10 Vital Benefits Of Training & Tracking Compliance Software

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10 Benefits of Training and Tracking Compliance Software. Compliance training lowers liability risks and helps your company stay current with the newest provincial, state and federal regulations. An investment in compliance software for training and tracking local regulations is an investment in your business’ long-term success. Compliance tracking and monitoring used to be conducted in a classroom setting.

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Tracking Social Media for Possible Confidentiality Violations

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Are communications through these media that are affiliated with the organization or company being monitored for liability risks and being retained in case of litigation? SM2 discovers and inventories all blogs and wikis being used in an organization, records these communications and monitors them for risks and liabilities.


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LearnUpon Closes $56 Million Growth Equity Investment from Summit Partners


LearnUpon is designed to enable more efficient delivery, tracking, measurement, and certification across numerous learning use-cases, including employee development, customer onboarding, partner education, and compliance training, all of which have traditionally been managed across disparate systems.

Benefits of Using a Learning Management System for Your Ongoing and Recurring Training


You run the risk of having poor-performing employees and face liabilities if you do not offer consistent ongoing and recurring training. You can easily keep track of learner progress and course performance through LMS reporting capabilities.

How To Identify Knowledge And Skill Gaps In Your Organization


Addressing these gaps is crucial as they can be the biggest liability for your business. Keeping track of these indicators and metrics will show you areas in which your company is lacking or falling behind.

How The “IoT” is Progressing The E-Learning Industry


The ability for learners to access their course anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection, plus regular updates about lessons, forum activity, and course projects, can be a significant aid to learners who otherwise struggle to stay on track. You gave an app permission to track how many steps you took in a day, but doing so enabled the GPS, which means it now also knows everywhere you went and how long you stayed in each location. Security liabilities.

4 Ways Using an LMS Will Improve Your Safety Training


Compliance tracking- Reporting on who has passed and completed Safety training and who has not can help with liability protection for your company or organization. Augment Face to Face & Classroom sessions-The best kind of LMS will also incorporate the face to face training and classroom sessions and to be able to track that information in conjunction with the online portion of your LMS safety training modules.

Why Virtual Reality (VR) is the Best Training Tool for Your Company in 2020


In particular, consider emerging technologies like VR, which has a proven track-record of improving L&D outcomes.

3 keys to unlock lasting DEI change in organizations

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Institutional efforts to address DEI have historically been largely “checkbox” in nature , undertaken more to protect the institution from liability or for public relations benefits than to spark meaningful change.

Freelance Instructional Design: More Tips from the Trenches

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Several people here in comments and in LinkedIn groups mentioned the importance of a portfolio, including Judith Christian-Carter : [U]se your portfolio because most discerning clients are looking for people with a good track record and ‘put yourself around a bit’. Like liability insurance, it’s easily missed until it’s too late.

Building a Safety-First Workplace Culture Through Strong Leadership

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This leads to a stronger workforce and a stronger company and reduces the risk of liability lawsuits in the future. Being able to track, re-train and communicate at a broad scale is critical to Safety. Safety comes first – We’ve all heard it before, but what does it look like? How do you build a workplace culture where staff and management don’t just believe it, but they feel it?

Ask a learning architect: Is it time to break up with your LMS?

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Has it gotten difficult to keep track of all of the workarounds needed to get your LMS to fulfill your needs? That tiny change could, for example, earn you around a third fewer general liability issues and a quarter fewer worker’s comp claims.

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NYS Sexual Harassment Training: Laws, Requirements, & Prevention


This will ensure compliance, an ethical workforce, plus lesser risks and liabilities. avoid business liabilities arising from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious issue in many U.S. states. In this blog post, we’ll be focussing on the State of New York.

Guide to online Compliance Training

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The data comes in two points: measuring completion (for liability reasons) and measuring engagement. It’s also easier to track who and who has not completed the training when it’s done online, which helps cover you in case of litigation.

3 Ways to Use a CME Course Hosting Provider to Your Advantage


They also become a liability waiting for security patches. Obstacle #3 — I’m losing track of my learners. You’ve chosen your course provider, but when you envision your courses, they look much different than what you currently see on your screen.

