Announcing Lectora Version 11.3


Lectora just got an update! Meet Lectora® Version 11.3, the latest version of your favorite e-Learning authoring software. Lectora V11.3 Choose among Lectora’s 12 stock Status Indicators or create your own custom images. You can use Lectora to create titles published to a Web-based format (HTML, CourseMill, SCORM/Web-based, AICC/Web-based) that comply with the standards set in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 – Level AA.

3 Things I'm Looking Forward To In Lectora Version 11

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By Jay Lambert Trivantis gave a sneak preview of their upcoming Lectora Version 11 release at this week's user conference in Chicago. Many of us have been nervous that Version 11 brings a complete interface redesign (yes, I still fondly remember the old "traffic lights" from before the previous redesign). Version 11 brings more Social Media integration which will excite many. Trivantis has finally simplified a few things that have long frustrated us Lectora developers.


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Style & Substance In Perfect Harmony: Lectora Online

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The latest version of Lectora Online is here! asset library Lectora Online Products/Services Lectora Resources eLearning rapid development

Authoring Tool/ Framework Selection for Responsive eLearning Development: Lectora 16

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In this post, we’ll take a look at the latest version of Lectora (version 16), through which we can develop responsive output for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Lectora 16 Lectora was the first […]. eLearning Lectora Lectora 16 Lectora Authoring Tool Lectora Features Lectora Limitations Responsive Authoring Tools

Be the First on Your Block to Rock Lectora 21

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A new version of Lectora® is on the horizon and you could be one of the first to test-drive the new features. Apply for the Lectora Early Access program for exclusive access to the latest version of Lectora Desktop and the opportunity to experience a whole new way of authoring.

Version Control in Lectora Online


Version Control in Lectora® Online cloud authoring tool allows multiple members of a team to work on the same title at the same time—all without overwriting each other’s changes. Versioning is made possible through the Check Out and Check In process. Select the Check Out icon in the Title Explorer bar or right-click and select Version Control > Check Out. Select the Check In icon in the Title Explorer bar or right-click and select Version Control > Check In.

4 Novelty Themes for Lectora

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These themes for Lectora will fit the bill. Experience the fun of Las Vegas in one Lectora template. And as an added bonus, this theme also includes a builtin version of the Casino Challenge game! Since it has several interactions builtin, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to incorporate this template into your next Lectora project! Find these and other great themed templates in our Lectora Template Library !

A Knockout Year for Lectora

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It was a pretty big year for Lectora. At the beginning of 2013, we were graced with Lectora 11, or—more properly—Lectora Inspire version 11. Rounding out this brilliant new Lectora 11 were new versions of Flypaper, Camtasia, and SnagIt. After a few months, we got Tin Can (a successor to SCORM) support in Lectora’s 11.1 update, followed by the ability to publish to Lectora Express LMS in Lectora 11.2. In Lectora 11.3,

6 Powerful New Features of Lectora Online V2.0

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The new Lectora Online V2.0 This new version feels, looks, and acts like Lectora for desktop. With the power of the cloud, this update makes developing with Lectora Online easier, nicer, and better than ever. Here are some of the powerful features of Lectora Online V2.0, With Lectora Online’s redesigned interface, you get a similar look and feel of Lectora’s desktop version. The post 6 Powerful New Features of Lectora Online V2.0

Free eLearning Templates for Lectora

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Today we would like to give you Free eLearning Templates for Lectora. So in this post I am going to show you some of the free eLearning Templates that you can use with Lectora. Sign up for a free account to get these Free eLearning Templates for Lectora. Free eLearning Interaction Template for Lectora. The Lectora Interaction Template (dramatic pause). This template can be used and edited in Lectora. . System Requirements: • Lectora V11.

Authoring tool review: Lectora 16 


Lectora - a powerful off-the-shelf authoring tool that can create everything we dream up and design, both visually and functionally. The recently released version, Lectora 16, publishes out responsive content - one of the first of the off-the-shelf authoring tools to go down this very welcome road. Lectora now works on pretty much all devices and browsers, from the latest releases down to older browsers like IE6 (by using different versions of Lectora). .

