How to Draw Attention in Video Lectures


Video lectures are one of the most promising teaching materials in online learning. Empirical evidence suggests that adding attentional cues in the instructor behavior guides learners’ visual attention and thus improves their learning performance in video lectures.

I Believe that Learning is Inherently Social

Tom Spiglanin

It may have been done alone or with others, but the social connection was still strong: teachers directed and facilitated the learning, and we often shared answers or talked about homework with peers. This is not to say that everything we know or can do was learned socially.

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Learning From the World’s Biggest Brands, How to Consult, and Scaling Up a Niche Course Subscription Platform with Gary Fox of WP Slide Sync


Learning from the world’s biggest brands, how to consult, and scaling up a niche course subscription platform with Gary Fox of WP Slide Sync in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Where did your product, WP Slide Sync come in?

Opening Pandora's box

Learning with e's

It started off in sedate style a few years ago, when several students began to ask if they could audio record my lectures and seminars to play back later. Soon students were tweeting the highlights and soundbites of lectures, and now they are liveblogging entire sessions from start to finish.

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5 Ways to Interact with Your Online Students


Live stream on social media. During a live stream on social media, students can also leave comments and questions that the presenters can respond to in real time. online learning social learningOffering interactions with your students can enhance their learning experience.

5 Big Don’ts for Successful Webinar Presentations - Tip #211

Vignettes Learning

It can be tricky to capture their attention or get them engaged by merely hearing your voice and seeing your slides. Make a personal commitment to NOT lecture in webinars. Over the years, I have done a lot of seminars, workshops, and talks - both virtually and in-person.

Instructional Video Styles: Choose Your Own


Before you even begin creating your instructional video , you will need to consider your lecture style. Animated lectures. Simple Slides Presentations. Presence overlapping the slides presentation. The level of synchronous social interaction within the lecture.

Technology for E-Learning: What You Need


While new technology is slowly making its way into the classroom (most instructors use PowerPoint slides rather than chalkboards), other innovations have yet to find their place (laptops in lecture halls are still a distraction more than a learning aid). Google Drive allows you and your learners to easily share documents in a central location, while Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow multiple users to access and edit the same document at once. Social media.

Capturing the moment

Learning with e's

It was a great pleasure to give the opening keynote at the Social Science special interest group Higher Education Academy conference yesterday in Manchester. The audience were a group of academics from across the UK and Ireland who specialise in social sciences.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | June 14, 2019

Mike Taylor

Jane Hart ( @c4lpt ) has shared a framework that includes activities for moving towards modern workplace learning that rightfully includes individual discovery, social learning and other important elements. Social Learning: An Ongoing Experiment. Social Learning: An Ongoing Experiment.

The Flipped Learning Revolution — Coming to a Brain Near You?

Dashe & Thomson

My colleague Jon Matejcek first covered it back in March in his article “ Online Academy Helps to Keep Lectures Where They Belong: Out of the Classroom.” Essentially, the idea is to upend the traditional teaching model of classroom lecture followed by personal practice at home.

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Why Businesses Should Veto Traditional Training


After all, who wants to sit in a classroom for hours trying to pay attention to PowerPoint slides while others are whispering and playing solitaire on their iPhones? This award-winning social LMS is filled with features that engage learners and make a trainer’s job much easier.

New Technologies Making MOOCs Even Better

Your Training Edge

Early MOOCs were often nothing more than long video lectures with a few multiple choice questions at the end—if you read much MOOC literature, you will know that these early implementations were roundly criticized for their poor pedagogy and almost complete lack of meaningful learning experiences.

Brilliant backchannel tweeting: a before-during-after guide

Good To Great

Learning and training Tips and examples collaboration conference social mediaOver the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on how I use Twitter, observing how others use it and actively trying to improve my use of it.

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Achieve Better Learning: Combine In-Person & Online Learning


Preparation before classroom learning: Have a lecture assigned for learners to complete on the LMS before the classroom time. Lecturers can do this through documents, PowerPoint slides, or videos. There is some social learning that can be done through an LMS, but the deeper team and trust building in a company is great to do in-person. When management says that they want to start using a Learning Management System (LMS), there may be resistance from the training staff.

4 HTML5 Authoring Tools You Need to Know About

Origin Learning

Page objects come to life as different slide templates and more than 47,000 combinations of customizable characters help you author content that can be published to Flash, HTML5 and even Articulate Mobile player, which is a native iOS application meant exclusively for iPads.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-08-07

Jane Hart

“New Service From Harvard Aims to Replace Classroom Lectures&# [link] (via @ frankcalberg , @ arossett & @ alc47 ) #. RT @ alc47 : Collaboration and social learning – even trees do it [link] <Another powerful post by Nic #. RT @ charlesjennings : @ JaneBozarth Informal Learning strategy – slide 15 here shows the essential tool, Jane. – an example of Just in Time Social Learning [link] Happy hols-I’m off tonight <Happy Hols #.

Brilliant backchannel tweeting: a before-during-after guide

Good To Great

Learning and training Tips and examples collaboration conference social mediaOver the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on how I use Twitter, observing how others use it and actively trying to improve my use of it.

