eLearning Stock Library Tour

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I’m sure you have heard, we added an eLearning Stock Asset Library to our offering. One of the most impressive things about the Stock Library license is that these assets are royalty-free. Watch the video below for a quick tour of the search features, and see how to get started using the Stock Library in your next project. Take a Tour of the eLearning Stock Library. eLearning Stock.

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eLearning Brothers Breaks into the Stock Photo, Video and Audio World

eLearning Brothers

AMERICAN FORK, Utah — November 17, 2014 — eLearning Brothers today announced that it will offer over 500,000 stock photos, graphics, vectors, videos and audio files to the training and development community. “Everyone in the training and development world uses stock photography. The stock library subscription is now available for immediate download.

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Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License

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In order to celebrate the integration of our eLearning Library into the Lectora 12 Inspire interface, we decided to let our favorite people (you) in on the fun. Just to prove that this is even more awesome than you at first suspected, Lectora is giving you a chance to when a one free Lectora license as well as a free subscription to our expansive Stock Asset Library. The post Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

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eLearning Stock Assets and Camtasia Templates

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Some of the most exciting parts of the Camtasia Templates Packages are in the Stock Asset Library. You will also find the Additional Assets library that has buttons, icons, arrows, speech bubbles, and other items that are incredibly useful in projects. In the video below, I’ll show how to combine live-action video with an eLearning Brothers template, and supplement it with Stock Video and some Icons from the Additional Asset library.

Stock 103

Fall For These eLearning Resources

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To get you into that fall mood, we picked out a few resources from the Template Library that pair well with pumpkin flavored everything. You can also find several other interactions in our Template Library that match this design, for a full course’s worth of rockstar style. Our Stock Asset Library is full of beautiful fall background photos, illustrations, and other assets to give you everything you need to bring the spirit of the season into your next project. .

In the Flesh! New Medical Stock Images

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We at eLearning Brothers are proud to announce that we’ve recently made 115 new additions to our medical image library. These anatomically correct graphics, along with the many others in our medical image library, are perfectly suited to courses for medical students, as well as any other course that delves into the realm of human anatomy, such as first aid, safety, personal health, youth maturation programs, and many more.

Stock 122

eLearning Brothers Revamps the Free eLearning Library

eLearning Brothers

Over the past few days, we at eLearning Brothers have completely refreshed our Free Library with over 95 new templates, stock assets, custom resources, and even a course from our new Customizable Courseware offering. So let me walk you through and show you some of the coolest assets in the new and improved Free Library. Prioritize Like A Pro: To celebrate the release of our new Customizable Courseware offering, we have put a course into the Free eLearning Library.

Free eLearning Stock Images of Computers and Devices

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Today we are giving away free eLearning stock images of computers and devices. These stock images come with transparent backgrounds so they can easily be placed into your course. To download these free stock images, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Free eLearning Stock Images. Login to the eLearning Template Library and go to the freebies section to download.). Free eLearning Stock Images and Graphics.

Stock 125

Freebie Friday: 3 Stock Video Templates

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For that reason, we are adding three dynamic stock video templates to our free library for a limited time. These will only be in the Free Library for a short amount of time, so act fast and get yourself some dynamic video templates today! The post Freebie Friday: 3 Stock Video Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning Featured Free eLearning Resources Free Stock Assets Products/Services Resources Stock Assets

Stock 88

Freebie Friday: The Sweet Sound of Free Stock Assets 

eLearning Brothers

Lucky for them, we have an expansive library full of sounds that will add a little something to your eLearning course. This week, we’re adding four handy stock sounds to our Free Library for a limited time only, so snap them up quick. With this stock sound, you get four different tones of that sound effect to use for all your shiny, winky needs–or wherever else you choose to use it. Sign up for a free account and start downloading these free stock assets.

Stock 98

10 (Free!) Stock Photo Resources for eLearning

DigitalChalk eLearning

And of course, many of you work with tight budgets, limited resources, and little time. When taking your own digital images isn’t an option, free stock photos become the go-to-tool. We have narrowed it down to 10 FREE stock photo sites , to help you manage your time a little better and find what you need on your budget. Free Images has more than 6,000 original stock photos. What resources do you use when finding quality images for your courses? .

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3 Hidden Tools of the eLearning Template Library

eLearning Brothers

One of the major reasons people subscribe to our eLearning Template Library is to save time. All three of these are found in your Product Subscription Dashboard, under the “Templates Library” section. When you click on the “Downloads” link, you will see a history of every file you have downloaded from the Template Library. Collections are one of my favorite tools in the Template Library. eLearning Template Library.

