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You can find lessons on how to play just about any musical instrument, learn how to speak foreign languages, and find master classes on cookery, gardening, dancing, painting, troubleshooting computer problems. Most teachers will scan through existing materials to see if there is something they can use to introduce a topic, or highlight a key point they wish to make during a lesson. Tags: YouTube user generated content vodcasting Vimeo Blip TV

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Guest Post: You can teach an old teacher new tricks

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A partial list included formative assessment, differentiation, relevance, common core, social networking, Moodle , vodcasting, relationships, Dale’s Cone of influence , cloud storage, screencast, Camtasia , Google Docs, wiki, blog, QR codes, publishable products, smart phones, interactive whiteboards, mastery learning, innovation, … The list started to get obnoxiously long and I had no idea how to accomplish all of it within our current bell and calendar schedule.

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Is There an App for Leadership Development?

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Mobile Possibilities Mobile devices allow learning to happen in the midst of life and work through ready access to the LMS, apps, modules, podcasts, vodcasts and social media. Coursera, Udacity and edX, with various relationships to conventional universities, are now looking to deliver lessons globally through mobile technology. For example, the app activates Mandarin lessons learned in a short class prior to a trip to China.