Library? Which Library?

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When I mention the word ‘external library’ in a presentation I see a lot of confused eyes among the participants. Even recently, based on an answer on the forums, someone sent me a message: ‘What are you talking about, never heard about external libraries in Captivate, where can I find them?’ ’ Time for a short blog post, with some efficiency tips about using the Library. Internal Library (project library). External Library.

eLearning Magic: 3 Lectora Course Enhancement Tips

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And since they’re PNG’s you can put them in front of any background and it will still look natural. You can find these and many other resources in our Lectora template library , a part of your Lectora Inspire purchase. The post eLearning Magic: 3 Lectora Course Enhancement Tips appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Cutout People Library eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services Resources


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8 Editing Techniques for Great Images in Lectora

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A great place to start your search is the eLearning Template Library. You can either import an image from your local computer, drag an image from your desktop to the working area in Lectora or choose an image from the stock library. Psst: Lectora supports.bmp,jpeg,png,tif,wmf and.emf file extensions). Selecting My Image opens the My Library section within Lectora while selecting Clip Art opens the Clip Art section of Lectora’s Stock Library.

Free eLearning resource screen template and tutorial


The icons I used were PNG images. If you’re an eLearningArt member, our library has a lot of icons. eLearning Examples eLearning Templates Graphic Design Tips Instructional Design Tips Posts PowerPoint blogIf you’re building a good eLearning course, you don’t want to cover EVERYTHING (even if your SME tells you that learners need ALL the information in the history of mankind).

10 Design Standards to Create Better eLearning!

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Just a tip…stay away from lime and purple text. You might need buttons for next, back, jobaids, exit, simulation, more info, tips, play, course evaluation, get help, FAQs, feedback, and replay. mov,swf,avi,png,wmv, etc.). Icons: Create a library of standard icons such as: caution, checkmarks, notes, numbers, arrows, etc. Tags: Featured Random Info Tips & Tricks eLearning best practices instructional design rapid eLearning start eLearning

DevCorner: Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Re-Sizing

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I wanted to implement a proof-of-concept program using vanilla C++ and an open source image library ( png++ , a C++ implementation of libpng ). Inside TechSmith Dev Corner devcorner Development Tips and Tricks Once a year, TechSmith holds an internal developer conference for the devs to talk about various interests they have. This year, I decided to tackle a topic a friend introduced to me several years ago called “seam carving”.

Create an Animated Title Clip Using PowerPoint & Camtasia Studio 8

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So, when it comes to using Camtasia Studio, I sometimes like to go outside of the realm of traditional screen recording, plain title clips, or stock art found in the media Library and customize the look of my video with original artwork I create. Save the image as a PNG file. Tips & How To's Animations Callouts Camtasia Studio 8 PowerPoint Title Clips Visual PropertiesPerhaps someone out there is a little like me… I enjoy “making” things.

Cognitive Load vs. Load Time

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By reducing (and reducing) until the CBT would run, I learned valuable tips for running on fewer kilobytes. Three design tips stand out, curiously titled: Necessity is the Gender Nonspecific Parent of Invention. I explore the others in two follow-up posts so I can convey real, tangible tips without one blog taking too much bandwidth. #1 Just by deleting unused items in your library , file size shrinks significantly. png) to reduce.

A Simple Way to Build PowerPoint Graphics for Mobile Learning

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I usually save in PNG format. Bonus PowerPoint Graphics Tip. That means you have access to all of the Content Library characters and templates. So if you want the same Content Library characters in Rise, use PowerPoint slides to build the graphics like I did above. In a previous post, I shared how I built an interactive scenario in Rise.

How to Use Customized Adobe Captivate 8 Buttons

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Note: Be sure to save them out to a format that supports transparency (GIF, PNG, or BMP). Our massive library has over 30,000 eLearning templates. Adobe Captivate Resources eLearning Resources Adobe Captivate 8 Adobe Captivate templates Captivate 8 Captivate 8 templates eLearning Tip elearning tips One of the most effective ways to make your eLearning courses more engaging for your learners is through the use of buttons.

Using Fluid Box Fill for eye-catching content in Captivate 2017

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Use the image “RedHexagon” from the project library. Select the image “iPadImage” from the Library. Use “RedCircle” from the Library. Tips: You can use Fill in the initial stages of designing your layout, as well. Similarly, if the parent has a black solid fill, whereas the child box has a transparent PNG image fill, then the combination of both is the final result on stage.

DevCorner: Using Simplified User Interfaces (SUI) in Help Content

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Here are some important tips, when making SUI for video animation: Set your canvas (or artboard, in Illustrator) to the size of your produced video. But even though these can take a little time to create up front, I’m building a library that can easily be reused and lightly tweaked for future tutorials. Once I have some of that set, I add the mouse PNG to a track above the images. Meet SUI.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Content Library. In LearnUpon, a content library is a repository of reusable content, like videos, documents, question pools, SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) files, from which a course can be created. PNG (Portable Network Graphics). PNG is a file format that supports lossless data compression. That can include praise, dividing a task into manageable steps or offering tips to help them overcome an obstacle.

Best ePUB Readers for iOS


KITABOO is an interactive eBook solution that supports multiple formats such as ePUB, PDF, TEXT, PNG, MOBI, CBR, PRC, DOCX, and more. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! TTS library View.

PDF 56

The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


Organization (Coming soon): All Pro features and shared slide and asset library, single sign-on, brand control. There’s a decent library of images and icons, but you can also import images from your computer or pull from other presentations you’ve created with

Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide


We’ve got some more advanced tips for editing text below! However, there is a way to add a few new fonts to your existing Slides font library. It’s worth noting here that there is a handy add-on for Google Docs called Extensis fonts that provides access to a library of over 1000 fonts. Images typically need to be under 2MB and in JPEG, GIF or PNG format to upload correctly.