Webinar: Using Camtasia for your Green Screen

eLearning Brothers

You no longer have to pay flight and hotel costs to have a video in France; you just need a green screen and some stock footage. In last week’s webinar, Andrew Townsend and Thomas Reyes-Cairo discussed some of the green screen Camtasia templates in the eLearning Brothers Stock Video library , and some of the best practices for using them. You’ve probably noticed it at the movies; we’re using more and more green screen in video these days.

Don’t Forget the “Clicked State” of Your eLearning Buttons

eLearning Brothers

Check out our eLearning Stock Asset Library. eLearning Stock Asset Library. eLearning eLearning Template Library Graphic Design Resources Our Favorites Resources Stock Assets eLearning Buttons eLearning Stock eLearning Stock Library elearning templates A missed opportunity I see eLearning developers overlook is the “clicked state” of their eLearning Buttons. What is the eLearning buttons clicked state?

Stock 131

Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates

eLearning Brothers

Free eLearnign Stock Images and Graphics. View all out eLearning Stock Images and Graphics. Note: You must sign up as a Free Member to access Free templates in the eLearning Library. If you want access to the entire library of 30,000+ templates then sign up to our eLearning Template Library and become a ROCK STAR (optional). Do you want Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates? Then you have come to the right place.

Webinar: Never Start From Scratch in Lectora

eLearning Brothers

During the webinar, we got a first look at the newest eLearning Brothers Library additions to Lectora, as well as some great tips and tricks on how to use these awesome assets. Lectora now features the eLearning Brothers Stock Asset Library in both Lectora Inspire Desktop 17.1.1 as well as the eLearning Brothers Lectora Template Library and Cutout People Library. We were privileged to host a webinar last week featuring Laura Silver of Trivantis as our guest.

What Makes an Awesome eLearning Template?

eLearning Brothers

———————————————————————————————————————————– Are you interested in using a huge library with 35,000+ eLearning Templates ?

Adapting Stock Assets to Chunk Learning Events

Adobe Captivate

This posting discusses the use of Captivate 9 stock assets to assist with reducing cognitive load in learning events by chunking information. One of the assets used in several of the courses was the New Stone Simple Interaction provided in the Captivate 9 Free eLearning Assets library. Resources for a Deeper Dive into Content Chunking. Learning Theory and Instructional Design/Technology (older resources, but still provides a good foundation). Overview.

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Webinar: Templates and Camtasia – High Quality Video in Hours Not Days

eLearning Brothers

Camtasia Resources Camtasia Template Library Developer Resources eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Graphic Design Resources Instructional Design Resources Learning Management System Resources Products/Services Software Training Stock Assets WebinarAnytime there’s a way to make a project look great with very little effort, we tend to jump on that. Camtasia is a simple video editor that does just that.

126 eLearning Templates for Lectora Online V2.0

eLearning Brothers

Imagine using a huge library full of Cutout People Images with clipped out backgrounds, different poses, and positions to create great eLearning projects. Check out the newest additions to the Template Library below. To download Lectora Templates, go to any Lectora Template in the eLearning Template Library and make sure to download the Lectora Online.pkg file. Note: These Lectora Templates are available for download for all current Template Library subscribers.

Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0

eLearning Brothers

Free eLearning Stock Images and Graphics. View all our eLearning Stock Images and Graphics. . Note: You must sign up as a Free Member to access Free templates in the eLearning Library. If you want access to the entire library of 30,000+ templates then sign up to our eLearning Template Library and become a ROCK STAR (optional). Want Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0? Good news, we have what you need.

Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 10/24/2010 Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning As an e-Learning developer I had to invest a lot of time to find images for my e-Learning projects. I am sure that the most of us work with tight budgets and limited resources. As a result, I had to do a research and find the best FREE stock photo sites. Stock images are in the public domain.

Stock 87

What’s in Your Media Library?


Both Lectora® and Lectora® Online include a Media Library and access to characters, stock buttons and images as well as providing a location where you can store and share custom project assets. In this blog we’ll explore the Media Library and learn how taking advantage of this tool for accessing and reusing content can provide consistency throughout your titles and reduce your development time. The library of objects you’ve saved. Title Resources. Stock Media.

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With eLearning Templates

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There are tons of eLearning Templates and eLearning Stock assets that enrich every member of the eLearning Template Library. As a member of the eLearning Template Library, you get access to these premium templates. We often hear unique ways members benefit from the eLearning Template Library. When everyone on your team utilizes the power of the Library, you can streamline your entire eLearning process.

23 Free eLearning Resources Loved by L&D Teams

gomo learning

Continuing on the theme of saving eLearning designers time and money , the Gomo team has been sifting through the internet’s many libraries of free and open-source images, videos, sound files, fonts, templates, and software. Free image libraries perfect for use in eLearning courses.

