Get started with Photoshop for eLearning design


With just a few quick lessons in Photoshop, I was able to help these colleagues become confident about using this great eLearning design tool. Trust me, Photoshop is actually easy and very cool. Essential Photoshop terms. New document settings in Photoshop.

How to use Photoshop for eLearning – Part 2: Cropping & Resizing


In the first post in this series, I explained the essentials you need to know before getting started with Photoshop. Today, we’ll take a tour of the Photoshop CC interface. How to open and save a document in Photoshop. There are three ways to open a document in Photoshop.

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Crop to Circle in Photoshop


Cropping in a circle is an interesting visual effect, and is pretty easy to do in Photoshop once you learn these simple techniques. In this video tutorial, we’ll show you 2 different ways to crop in a circle in Photoshop. So you’ll have to do something special here in Photoshop.

Design skill – add hat to photo


I’ll walk you through how you can make Meg totally safe using either PowerPoint or Photoshop. You can also download the source files to do this in either PowerPoint or Photoshop to follow along and practice. Adding a hat in Photoshop.

5 Reasons Most Online Courses Fail (and How Not to be One of Them)


Perhaps you could do a course on how to use Photoshop CS7 or focus on Twitter Bootstrap responsive design best practices. Such experiences often offer the most priceless business lessons. The following article is a guest post written by Michael Eisenwasser.

The Importance of Visuals in eLearning


Long paragraphs can be bent, stretched, condensed, or shaped into simple images that teach a lesson and skip all the confusion. The world is made up of many different learners.

Why I don’t like WIIFM

Usable Learning

For example which photoshop course would you rather take? This is excerpted and expanded from a post that I wrote for the Tin Can blog . We’ve talked about WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)

Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

Jay Cross

Extracting the lessons of simply living my life. YouTube also showed me what we wrong with my fridge and taught me how to create 300 dpi imagery with Photoshop, Flickr. It’s time once again to contribute to Jane Hart’s annual survey of tools for learning.

The End of the Road for me at Adobe. 2012 and Beyond.

mLearning Revolution

For someone like me, who had been a huge fan of Adobe products and who started his career teaching Adobe products like FrameMaker, Acrobat, Photoshop and others, it was an amazing dream come true. First and foremost, Happy New Year!

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Cues that You Need an Image Instead of Text

Integrated Learnings

After drafting a lesson, I've developed the habit of scrolling back through it in search of opportunities to replace text with something more visually appealing (e.g., Even if you don't have image editing tools like SnagIt Editor or Photoshop, you can usually edit basic properties in the programs you use to storyboard an eLearning course. By Shelley A. Gable. We know that meaningful images provide a memorable and efficient way to learn information.

Helpful Tools, Ideas and Templates for the Busy eLearning Designer

SHIFT eLearning

Not particularly groundbreaking, but a good outline to consult if you''re just starting out, or to use as a checklist for the more experienced to make sure your lesson is the best it can be.

eLearning Lies or Truths? How do you find authentic stories?

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis: The use of a powerful storyline is one of the elements that makes eLearning lessons effective. Although fake pictures, “Photoshopped” photos and hoax stories serve their purposes for entertainment and amusement, they also cause serious harm to other people and to society in general.

8 Skills You Must Have To Become eLearning Master


GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop, which is fairly easy to learn. The good part is that there is a wealth of e-learning lessons that are available to help you improve your accuracy and speed.

This Week in mLearning Podcast – Video in #mLearning [Episode 4]

mLearning Revolution

Also, some apps like Photoshop Touch, Adobe Proto, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Collage and Adobe Kuler and some thoughts about Adobe Captivate missing from Adobe Creative Suite. Khan Academy (iPad app), the Flipped Classroom and TED-ed lessons : video-based education.

10 ways to enhance the LMS experience for your users


Your lessons will be all the better for it. Your nephew that “knows Photoshop well” and designs party flyers won’t really do. Humor makes lessons more memorable (and obviously, more pleasurable), and helps attract the students’ attention for what comes next.

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The Top 78 Captivate Features

Adobe Captivate

Create responsively-designed lessons so that they look perfect on any device. . Import Photoshop layers. Preview – various ways to preview a lesson or parts of a lesson, including previewing in SCORM Cloud. Table of Contents – lets learners choose locations in the lesson.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry

eLearning 24-7

The other huge issue is that the course terms of chapter-page-lesson/scenario and so forth has turned into “slides” As an added bonus, some products do not enable folks to have a TOC or even push or mention of it. is overwhelming, unless they have used a product in the past like Photoshop that uses layers. When looking at the state of the authoring tool space, two words come to mind. Bewilderment and Confusion.

Creating a Better eLearning Scene With a Little Help

eLearning Blender

This blog post takes you through the development of this scene, and describes some of the lessons I learned along the way with a little help from fellow eLearning developers. I did use Photoshop to create the floor and wall textures but other than that it's all Power point.