3 Ways Learning Will Transform Your Nonprofit


In the age of social media and the need to instantly share a moment, ensuring that proper guidelines are followed is key to reducing liability. Keep Track of Performance. Staff can better learn from mistakes when you have a system in place to track improvement. An LMS helps to put tracking performance in motion with visuals that show whether your learners are making progress.

Cotton Patch Cafe Focuses on Simplicity in Launch of DiscoverLink Talent LMS


Their primary objective was to lessen the workload of operators in the field by creating, distributing, and tracking their knowledge training easily. We introduced the HRMS integration to the field easily and were able to track the progress.”.

An LMS helps close the manufacturing skills gap


In addition to providing a training platform to build employee skills, an LMS can automate the administration, tracking and reporting of training and compliance certification. An LMS can help you identify and train new supervisors to increase productivity and reduce liability. Your best strategy is to engage and develop your current workforce, new hires and supervisors with a comprehensive learning and development program managed and tracked by robust learning management software.

Are You Ready for California’s New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements?

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According to the California Employment Lawyers Association and Equal Rights Advocates, the legislation allowed sexual harassers to get away with “one free grope” without facing legal liability. The bill increases legal protections for workplace harassment victims, while also expanding employers’ responsibility for preventing sexual harassment and increasing the legal liability for perpetrators of sexual misconduct. Tracking new hires and promotions is imperative to compliance.

Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


Scale those scenarios up to hundreds or thousands of individual retail locations and consider the impact of subpar training methodologies on liability, product messaging, customer experience, and sales productivity, and you have a significant set of inefficiencies that are hurting profitability.

What is Workforce Management Software?


Without a foolproof workforce management system, managers will not be able to track the time employees put in every day. Some of the simpler versions support just employee time and attendance tracking. Employee Tracking & Monitoring Systems.

Diversity Training is Essential in Remote Learning – Here’s Why

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They can also uncover any liabilities or specific issues that need to be addressed in your workforce. Hosting diversity training on an LMS allows employees across the globe to access the content and allows administrators to track their progress with each course.

Easily Overcome Your Top Compliance Training Challenges

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And yet they continue to invest—not because they think it’s necessarily productive but because they fear exposing their organizations to greater liability should they fail to spend enough. Having the ability to organize and track instructor-led trainings, webinars, and access to standard operating procedures and policy-type documents, etc.

Follow these 4 practices for advancing female talent

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They acknowledge the value of diversity in fostering organizational success; they realize that men and women view the organization differently and see these differences as an asset, not a liability. Many pieces must fall into place for the successful advancement of female talent.

4 Reasons to digitize your toolbox talks today


It’s in performance and participation tracking where a remote training tool really stands apart from conventional training. To avoid legal liability, a company should feel confident that employee participation is recorded. Fortunately, a remote training tool can also help with reducing injuries from occurring at all, rather than just reactively mitigating your liability in the event that injury occurs. Toolbox talk meaning What is a toolbox talk?

Skillsoft – An Analyst Perspective

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The buy was a bad relationship in the making, one where the owner – “Skillsoft” and ownee “SumTotal” never seemed to get on track with one another. They reported assets and liabilities between 1 billion and 10 billion dollars. “ liabilities exceeding assets by more than 18-fold currently, with debt maturities looming both this year and next year. This is a story about a one-time giant in the 3rd party off-the-shelf content providers.

Amy Jo Martin, Thursday Keynote at #ASTDTK14

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They can track and monitor who’s tweeting about those shows (using hashtags for those shows – like #madmen) and then target those viewers to continue the story on Twitter. Social Media Education: Decreases liability Converts employees to brand ambassadors (they live the brand day to day) It’s a professional development tool Saves companies money (get easy data without spending money) Digital Royalty University – they founded to go out and teach principles of social media.

What is Employee Training And Career Development

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Employee training tracking software can help monitor progress and access the effectiveness of the training (i.e. Employee training can reduce employer’s liability, especially if charged with criminal misconduct. Moreover, employee training tracking software can be used to monitor progress and assess the effectiveness of training. What is employee training? This is the act of equipping employees with the skills and knowledge they need to perform a particular task.

