Blended Learning 101: Basics, Benefits & Best Practices

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Learners can complete introductory modules at their own pace, rather than the pace of the slowest or fastest member of a group in the class environment. Blended learning also allows you to provide the right contextual practice via live, face-to-face training.

From Three Phases to Four: The Toolkit Approach to Product Launch Training

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Reps show up for a launch meeting, listen as someone lectures through slide decks, spend a few days at a nice hotel, and head back to their territories. Home study modules are a mainstay in pharmaceutical and medical device launches.

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Twitter in the classroom

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If I wanted to hide behind technology, I would stay at home, and use my laptop and ''death by PowerPoint'' to lecture to my students from a safe distance. During the lectures, I encourage students to interact with each other and the speakers by using Twitter as a backchannel.

e-learning for … everyone?

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Bellweather provides strategic planning, business development, reputation management and training services to professional service firms and related organizations. Their use of e-learning was to include self-paced modules before and after a workshop to prepare and/or reinforce concepts and support offline activities. Software company – used e-learning to enable customers to gain competency with their software product through small modules.

4 Reasons Why You Should Flip Your Training

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These individuals are being taught with outdated PowerPoint lectures and bulky training guides. The approach enables facilitators to enrich the learners experience by substituting a less-effective lecturing method for a more hands-on and personalized experience. Let’s face it.

eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

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If a customer service agent has had to sit through dry lecture videos that were filmed ten years ago, which are now online, that may be their image of eLearning.” In other words, SCORM makes online learning content work with the Learning Management System provided both are SCORM conformant.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 2: Designing a MOOC

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The technological affordances of social and mobile add to the ability to provide an ecosystem of continuous and pervasive learning. Moreover, providing MOOCs on mobile devices further augments interaction and networking thus increasing the participation level.

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Developing A Blended Learning Framework For Various Learning Goals

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In recent years, a growing demand for flexibility in learning and the cost-effectiveness of technology has provided the impetus for the rise of blended learning. Classroom presentations, lectures. Self-paced e-learning modules, online documents.

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How Blended Learning Outperforms Self-Paced Learning

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Given the constraints of time out of the office, budget and the existence of multiple learning preferences, many organizations are turning to self-paced e-learning modules. However, as I have often seen when technical staff use self-paced modules, completion and retention rates were low. However, many attendees in the first lab events were unprepared, either because they had not completed the self-paced modules or because they did not learn what they needed to from them.

Wearable Technology: Does Google Glass still has the potential to transform Learning?


Similarly, it can also help employees going in for an important presentation by providing useful tips on voice modulation, eye contact and so on. For learners, it can provide answers to queries that arise amidst the learning experience and enrich the experience as a whole.

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3 Quick Tips to Blend ILT with E-learning

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Use eLearning to provide the fundamental concepts and pre-training preparation. Move theoretical content typically covered in classroom lectures to e-learning modules, this can serve as a foundation for the classroom trainings. Provide Online Assessments.

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Tips for Adapting an In-Person Course to an Online Course


If you have designed and administered successful in-person, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) modules, you may want to convert those classes into online courses to reach a wider audience. This can be done by designing learner-navigated courses instead of serially flowing modules.

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The four responsibilities of the learning professional

Clive on Learning

Just as consistently, it is apparent that they experience a major obstacle to achieving their goals and providing the best possible service to their organisations. They would soon be unable to provide an adequate service and would rightly ushered out of the profession.

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What a MOOC Is and What It Isn’t

Your Training Edge

This misconception is understandable, since the language we use often equates MOOC providers like Coursera and edX with the courses themselves, but it is a misconception nonetheless. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are the education and training story of this decade (at least so far).

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Interview with an Expert Series: Associate Executive Director, Myke Kudlas

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My entry into eLearning was simply recording myself presenting four lectures on the topics that students struggled with the most, and posting them online for students. One unexpected outcome was that all students benefitted from access to these modules, not just the ones that were initially coming to my office for help. Providing excellent content is what helps members in their careers and keeps them coming back for more.

3 biggest flaws with the LMS and why it doesn’t make your employees better on-the-job performers


But the internet provided the vehicle to transform this experience for remote students. Flaw #1: The LMS incorrectly assumes that learning “ends” after a learner successfully completes a module.

How do I know what e-learning approach is right for what topic?

The eLearning Nomad

modules abound about leadership skills and management. Another performance management module, anyone? When we would like to achieve compliance (health and safety for example) or when people need to practice going through a set process (answering typical customer questions for example) or when learners need to practice using the right vocabulary (provided there is no need to go beyond concept mastery).

9 Rules of Successful LMS Implementation


You should provide a course schedule and the list of assignments, as well as instructions for locating all relevant modules and materials. Incorporate Online Lectures One of the best options afforded by LMSs is the wide variety of ways that a lecture can be presented.

MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 2: Designing a MOOC


The technological affordances of social and mobile add to the ability to provide an ecosystem of continuous and pervasive learning. Moreover, providing MOOCs on mobile devices further augments interaction and networking thus increasing the participation level.

Stop Taking Employees Back to School

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They are often easier and less challenging, and many do not yield a final result that provides upward mobility for employees. It assumes that a teacher is in charge, often providing content from the front of the room.

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Game Development: A Designer Perspective


He made himself available for post-lecture support as we discovered the power of mLevel on our own. In my professional role, working for a NJ State Assemblyman, I am required to complete annual online Legislative Code of Ethics training modules.

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High Impact Blended Learning on a Tight Budget: How We Did It

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Hands-on labs use an “explain, demonstrate, practice, and apply” format that has learners DOING rather than simply listening to a lecture. Getting new employees ramped up quickly is the challenge and goal of every company.

Where eLearning is Headed: How to Get From Here to There

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From explainer tutorial videos that last for no longer than 10 minutes to short or snackable modules, it looks like bite-sized learning is here to stay. The bite-size approach involves covering only the essentials in short modules that learners can access whenever they have the time.

8 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement in the Virtual Classroom


Your employees come into the modules with very different experiences, knowledge, and skill sets. In addition to building a more relevant training path, the content of each module needs to be relevant, as well. Implementing gamification concepts can be simple, such as a points system that helps your employees gain levels as they complete individual modules. Don’t treat online training as simply moving your traditional training modules to the internet.

Top Five Ways to Use Screencasting in the Classroom

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However, many teachers feel that they lack the time to invest in making videos of history lectures, math lessons, or chemistry overviews to make this dramatic change in their content delivery. Recordings of all class content lectures were recorded and uploaded for the student to view at home.

3 Secrets of Workshop Facilitators: Leverage Them to Author eLearning Rapidly


These workshops also provide the opportunity to congregate with peers in a casual setting and to grow professional networks. The more targeted the module is to the learner’s daily job, the more context the learner will bring to the training.

Keynote Resources from #LUC2017

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What we missed on the mission is provide in the information below (and in the slides above). It draws in the learner and provides motivation. In a learning module, the outcome is more certain. The Lectora 2017 Users Conference promises to be an exciting and engaging event.

Gamification in Workplace Learning: The Role of Play

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Let me give you a couple of examples: In classroom ERP software training sessions I’ve designed and used various individual and team based games to review material, cement concepts and break the monotony of lecture and exercises.

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Top 3 Ways e-Learning Adds Value to Educational Institutions


If they have responsibilities that make it difficult to leave home, for example, they can easily view lectures, complete coursework, or download materials with just an Internet connection.

Micro learning – the big wave of mobile education


The learning modules are focused on one concept only, allowing people to sample, process and retain the information. No more disrupting agendas with boring interminable lectures and dusty, irrelevant information.

eLearning in the Digital Age

ICS Learning

Course developers can no longer rely on linear course models to deliver effective training results, nor can they rely on rigid course schedules and lengthy lectures as eLearning evolves into a collaborative experience between developers and learners.

What Does it Take to Create Interactive Online Learning Solutions

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Each video had an instructor lecturing. No different from a classroom where a lecturer addresses a group of students. To develop e-learning courses, SMEs provide all the relevant content to instructional designers (IDs). Yet another MOOC abandoned mid-way!

8 Things To Follow While Implementing Blended Learning Via An LMS

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Before launching the blended learning program, provide training to your instructors, administrators and learners, and introduce them to every aspect of the LMS and how it can modify their current training process.

Can Learning Management Systems Foster Experiential Knowledge in the Workplace?


The skill is demonstrated to the worker via video, and further recorded information is provided. I could have just lectured about theories and research findings related to jury decision making. In your personal opinion, what type of value does experiential learning hold?

Audio in E-Learning

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A common question is "Should we have audio in the e-learning module that exactly matches the text on the screen?" When displaying animations or video with audio, learners tend to want the audio a little slower than the typical 150-100 words per minute provided in a typical classroom lecture (contrasted with the average speed of thought for colleges students of approximately 400-800 words per minute).(Clark

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5 Reasons Why eLearning Has A Bad Reputation And How To Overcome It


Let your online learners choose when they participate, which eLearning module they are going to complete next, and how they are going to receive the eLearning content. eLearning has a negative connotation for many people.

The Only Person Who Behaves Sensibly Is My Tailor

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He developed his thinking and ability through a discipline of reading and reflecting, through debating and exchanging ideas with others, and through lecturing. Attending a course or completing an eLearning module tells us little apart from the fact that some activity occurred.