Button in Lectora. Custom Lectora Video Controls. Slide in Text with Lectora.

Top 5 Content Authoring Tools You Need to Know About


A content authoring tool refers to software that enables you to create interactive digital training content , easily convert it into different formats, and offer it to learners either through the web or a learning management system. Lectora.

Top 11 eLearning software tools to make your courses shine


But in the world of online learning and training, authoring tools are far more than just a simple tool where you can create your first draft. Because it basically gives instructional designers the ability to develop high-end presentation slides that look stunning. And maybe this is why it’s one of the most popular choices in the online training community. Lectora Online. For years, Lectora was a Windows app only. So, yes, Lectora is excellent.

Back to basics: What is an elearning content authoring tool?


If you are a PowerPoint fan and used to creating your training as slides, these authoring tools might be the best option. The PowerPoint integration means that users can very easily and quickly turn their slides into training.

How to MOOC: Bite-Sized Content

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These lessons are especially valuable for corporate training and continuing professional development programs, which companies are rapidly moving online to lower costs and increase efficiency. This first article highlights MOOC methods for delivering training content in a way that leads to real engagement and mastery, and ultimately to better job performance. Lectures have been staples practically since the beginning of training programs.

eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Here's a slide I presented at the 2016 ATD ICE conference in Denver.    The "X" in the slide above marks the spot we're in right now: on the left-hand edge of Norming. Adobe Captivate, the DominKnow suite, Lectora, and Articulate Storyline all offer publishing capability for xAPI. xAPIApps offers a ready-to-go suite of coaching, observation, live training, and assessment tools.

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Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: Storyboarding


You end up creating unnecessary slides and confusing sequences or forgetting what’s most important. The Lectora® e-Learning Blog is full of helpful posts and storyboarding tips. Storyboarding Online Training Courses with Your Team. Using Lectora & PowerPoint for Storyboarding. This recorded webinar on storyboarding is perfect for visual and audible learners: e-Learning Storyboarding with Lectora Online.

10 free eLearning software

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As remote work and learning have become the norm, many organizations will be looking for eLearning software that they can use to train their employees from afar. This is a corporate LMS that delivers personalized training experiences and has been around since 2011. 5) Lectora.

Learning Takes Root with Branching Scenarios


You can use branching scenarios to help your learners: Recognize and challenge their personal assumptions—great for diversity training. How to create scenarios: It’s easy to create branching scenarios with Lectora® e-Learning authoring software. When you create an action, you can choose to add a condition—telling Lectora to do this action IF the condition is satisfied. Be aware that outlining and building scenarios takes longer than creating a few slides with bullet points.

Top interactive elearning software: Which tool is right for you?


As demand for online training increases, the pressure is on to respond quickly and produce effective learning experiences. Online training could be as simple a word document checklist or as complex as authoring software. Digital training has never been so in demand. Whether you’re converting classroom training or responding to new business needs, these tools can help. Lectora. Lectora Online is a cloud-based elearning software that outputs in responsive HTML5.

Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading

Bottom-Line Performance

In the Storyline 360 authoring tool, you can’t hide/show content, branch, or change interactions based on screen size like you can in Lectora or Captivate. Lectora and Captivate can both be cumbersome and a little difficult for most new developers to learn. Got a team taking training on older iPads? Need feedback on one slide/scene? Also just as easy (publish just a slide/scene). The ability to review a single slide/scene is up there, too.

12 Tips to Keep E-learning Translation Costs Under Control

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Translating online training into native languages boosts the impact of learning. If you don’t leave enough space for the expanded text, you will have to change the design and layout of the slides in each language. Therefore exercise due diligence when choosing the languages into which your online training courses need to be translated. They repeat slide after slide. For example, Lectora is best known for its support in translating e-learning courses.

5 Recommended Rapid E-learning Authoring Tools for Amazing Animations

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Have you ever wondered why you are unable to remember much from a lecture on compliance training that you attended recently, but remember an animation movie that you watched long ago as a kid? Apply transition effects to slides and slide layers, use motion paths to make an object move along a path that you decide, or use triggers to decide when the object should move. Lectora Inspire. Lectora integrates with Camtasia to allow content capturing and screen recording.