24 New Lectora Online Support Videos You Should Watch

eLearning Brothers

The entire eLearning Brothers Lectora Template, Cutout People, and Stock Asset Libraries are now integrated into Lectora Online. eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Free eLearning Resources Lectora Resources Products/Services Resources Software Training Training Resources eLearning Development help Lectora Online support tutorials videos

Shake Up Your eLearning With Our New Storyline Style

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Rounded corners and sunny stock photos add style to the templates. Articulate Storyline Resources eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Graphic Design Resources Instructional Design Resources Products/Services Resources Articulate Storyline rapid development storyline style style TemplatesWe just released our first set of Template Styles built specifically for Articulate Storyline 3.

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5 Ways to Kill an eLearning Course

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If you don’t already have them, it is imperative that you get a graphic designer and an eLearning Template Library subscription. New clipart is getting created all the time, but most people can sense when an illustration is an original design or a free stock image if they look at it long enough. eLearning Instructional Design Resources Resources eLearning Course We at eLearning Brothers do our best to teach you the best way of doing things.

Free PowerPoint Templates for eLearning

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4 Stock Images and Graphics. Login to the eLearning Template Library and go to the freebies section to download.). Free eLearning Stock Images and Graphics. View all our eLearning Stock Images and Graphics. . Note: You must sign up as a Free Member to access free templates in the library. If you want access to the full library of 35,000+ templates then sign up to our eLearning Template Library and become a ROCK STAR (optional).

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

eLearning Brothers

There is simply no more creative, or resourceful organization on earth than an experienced and focused film crew. There are plenty of quality tracks in the eLB stock asset library which is a great place to start. Using music, sound effects , and a good master mix will give your eLearning an immediate boost in production value with minimal cost to you in time and resources. What can Hollywood teach you about making your eLearning AWESOME? Part 1 of 3.

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Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources

Tony Karrer

Mashable's 90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources. MorgueFile.com offers stock photographs in high resolution digital. Stock Exchange offers high quality images taken around the world by amateur photographers. TurboPhoto provides free stock images from 10 categories all of which are in the public domain. UVic's Language Teaching Library consists of about 3000 images useful in the teaching of basic vocabulary in a variety of languages.

Stock 103

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


As an online instructor, you need to decide what kind of tools and resources you want to use for your online school. Resources. Lectora is the powerhouse in the authoring tools coming with libraries of assets, templates and flexible. Apart from the ones that are already in the library, you can either edit them or create yours entirely from scratch. 3 Free Stock Images. The following websites are good resources to bookmark for free image searches: Unsplash.

How To Fill The Void of Missing Powerpoint Clipart

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Due to the “internet of things,” Microsoft Office decided to kill off their Clipart library in December 2014. The Clipart library has been available within the PowerPoint and MS Word programs since the mid-1990s. Their existing library within the MS Office programs fails to capitalize on a huge piece of their business: Bing/Images/Image Search. Additionally, there is no way of knowing that the Clipart library will be the same as the images offered by Bing.

Lectora Template Gold at the End of the Rainbow

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A beautiful cityscape stretching skyward with a faded green tint, is highly indicative of the business and financial worlds, which comes in hand when talking about subjects like economics, banking, stock markets, and much more. To find more fantastic Lectora templates, head to the end of the rainbow yourself and search through our abundant Lectora Template Library. Developer Resources eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services Resources

Dem Bones: 6 New Medical Cutout Packages

eLearning Brothers

Today we’re featuring a new collection of medical stock images for our library, featuring a few of the most important bones in the human body. Click here to find this collection of new skeletal cutouts available in our Medical Images Library! eLearning Featured Graphic Design Resources Medical Image Library Products/Services ResourcesNo bones about it, you need bones to live.

Stock 106

3 Helpful Articulate Storyline Tips

eLearning Brothers

When I was developing a tab type interaction for our eLearning Template library I wanted to add some cool animation effects for the tabs that on the screen. For me, I had a note and I wanted it to change to have a push pin on it once dropped so I first brought in my note image I found in our template library. Articulate Storyline Resources eLearning Products/Reviews Resources Stock Images Articulate Storyline Tips

6 Minor Updates To Your Microlearning Online Training Library That Make A Major Impact

Obsidian Learning

Is your microlearning online training library keeping your corporate learners interested? How Small Updates To Your Microlearning Online Training Library Can Bring Big Changes. If all your online training resources were tied up in hour-long sessions, your participation rates would be falling at record speed. So, what should your microlearning online training library look like in these fast-paced, distraction-filled times?