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eLearning videos: The ultimate guide for successful video-based learning


Did you know that there are more learning-related videos on YouTube than books in the Library of Congress? Using image and sound to convey information, voice-over videos engage both visual and auditory learners. Feature people who sound and look natural, friendly, and credible.

The 34 Best Training Video Software – Full Comparison Guide


The tool allows you to decide whether you want to record sound and web activity or not. The objects in the library may be images, sounds, and even videos. 20 Windows Movie Maker-free. Windows Movie Maker offers support for a lot of different video and audio file formats.


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Using video as an alternative to create learning content


Break content down into microlearning - It's a huge buzzword in eLearning at the moment and for good reason, breaking your content down into 2 to 5 minutes videos will let you create a bigger library and a simpler way for your audience to search content. Whilst this option sounds more expensive and more work than recording a live training session, it can be quicker and provide a more polished end product than an interactive learning option. 5) PowerPoint with voiceover.

22 Powerful Tools to Create and Edit your Own Instructional Videos


The tool allows you to decide whether you want to record sound and web activity or not. This app (also available for your PC) makes it easy to transform photos and videos into edited movies. Recently, Magisto released Magisto Shot, which turns photos and text into a micro-movie. At first, you select the video format – either movie or Hollywood style trailer, and then you select a theme for transitions, titles, and chapters.

Learning From the World’s Biggest Brands, How to Consult, and Scaling Up a Niche Course Subscription Platform with Gary Fox of WP Slide Sync


You can find voice-over in ads, movies, and presentations everywhere. So, voiceover is used pretty much everywhere. You get people doing voiceover for ads. You get people that if you get a movie scene and it’s got a lot of background noise, they’ll have to recut that and do voices for it. You don’t need to physically go into a perfect sound studio. And he does The X Factor voiceover here.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


Lectora is the powerhouse in the authoring tools coming with libraries of assets, templates and flexible. With Magisto , you can transform your ordinary videos to amazing and memorable movies that you want to watch again and again using an easy and automated tool. Once you create your movie, you can share it with others online. It is important to note that the free version of this tool allows up to 1 minute and 30 seconds of movie creation.