Top 3 Collaboration Activities for your eLearning Course


Skills and Projects: This page can have links to projects and samples of technical skills (for example, Photoshop projects etc.) Reflections: Here, learners can write down their observations on their performance and their lessons learned.

Add Contrast for Emphasis


It’s Art again – E-Learning Art – bringing you another lesson to enhance your e-learning scenarios. In my last post, I talked about facial expressions and provided a lesson on how you could add that effect into your own training. Hello there!

Learning by Creating: Turning Bloom’s on Its Head

Visual Lounge

In effect, they were learning like vacuum cleaners: they “sucked up” the content of the lesson and then gave it back in an organized and useful form. Guest post by Library Media Specialist, David Phillips.

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Teaching with Screencasts and Rapid Prototyping

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The class expanded horizons pretty quickly, and by the end of the semester, I had students working on everything from vector graphics (which I have no understanding of), PhotoShop, JavaScript, and Python in addition to HTML and CSS. Part of where I struggled was writing up files for demos and examples each day for a lesson. Back in my teaching days, we had a ninth hour elective class where students could take classes like computer repair, plumbing, ceramics, or guitar.


4 Reasons eLearning is Perfect for Building Creative Skills


This is especially helpful when learning a skill such as Photoshop or InDesign. While most educators will attest to this statement, not many are able to differentiate their lessons in order to satisfy several learning styles. Online Training Library Review

The eLearning Coach

Even though many courses are several hours long, they are organized into short lesson segments. A particular lesson might only last five minutes. You can usually test drive a few lessons for free.

eLearning & mLearning: Everything You Need to Know About Graphics, Part IV

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Photoshop isn't exactly the easiest software to master (nor is it the cheapest), so let's look at some free (or readily accessible) and easy alternatives for editing images for your eLearning. by AJ George.

Back to school

Clive on Learning

I've just had to re-mortgage my home to purchase a copy of Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium (that's Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Acrobat, Dreamweaver) and I need to justify that investment by making sure I use these tools to something like their potential. Anticipating my success, I also bought the Photoshop edition. I'm going back to school.

eLearning Guild DemoFest Highlights #dl09

Learning Visions

Tools: PPT, Presenter, Captivate, Photoshop, Adobe Connect Lessons learned: maximize simple tools, partner with SMEs to make content more accessible, trimming fat, being creative/outside box, put self in the learner’s shoes, get something out there.

Screencast 4 Cash - MindBites Video Contest

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Well, MindBites is a website where you can find, publish, sell and distribute video tutorials and how-to lessons (on the MindBites site, on your own site, and across the web). You can find instructional videos on everything from Calculus lessons to Photoshop tutorials.

Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources

Tony Karrer

Lesson plans also included. 8) The Photoshop tutorial blog. Weird - after posting, I just saw a post in my blog reader from HeyJude - Find free images online - my list! She points me to (I don't have time to clean this up. Sorry.) Mashable's 90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources. 10 Places to Find Free Image FlickrCC - offers pictures from around the world, including America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Pacific. Clip Art for foreign/second language instruction.

Design - Audio - Podcasting - Best of eLearning Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

Games lessons - Clive on Learning , September 8, 2009. A Short Video Tutorial on How Layers Work in Photoshop - The Writers Gateway , September 8, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning. September 4, 2009 to September 11, 2009. Upcoming Free eLearning Webinars. Dr. Henry Mintzberg on Managing, Leadership, and Organization Development <!–( –( eLearning Events Calendar )–> Monday, September 21, 2009.

Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

Steve Howard

Or do you often have a suite of, say, 5 or 10 lessons that have a largely similar format? Much of the work I have done over the years has required me to copy text and images from a storyboard document or a folder into the lesson file. This project template feature excites me because I can eliminate the storyboard stage from the project workflow and have SMEs and Designers build their lesson right into my template files.

Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

mLearn2010 Augmented Reality and Mobile Learning - some lessons learned by Gunnar Liestol , October 21, 2010 Gunnar is a curly person with glasses, who just gives an AMAZING presentation!! Forget Photoshop, PowerPoint 2010 Rocks for AHA-G! I look forward to doing this each month as I always find that I missed some REALLY great content. October 2010 did not disappoint! Here is the best from this past month.

Notes from DevLearn and the Adobe Learning Summit

Steve Howard

Adobe demoed a widget for Captivate that allows Twitter to be embedded inside Captivate lessons. Posts made about the lesson are always available – so users can see the history of the comments made, including questions/answers/resolutions/links to more information etc. Photoshop has tools built-in that you can use to test your designs for colour-blind viewers – see my previous blog post. • INTRODUCTION.

List of e-Learning Job Descriptions

Vignettes Learning

· Creates interactive or animated graphics and videos using a variety of tools, including the Adobe Creative Suite, including Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as 3D Studio Max, and simulation tools, including Captivate, Articulate, and Camstasia. Programmer - Programs e-learning lessons following the storyboard created in the design process.