Edvance360 E-Course Library


Edvance360 eCourse Library - For our employee training programs, each of whom offer the same basic safety and compliance courses and often need similar soft skill courses, there's no need to re-invent the wheel - or rather, create the courses from scratch.

eLearning Stock Asset Library vs. eLearning Template Library

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There are various stages of development that require different programs, and assets to create world-class training content. We offer two separate library subscriptions — eLearning Stock and eLearning Templates. The eLearning Template Library.

Overview: PowerPoint Graphics Library

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As you may be aware, we at eLearning Brothers have a boatload of PowerPoint graphics docked in our template library. Being a fairly intuitive program, PowerPoint is often a first step for eLearning professionals designing a course.

Library 2.0

Learning with e's

What does the future hold for our university libraries? The library has long been seen by many as a very traditional, conservative institution, and is often portrayed as a place where rows upon rows of antiquated book shelves slowly gather dust. 2009) Library 2.0:

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

libraries. received, as well as an evergreen library of highly useful. into your authoring tool’s content library, then record an. rebranding to an entire content library automatically. Where learning and development programs used to be seen as.

4 Best Practices for Keeping an Organized eLearning Video Library

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I’m not talking about your closet; I’m talking about your video library. But it got me thinking… you need to keep these same ideas in mind as you build and organize your eLearning Library. The best eLearning libraries provide content “just as needed.” It’s March!

There’s More than Scissors and Glue in Our Common Craft Library!

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That’s why I think the Common Craft library is so helpful. You check the library and find four videos that might be just what you need to get this program off the ground: Social Media and the Workplace. The post There’s More than Scissors and Glue in Our Common Craft Library!

LearnDash Launches The “LearnDash Library”


If you are a developer and want to give to the LearnDash community, we welcome your submissions to the library! Starting with the release of Version 1.1.0,

Does Your Content Library Fit Your Needs?

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Recently we've updated and enhanced some of our content library's features. We did this because we believe content is the heart of a great LMS program. To help you do this, we have updated new elements in the library.

Estimating Time for Rebuilding an Existing Course Library with Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Recently I was asked to estimate how long it would take to re-build five e-Learning courses created with another software program in Captivate.

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

not have a formal leadership development program in. programs. AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS 7 8“Developing first line. development offerings readily available today: • Asynchronous On-Demand: You purchase access to a library of training, resource materials, and support materials.

CD2 expands Library of Courses, Partners with OpenSesame

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Like the customized courses created in the CD2 learning platform or app, the OpenSesame.com courses can be mapped to an organization's core competencies to strengthen internal L&D programs.".

Using Pattern Libraries for Accessible Elearning: Insights from CSUN 2018

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He’ll introduce using pattern libraries for accessible elearning development, explaining how they can make your development process more efficient. . CSUN covers accessibility from an astonishing number of angles, from programming to policy and nearly everything in between.

Outsourcing Your ELearning Program


This often requires dedicating personnel to plan, develop, and implement the entire program. Companies that don’t have the time, money, or personnel resources to implement an elearning program should not just let the opportunity pass them by.

The Ultimate Free Library of 2016 Training And Learning Content

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For instance, take “Thinking that all employees have the same needs, goals, and preferences.” – just like every human being is different, your training program cannot be “generic,” because the “one size fits all” situation does not apply here. The year of 2016 is coming to an end!

LearnDash Program with 10,000+ Users


His learning program boasts over 10,000 active users going through his training program. These three tools used together are powering some of the most robust LearnDash powered programs to date. The design itself creates a culture of better customers and better use of program.

eCoach helps University of Missouri Kansas City win American Library Association site of the month


In April 2018, Jess Williams and Dani Wellemeyer won the American Library Association’s ‘Site of the Month’ for an instructional program that they developed using eCoach. As libraries move into the digital age, there’s a growing need for librarians to create online learning content.

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Common Craft Cut-out Library

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If you are a fan of the Common Craft library of videos like I am, you will LOVE the Cut-out Library. Use the images in your training programs and presentations. Cut-outs are digital images like the ones used in the videos. You can download the images as part of a PowerPoint presentation or zipped file. You must be a Common Craft member to download the images. Members can also download the Common Craft videos. Check it out: [link

Supercharge Your Employee Training Program with Bite Sized Learning

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L&D professionals, trainers and educators can supercharge their employee learning programs or make them more engaging, contextual and real-time by designing content in small and very specific nuggets or micro bites.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Learning Programs For Gen Z – The Mobile-First Workforce


Doing so means a shift in the development of learning programs that considers a mobile-first design accessible to all learners, anywhere, anytime. Incorporate self-directed learning and critical thinking into learning programs, especially in a way that leverages technology.