Have you heard about cafeteria learning?


Broccoli is a lot easier to swallow with at least a little cheese dip while lean meat on the grill slides down better with a smudge of our favorite gravy. The base of a healthy diet is finding the optimal balance between the different food groups.

From the Archives: Our Top 5 Webinars

eLearning Brothers

Today, we have access to a wide range of technologies—mobile, social, virtual, search, gaming, and reliable user-generated content—along with modern instructional techniques aligned with the way today’s workers naturally learn. Long audio lectures.

Abstracts of Three Studies Related to Pedagogical Agents

Kapp Notes

56 university freshmen (23 males and 33 females) interacted with either the peer-like agent (female college student) or the expert-like agent (female college lecturer) in computer-based multimedia lesson on C-Programming.

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MOOCs: Flipping the Corporate Classroom

Your Training Edge

So why does so much of corporate training still involve an instructor flipping through a seemingly endless PowerPoint slide deck? In a traditional classroom, the instructor lectures during class time and then sends the students home with homework.

10 Helpful Types of Video for Business

TechSmith Camtasia

Social media video. Social media video can be presented in a variety of formats or styles. These types of video are designed to share on a social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Using video for business is no longer an upcoming trend–it’s the norm.

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6 Tips to Make Mandatory Compliance Training a Better Learning Experience


For example, while most Millennials and Gen Xers enjoy highly interactive training, Baby Boomers typically prefer clear lectures with lots of examples and guidance. Fun fact: the less you put on each slide, the better.).

TCC09: Wikis that Work: Effective Wiki Practices for Virtual Learning Communities

Experiencing eLearning

They effectively managed issues of trust, workload, and learning within their social network. Social Learning/Social Constructivism. Social presence–ability to project yourself in an online environment and make connections with others. Social gaming (e.g.,

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How to Solve 10 Common Training Problems With Video

TechSmith Camtasia

While nuanced functions inevitably require physical demonstrations, more universal tasks such as filling out time cards or basic, repetitive knowledge work can be proficiently communicated with a well-produced series of on-screen demonstrations and lectures.

5 Tips for Using Video in Online Training Courses


In fact, it’s been used so poorly for so long that if you’ve spent more than a few minutes reading about instructional design, you know that 50-minute recorded lectures are a terrible and ineffective way to teach an online class. One of the biggest benefits of video content is that learners feel more connected and engaged when they see their instructor rather than a series of narrated slides. Avoid treating your video lessons like PowerPoint slides.

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The State of Instructional Design

Tom Spiglanin

The conversation erupted on social media, as it has before, about the state of affairs in the field of Learning and Development, or L&D. I often say this fast-paced, mobile, social, and self-directed learning era is no time for those of us in the Learning and Development field to be lazy.

Inspire others - be a Master Storyteller -Study the Profile and Survey

Vignettes Learning

If you wish to download the PowerPoint slides and view the recording of the Be a Master Storyteller webinar, please visit [link] and click the grou p "Storytelling and Performance " on the left side. How do you inspire others to take action and make a positive change?

How to MOOC: Technology-Enabled Learning Tools, Part 2

Your Training Edge

and the rapid rise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other communications platforms have made one thing abundantly clear: Everything is social. As the workforce grows to include more Millennials – digital natives who spend nearly four hours per day on social networking sites – the social impact on training cannot be overstated. Course discussion forums are the most basic type of social platform used in MOOCs, but they are powerful tools and almost all MOOCs have them.

eLearning: Is This Learning, Winning, or Just Cheating?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

 In that lecture he spoke about troubling issues in the gamification of learning--particularly the issue of false achievement and "gaming the system." When it came time for the younger sibling to be potty trained, Gans added a social element to the Skittle-potty game and rewarded his older daughter every time her brother went to the potty.

The What and the Why of Gamification

Bottom-Line Performance

A social component – creating a means for people to dialogue and showcase their progress in a game. (We have created an 8-part comprehensive report containing a series of one-to-two page “briefs” regarding learning game design. This is part 1: The What and Why of Gamification.

Moving From the Classroom to the Computer


This often involves putting an amazing instructor’s presentation slides online, maybe even with a recording of said amazing instructor delivering their lecture. Lecture content is generally not accessible after the class. Learning can be social.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-08-07

Jane Hart

"New Service From Harvard Aims to Replace Classroom Lectures" [link] (via @ frankcalberg , @ arossett & @ alc47 ) #. RT @ alc47 : Collaboration and social learning – even trees do it [link] <Another powerful post by Nic #. RT @ charlesjennings : @ JaneBozarth Informal Learning strategy – slide 15 here shows the essential tool, Jane. pgsimoes , @ BreakingNews & @ kasey428 showed up in my social summary!

What’s Better for Your Employees – Digital Training or Instructor-Led Training


Saves Time and Money : As we stated in the example above, those 90 hours could have been utilized in a productive manner rather than simply making the employee sit in the training room and listen to a lecture. And hence, created elaborate PowerPoint slides and documents. Social Interaction: In spite of all the various pros that digital learning offers, one still feels connected with instructor -led training. We need social interaction.