8 Editing Techniques for Great Images in Lectora

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Lectora introduced some new image editing features with Version 12 which can save time and money. You can either import an image from your local computer, drag an image from your desktop to the working area in Lectora or choose an image from the stock library. Psst: Lectora supports.bmp,jpeg,png,tif,wmf and.emf file extensions). To drag an image from your computer to Lectora simply select the image then drag and drop it into the working area of Lectora.

5 Exciting Updates in Lectora Online 3.2

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Last weekend, our friends at Trivantis released an update to their Lectora Online software bringing it to version 3.2. The Style ribbon now allows you to adjust gradients, shadows, reflections and even do some image cropping all within Lectora. In addition to that, button states have also been introduced into Lectora Online (something already enjoyed by its desktop variation). We have a large selection of templates available for Lectora Online!

Building a Better Next Button in Lectora

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Your average next button in Lectora has just one simple action: OnMouseClick, GoTo, Next Page. Now we need to tell Lectora what to do if these conditions are NOT met, so we’ll set an Else action. Actions are run from top to bottom in Lectora, so let’s make sure ours are in the right order. That’s it, kids—the smartest and most portable Next button in your Lectora arsenal. The post Building a Better Next Button in Lectora appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Snap! by Lectora Review

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Recently Trivantis, makers of the eLearning development program Lectora, announced the release of Snap! by Lectora. Far and away the biggest advantage to Snap by Lectora is the extremely low price of $99. Exporting to Lectora and Lectora Online. Every presentation created with Snap can be exported to a Lectora Project file (.awt). Quizzes and surveys created in Lectora cannot be exported to Snap. By Joseph Suarez.

Sneak Peak at Lectora Version 11

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Trivantis closed out the 2012 Lectora User Conference with a sneak peak of the new Lectora version 11. At a glance, the new version 11 shows off a more intuitive design that should make development more efficient. The new Lectora utilizes a common interface for questions, actions, tables, and text properties, which can be edited on a ribbon which is similar in layout to Microsoft products.

The Definition of Great Lectora Templates

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The capabilities of Lectora as an authoring tool have allowed us to make some really cool templates that do just that. It’s like playing your own little version of Jeopardy, reading the question on the back of the card and doing your best recall the answer that pertains to it. Perhaps I should have saved that comparison for this Lectora game template, patterned after the show’s premise. Let us know which Lectora templates are your favorites in the comments below!

Win Big with Lectora Game Show Templates

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Our popular Game Show template has received a makeover for Lectora! Along with the classic version of the template, Game Show now also fits seamlessly into the “ Scratch ” theme of templates, bringing a modern touch to an old favorite. This re-skin allows learners to learn quiz in style, with a familiar Lectora quiz game seemingly chiseled out of marble. The post Win Big with Lectora Game Show Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Sneak Peek of Lectora Version 11

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Last week, Desiree and I had the pleasure of attending the Lectora User’s Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The closing session included a sneak peek of Lectora Version 11, which is to go into beta testing soon. I still believe that Lectora is one of the most powerful tools on the market, but I’ve talked to many people who feel it is hard to use. Side note: If you are a Lectora user and have never been to one of their conferences, I highly encourage you to go.

Detecting Mobile Platforms the Smart Way for Lectora

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Lectora has some great features to take learning off the desktop and on the road, such as dynamic templates for mobile layout, but one of the more interesting ways is the ability to check the platform type as a condition for an action. ” Since the platform type is case sensitive, “Linux” should be differentiated from the Android “Linux,” but another way to check for this version of Linux would be a condition of “contains x86,” or “contains 64.”

Elucidat vs Lectora Online: Comparison and Review


In this software review, we look at how the Elucidat authoring platform compares to Lectora Online. Lectora vs Elucidat – comparison and review at a glance. Not everyone has time to look in-depth at the differences between Elucidat and Lectora Online. Lectora Online.