How to Drive Organizational Compliance with LMS Workflow Automation


By automating your user enrollment process, you ensure your learners do not miss the appropriate compliance courses, which reduces the risk of safety hazards, liabilities, and legal consequences for the organization. Having visibility into your compliance (training) status will show if you are on track to meeting compliance requirements or if issues are hindering your efforts.

7 GDPR Principles – How Excel Spreadsheets Represent a GDPR Risk


Legacy tracking methods such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets has sufficed in some instances for several years, however that is all about to change. Accountability and liability. Considering this, how does the use of Excel spreadsheets for tracking employee data represent a new compliance risk? With duplicate data comes inaccurate data and further human error, which becomes impossible to track. Legacy Systems.

5 Essential LMS Reports for a Successful Training Program


Compliance Tracking. It is beneficial for organizations to have clear visibility into who is compliant to these standards and who is not in order to maintain compliance and reduce risks and liabilities. Making your online training program the best it can be can be quite the challenge. In order to make it a success, you need to be able to see how your users and training programs are performing to know what’s working well and what areas need to be improved on.

Solo E-Learning Design: How to Make the Most of Your Resources


Track down some experts. It could be increased efficiency or decreased liability. Hollywood has a way of making the loner seem appealing. Whether it’s a wandering gunman, like Clint Eastwood’s Blondie from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly , or Keanu Reeves’ title character in John Wick , these people work alone and get the job done, usually dropping some pretty quippy one-liners along the way.

Six Ways to Turn Subject Matter Experts into Leaders

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In fact, subject matter expertise can be a liability. How is progress tracked and achieved? A subject matter expert turned leader, thinking along these multiple tracks simultaneously — beyond their domain knowledge — is more likely to become a successful and impactful senior leader. By Deb Hordon.

What You Need to Know About Online OSHA Compliance and Training

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Additionally, this training can be completed and tracked online in your company’s Learning Management System (LMS) like any other type of employee training, making it easy to provide workers with what they need to stay safe and healthy on the job. With GO1, you can source, deliver, and track all the OSHA compliance training you need in one place – right within the LMS – and quickly pull a report to prove OSHA compliance at any time if it is ever needed. .

What You Need to Know About Online OSHA Compliance and Training

eThink Education

Additionally, this training can be completed and tracked online in your company’s Learning Management System (LMS) like any other type of employee training, making it easy to provide workers with what they need to stay safe and healthy on the job. With GO1, you can source, deliver, and track all the OSHA compliance training you need in one place – right within the LMS – and quickly pull a report to prove OSHA compliance at any time if it is ever needed. .

How a Learning Management System Can Help Manufacturers Elevate Their Training Program


Lastly, an LMS provides you with visibility into your training program to track learner progress. Not doing so can lead to liabilities and hefty fines which is why it is crucial for manufacturing organizations to provide up-to-date compliance training in an effective way and be able to see who completed their training and who did not. Manufacturers are facing greater challenges than ever before in today’s fast-paced global economy.

What is Workplace Violence Training?


Violence in the workplace entails a lot of liabilities. Using it, you can create, share, and track all kinds of online courses, tests, and lessons with your learners. Table of Contents. What is Workplace Violence Training for Employees? What are the Types of Workplace Violence?

7 Finance Management Tips for your Business


The only thanks to making sure that your company or organization is well organized is by keeping track of all documents further as receipts. To enhance business growth, you have got to own the correct knowledge and skills needed to manage the flow of money in your business.

Should Your Company Offer Unlimited PTO? The Pros And Cons


And there’s actually significant liability in vacation time: according to Project: Time Off , $224 billion in liability exists within American companies due to unused vacation time, thanks to employees rolling over unused paid time off. Still Requires A Policy And Tracking. As benefits and culture continue to grow in importance for employees, unlimited paid time off (PTO) has become an increasingly common company benefit.

How to build your online teaching brand?


If students have difficulties using all of your fancy digital tools, flash videos, and audio effects, tools will become a liability than improving your user experience. Use automated messaging, newsletters, and marketing emails so that you can send out information about new courses and other important information and track the performance of your classes using built-in analytics and reporting tools.

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