Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

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That was the goal when the DirectEmployers Association (DE) envisioned its new learning portal, DE Academy. If you don’t fully understand your audience’s learning needs, preferences and behaviors, your program is at risk.

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LearnDash Program with 10,000+ Users


His learning program boasts over 10,000 active users going through his training program. These three tools used together are powering some of the most robust LearnDash powered programs to date. The design itself creates a culture of better customers and better use of program.

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6 eLearning lessons from Game of Thrones


While everyone tries to overcome the shock from the fifth season’s finale ( no spoilers here ), we thought it would be a fun summer post to write about Game of Thrones’s (GoT) lessons as they apply to eLearning. The importance of wit In the process of running an eLearning portal you’ll run into all sorts of issues (though, if you’re using TalentLMS, your LMS won’t be one of them).

10 Keys for a Successful Onboarding Program

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Want to find out more about the key role of onboarding and to get concrete tips to implement great onboarding programs? Current onboarding program analysis shows that most companies start their formal onboarding on Day 1 and the average duration of the program is 28 days.

What’s the Difference Between an LMS and an LCMS? Hint: It’s Not Just the Letter “C”

Association eLearning

It gives your association one software package that delivers, assesses, and reports on online training programs. In addition to everything an LMS does, an LCMS also lets you create learning content (courses, lessons, modules, etc.).

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What Do Employees Want in a Training Program?


And yet, despite the added convenience and flexibility compared to traditional training, employees still show a degree of reluctance to online training programs. In this post we’ll have a look at what employees want in an online training program.

Why User Experience is Critical for Effective Corporate Learning Programs


Many corporate learning programs struggle to engage learners to the same degree. They worked out how to engage their audience, then finished the job with a presentation that turned a lesson into an ‘experience’. Why then, as we move into the professional world, do we forget that the user experience and the level of engagement is what makes corporate learning programs work? This is concerning because engagement is still vital in effective learning programs.

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Association LMS Buyers Companion – 2019 Edition

Talented Learning

But with so many options, how can you select the right solution for your continuing education programs? Modern Certification Programs – With Arleen Thomas of AICPA. Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association. August is here – and not a moment too soon!

eLearning platforms follow top trends in L&D

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Learner Portal. In blended learning , asynchronous and synchronous learning elements are being combined as part of one training program. For example, part of the training program is an in-person seminar or event. A lesson can only be either video or text with an image.

Successful Online Employee Onboarding Strategies


Pardon us for the cliches, but employee onboarding programs are in place to alleviate these very regressive feelings. In this article, we share with you some innovative ways to use your company’s online portal to change the way employees are brought into a company.

L&D Should Boost Employee Productivity, Not Disrupt It

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While not all learning and development is through formal programs, a good portion of it is. Consider opting for an LMS that offers micro-lessons. Short lessons between meetings or over lunch allow everyone to fit bursts of microlearning into their busy day. Employees can zip through lessons, then apply immediately what they’ve learned. Not only should you focus on the lessons’ content, but also the way lessons are delivered.

Why you need an LMS Video Conferencing integration?


To improve your user experience and provide a training program that allows the approach between teachers and students is necessary to adopt an LMS Video conferencing integration. Whether for one-on-one lessons, presentations or webinars, use the LMS video conferencing tool to connect with other students and instructors that would be otherwise inaccessible. You get to log in to your video conferencing portal through single sign-on (SSO) , which is the USP of our LMS.

Create A Social Learning Culture With Origin Konnect

Origin Learning

This social learning platform serves as a single portal for learning, sharing and collaboration which can be accessed from any device- smartphone, PC or tablet.

Social Learning pays off! A Success Story

Origin Learning

If during the pilot-phase 500 employees were covered, the program touched 9,000 employees during the roll-out period! With no training program to use, the solution was modeled with navigation features similar to the most popular social sites. Learning by force is passé.

Three Pitfalls to Avoid in eLearning Translation


Even people in traditional colleges and classrooms use website-based or online learning portals to do their work. All eLearning exists on some type of software or online portal.

‘Konnect’ to Liberate Learning from LMS

Origin Learning

With content-specific tracking, you can retain progress through a lesson or video across different spheres. For instance, rewarding active contributors through structured programs led to a 200% increase in learning activities in the portal.

Mobile Devices in Learning: Utilizing the Ubiquitous Platform for Corporate Learning


One of the many strengths of the mobile platform is that it really is the primary portal for social communication for many professionals, who are always connected on the social media. Mobile Devices are an indispensable part of our people’s life – both at work and home.