Using the Interaction Builder with Lectora V11

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In this online Webinar for Lectora users, Brother Jeff walks you through the basics of how to use the eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder to build HTML & Flash games and then how to insert that content into Lectora version 11. Even if you are not a Lectora user this will help you get started with the basics of the eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder. eLearning Featured Lectora Resources

How to Work With Grids and Guides in Lectora

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One of the most helpful, underutilized, and misunderstood tools in the Lectora developer’s arsenal is the layout and design guide. The most important thing to know about grids and guides is that they DO NOT APPEAR in the final, published version of your course — they are only visible during the design phase. Using Grids in Lectora. Using Guides in Lectora. Click the button below to see Lectora Templates. Lectora Templates.

Lectora Best Practices Part 2 - Variables and Actions

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This post is Part 2 in a series intended to list some ways to use Lectora that avoid problems, reduce development time, and make development easier overall. In Part 1 , we covered how to optimize Lectora preferences for best performance. Since Lectora lists objects and variables in alphabetical order, one popular method is to begin your variable names with an underscore (_). This lists your variables at the top, separating them from Lectora’s reserved variables.

[Video] 5 Steps for Using GreenSock Animations in Lectora

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Luckily, it did not take long for the good folks over at to come out with a Javascript version of their awesome Javascript library. Not too long ago, I was thinking about how cool Lectora is that it produces full HTML courses, so it got my wheels turning wondering if there was a way to somehow use GreenSock in Lectora. For now, we will just use the minified version. 3 Import GreenSock into Lectora. The next step is to load this into Lectora.

ReviewLink: Online Review Tool for Lectora

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To address these types of problems, Trivantis has included a web-based review service with Lectora X.6 Previous versions of Lectora typically have included some handy additional features, but nothing quite as big and useful as ReviewLink. Here’s how it works: The course developer publishes their Lectora X.6 The ReviewLink publishing options allow the developer to add the email addresses of any intended course reviewers (regardless of whether they have Lectora or not).

4 Mobile Lectora Templates for Responsive Course Design

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Many of the Lectora templates in our library have an interesting feature: responsive design. The mobile version stacks the tab titles on top of one another and brings the learner a different page for the template information, before returning to the home screen. The drag and drop capabilities also work in the mobile version with the touch and swipe of a finger. You can find these and other responsive templates in our Lectora template library.

Get Ready for Lectora 12—the Best Lectora Yet!


In 1999, we brought you the first version of Lectora® e-Learning software. by Lectora®, CourseMill® LMS and more. In 2013, we brought you Lectora 11—the biggest upgrade in Lectora history. Lectora 12 is ALMOST HERE! If you attended the 2014 Lectora User Conference, you saw a preview of what’s to come. We’re releasing Lectora 12 soon. Contact your account rep to make sure you’re current on maintenance and soon Lectora 12 will be yours!

Utilizing Better eLearning Design with Guides and Grids in Lectora

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In Lectora you have the basic alignment tools of right, left, top, bottom, center and middle in the Status Bar. From within your open title in Lectora, navigate to the View tab. With the recent version 12 updates you’ll now be able to add a new guide, clear all guides or use additional options. The post Utilizing Better eLearning Design with Guides and Grids in Lectora appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning Lectora Resources Resources eLearning Design

5 Latest Updates to Lectora Online 3.2

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One of the most popular cloud-based authoring tools is Lectora Online. The latest version of this e-learning development software, Lectora Online 3.2, The latest version of Lectora Online comes with an improved style ribbon that allows you to use gradients, shadows, and reflections. Shapes have always existed in Lectora Online, but updates to the latest version of this tool offer greater flexibility in using these elements. Lectora Online 3.2

Sneak Peek at Lectora 12

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Trivantis had its 10 th annual Lectora User Conference just last week, where they previewed some of the new features of Lectora version 12 to be released later this year. Either way, it’s an update Lectora users will undoubtedly look forward to! Here are some of the features coming in Lectora version 12: Image Effects and Manipulation Options. Want to rotate, reflect, or crop your images in Lectora? With version 12, you’ll FINALLY be able to!

