Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


How Bigtincan’s custom-tailored digital training solution helped a multinational beauty retailer overcome a bottleneck for growth and sales productivity. The end results are a better customer experience, increased sales productivity, and ultimately a huge competitive advantage.

Alcohol Compliance Training for Delivery Drivers: Everything You Need to Know


However, many companies have seen value in diversifying their revenue streams and making the effort to introduce alcohol into their service offering. Alcohol is a major driver of online grocery sales, increasing the frequency of shopping trips, basket size and customer retention.


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How to Protect Your Course from Content Theft


However, if your course has meaningful data connected to individual users, password sharing becomes a liability to the learner. They may damage your sales a little by offering content for cheaper, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Josh Hall Helps Web Designers Create Agencies and Make Digital Products to Accelerate Freedom


What’s interesting is, I still, I don’t know how much you know about the sale of my business, Chris, but I sold my agency. It was a long-term sale because he didn’t have much capital to work with.

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Ten years after

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

By offering new services, companies not only expand sales but also install customer loyalty. · By offering new courseware, companies not only expand learning but also instill learner loyalty. “If If you’re surviving on schmoozy sales relationships, you are not going to make it. This took 20% longer than purely automated learning but yielded 50% higher ticket sales. · Add a human touch to automated learning. The Information Era has arrived.

15 Best Training Management and Tracking Software


This helps you ensure that you meet compliance training requirements on time and remove possible legal liabilities. The announcements are shown in the classroom stream as a notification to learners.