Top 6 Corporate Learning Management Systems!

Your Training Edge

This program is free for up to a 100 users, and so can be an amazing tool for small businesses. Skill-based learning programs can be established and their result on your business prowess followed and charted. This is another easy program that is SCORM and TinCan certified.

Training from 10 to 10,000: Organizing your training with Branches in eFrontPro


A branch is the name eFrontPro gives to an independent, uniquely branded and configured, eLearning portal that’s separate from your main eLearning portal, but is still created and managed from your eFrontPro subscription. Who doesn’t like a good branch?

Uniquely Yours: eFrontPro Customization Options


Whether it’s a new home, a new laptop, or a new Talent Development portal, it’s only human to want to make it yours with your own customizations. The available customization options there are: Main URL: the web address where your eFrontPro portal is visible (without the http(s) part).

Why You Should Be Using a Cloud LMS for Your Enterprise in 2019


LMSs are software programs designed to help businesses create lessons, administer courses, and report on employee progress. You might be searching for an LMS program to adopt for your workplace, but have you considered a new solution known as the cloud LMS?

Why You Should Be Using a Cloud LMS for Your Enterprise in 2019


LMSs are software programs designed to help businesses create lessons, administer courses, and report on employee progress. You might be searching for an LMS program to adopt for your workplace, but have you considered a new solution known as the cloud LMS?

Train your new employees with the help of a Staff Induction Software now and see the change immediately


Our LMS platform has the capacity to provide training with modalities such as competency-based, learning paths or the implementation of fully customized training programs that would meet the needs of your company.

How Real Industry Harnessed the Power of Online Education


At the heart of the program is their assembly of industry experts who directly engage with students and impart the lessons they’ve learned over their careers. This post originally appeared on the Kannu blog.

3 Stupidly Simple Ways to Profit from E-Learning


Create a Learning Portal. If you have something to teach or share, then creating your own learning portal is an excellent way to earn some extra internet profit. Let’s face it, everybody knows something, right?

10 Emerging technologies in E-learning

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It ensures you the engagement and interaction of the students in lessons, as they are seeing and experiencing what they are learning. Hacking into a online learning portal makes it possible to extract all the student data including their personal details.

The 5 Most Essential LMS Security Features


Whether you’re doing online corporate training or selling commercial training courses, the security of your eLearning portal is something you should take very seriously. your learning portal) can be broken into and/or have their operation disrupted.

6 benefits that will bring to your company the use of a Virtual Classroom Software


Adding a Virtual Classroom Software to your learning programs will build a more effective teaching/learning process. Face to face and real-time sessions: Use it to have one-on-one lessons, presentations or webinars. You get to log in to your video conferencing portal through single sign-on (SSO) , which is the USP of our LMS.

How to use gamification in training (with actual examples)


You’ll need a credible gamification LMS to quickly turn your gamification ideas into attention-grabbing training programs. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of gamification in corporate training, and how to apply their lessons to your own courses.

Adaptive eLearning in Corporate Space – Opportunities and Challenges


When the content is consumed in digital format by the student, it also helps the publishers as the revenue becomes recurring – as unlike books, login to portal can’t be bought second hand or can’t be photocopied. For example – as a lesson or as a reference PDF link.

12+1 TalentLMS customizations that will improve your users’ eLearning experience


TalentLMS understands how important it is for your learning portal to match your visual identity and general branding (down to the tone of your communications), and it gives you several customization options to help you achieve just that. 2) Customize the colors of your portal.

Paradiso LMS one of the top Learning Management System on the List of Online Learning Platforms


Through hooking tools that appeal to the habits of the new generations of students, such as the possibility of taking lessons through multimedia elements or sharing their achievements in social networks, among others.

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What is Elearning?


This machine allowed educational establishments to deliver programmed education to their learners, however the first computer based program for teaching wasn’t introduced until 1960. Thank you to our Guest Blogger spearhead eLearning.

Learn How to Price Your Self-Paced Training Courses


Busted: Your training department can provide support to self-paced students through ReadyTech’s self-paced training portal. Busted: A successful self-paced training program can generate 30% or more of your training revenue. The lesson is clear.

It’s the small things that count: microlearning with eFrontPro


Before delivering your microlearning lessons, you first need to write them , and eFrontPro makes this particularly easy. EncodeMagic, our proprietary conversion engine, will make sure they work fine within your lesson content, whether they are seen from a desktop or mobile.