The Power of Lectora in the Cloud


Lectora® Online just got a makeover, and V2.0 You get the flexibility you need to create the courses you imagine with Lectora Online, using the redesigned interface, the same Question Creator you know and love from Lectora’s desktop version and more. Lectora Online keeps everyone united. Lectora Online backs up your courses in secure offsite locations (while you’re working and after you’re finished). Trust the magic of Lectora.

Easily Modify, Edit & Share with Lectora 1.6 Collaboration Features


Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. Lectora Inspire. Lectora Publisher. Lectora Online. by Lectora. Lectora Express - The Easy LMS. Lectora Talent Management. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Inspire. Lectora Publisher. Lectora Online. Lectora Express - The Easy LMS. Lectora Mobile. by Lectora. Lectora Inspire. Lectora Publisher. Lectora Online. Lectora Mobile. Forum.

Lectora Basics: Using User-Defined Variables


Lectora® eLearning software provides a ton of useful variables for you to use automatically, but the Lectora programmers can’t possibly anticipate everything you might ever want to create. Making your own variables in Lectora is super easy. Tip: I like to start my variable names with an underscore so that they are placed at the top of the list in the Lectora variable selection menus.) Download Lectora Desktop Version. Download Lectora Online Version.

Lectora Inspire 12.1 Review by Rick Zanotti


While many vendors rush to create mobile applications, Lectora® has quietly led the way with a foundation built around what would emerge as mobile. While many vendors struggle to shed their “Flash” skins and claim open-ness, Lectora quietly embraced “open” from the get-go. Lectora was designed to be flexible, and in essence, was an HTML and HTML5 code generator. In Lectora® Inspire 12.1, Lectora improves upon the PowerPoint experience and goes way beyond in many ways.

Finding Your Muse in Lectora 16

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Extrapolating the future from their relatively meager technological capabilities of the time, the film makers dreamed up a world that was essentially a sleeker version of what they new, and the results were visually engaging to say the least. Our new Lectora 16 theme, Muse , takes the concept of retrofuturism and runs with it in six different templates. The post Finding Your Muse in Lectora 16 appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Lectora 12 Just Released—It’s the Best Lectora Yet!


Trivantis is excited to announce the release of Lectora® 12 e-Learning software. Our Lectora users are important to us—that’s why this update of your favorite authoring tool delivers the timesaving usability enhancements you’ve asked for! For years Lectora has made it easy to create quality e-Learning authoring quickly (which is why it’s the tool of choice for the Global 2000). Check out what’s new in Lectora 12: Content Development. Lectora Inspire Tools.

SCORM 101 and a Lectora How-To


This article will take a look at what SCORM is and how it applies to eLearning created in Lectora® and Lectora Online®. Lectora) into a learning management system or LMS (e.g. Throughout the years, SCORM has come in multiple versions: SCORM 1.1. The first version was introduced in January 2001. The second version was introduced in October 2001 and is still the most widely used today. The third version was introduced January 2004 but later updated.

Reusing Content with Library Objects in Lectora and Lectora Online


Here on the product team for Lectora® e-Learning software, we often hear questions like this: “I have a really great interaction that I created, and I need to use it in another title. In this blog we’ll show you step-by-step how to create and save “library objects” in Lectora ® and Lectora® Online, how to insert that saved content into another title and how to share library objects with your colleagues through shared repositories and email.

Lectora V11.3.1 Service Pack Now Available


While the Lectora version 11.3 release has some great new features we are excited to roll out, Lectora Version 11.3.1 addresses some bug fixes including: You can now successfully open a Lectora V9 title in Lectora V11. To view the full list of updates in Lectora V11.3.1, If you’re current on Maintenance, it’s easy to install Lectora V11.3.1 you can download a patch to upgrade to Lectora V11.3.1. If you’re using Lectora V11.2