Lynda.com Online Training Library Review

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I’ve been a subscriber to the lynda.com training library for years and found them to be a life saver when working under tight deadlines with little time to learn something new. And for some of the programming courses, you may find that the exercise files make it easier to follow along.

Program Management Centers of Excellence

Training Industry

I have published quite a bit on the topic of program and project management. According to PMI, for every $1 billion invested in the United States in programs and projects, $122 million is wasted due to lacking project performance. Based on my experiences working for the government and serving large commercial enterprises, organizations face a shortage of seasoned, skilled employees in all the program and project management disciplines.

Teaching Kids Programming

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Lynn Langit and her partner Llewellyn Falco firmly believe that programming should be a core skill taught in middle and high schools across the globe. Together, they combined years of professional programming experience to create Teaching Kids Programming (TKP).

Teach 95

Learn languages online through your local library

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Your local library (Houston Public Library for me) may have access to the online Mango Language program. HPL will let you access the pirate lessons for free without a library card - [link] To access any of the other courses at the Houston Library website, you will need your library card. If so, you can probably access the training classes for free. Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19th).

How an Online Employee Training Program Can Revolutionize Your Training

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You need a good employee training program to get your new employees started with the right skills and the right expectations. You also need a good training program for when you want your employees to learn new skills or to adopt new processes within your organization. Whether you want to develop your own training program or use one that is already commercial available, you should consider an online employee training program.

Does your training program spark joy?


Use microlearning to inspire and engage It’s time to channel Marie Kondo and declutter your training library, focusing on content that will inspire and engage - i.e. intrinsically motivate - your learners. Do you belong to the ‘If we build it, they will come’ school of thought?

Does your training program spark joy?


Use microlearning to inspire and engage It’s time to channel Marie Kondo and declutter your training library, focusing on content that will inspire and engage - i.e. intrinsically motivate - your learners. Do you belong to the ‘If we build it, they will come’ school of thought?

How to Design an Effective LMS Training Program


Like many decision makers, you may be more than ready to improve the effectiveness of your company’s LMS training program. However, before moving forward with such a venture, it’s important that corporate leaders determine if they feel confident in their LMS ( learning management system ) program-building skills. This may seem like a tough feat, but an effective corporate training program streamlines the process. 3 Steps to Designing an Engaging LMS Training Program.

How to develop effective employee training programs for global media teams


How to develop effective employee training programs for global media and publishing teams When I decided to conduct a mini-experiment with my Docebo colleagues as the subjects, I basically knew what I was getting into.

Global 199

Take Your Company Video from Shabby to Savvy with a Media Library

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Save Time with a Media Library. What To Put In Your Library. Once you get your library going, you can populate it with all the things your team will need. you can add template elements to your media library so others can quickly use them for a consistent look.

DiscoverLink Adds Tin Can to Mobile App Beta Program


the leader in e-learning solutions for the hospitality industry, announces the launch of Tin Can to the DiscoverLink Talent Mobile App beta program. DiscoverLink uses a metrics-based methodology to measure the success of e-learning programs it deploys for its clients.

Driving learning program adoption: Demand the right content (part 2)


In Part One of this three-part series , I wrote about the value of driving the adoption of your learning program and that there are three keys to success in doing this: 1) the solution 2) the content 3) the learning ecosystem.

Adopt 80

Falling Prey Of Low Employee Performance? 4 Signs Your Organization Need A Training Program!

Your Training Edge

Training programs are often problematic in the execution phase. Read on below to find out the signs that show that your organization needs a training program: Inability To Perform Basic Actions. For example, a library requires a proper way of organizing books, such as the Dewey system.

Repurposing Content for Your Training Programs


Repurposing content is an important way to deploy new content for your in-person or online training programs without having to start completely from scratch. So it’s no surprise that many organizations have an abundance of existing content in their libraries.

Learning and Development Strategy: Your Life Raft in Organizational Change

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For instance, if your company has a new product, equip your LMS program to train employees and channel partners. Integrations with extensive, continually updated content libraries are critical to keeping training fresh, so don’t forget to evaluate your content needs.

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Programming Is Back The Rise of HTML5 for E Learning

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“Just program it in HTML5.” I would present at conferences and proclaim that attendees needed some of these programming skills. People would smile, shake my hand, and agree to learn more programming skills—and then they would hire me to create their programs for them.

Launch a Corporate Online Training Program the Right Way in 3 Steps


LMS/online training program launch time is a critical time for companies. If the LMS and online learning program are launched the right way, success will ensue. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to launch a corporate online training program delivered via LMS the right way (i.e., Launch a Corporate Online Training Program the Right Way in 3 Steps. There are several steps to a successful online training program launch.