eCoach helps University of Missouri Kansas City win American Library Association site of the month


In April 2018, Jess Williams and Dani Wellemeyer won the American Library Association’s ‘Site of the Month’ for an instructional program that they developed using eCoach. Read on to find out what went into their process and why they think eCoach could offer value to library-created content. As libraries move into the digital age, there’s a growing need for librarians to create online learning content.

Skills for the Future

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Some sites provide the answer to the question – “What are the skills of the future?” The ones who have a skills library capability, and again even then it wasn’t universal, played in corporate too. The Future of Skills. I’m sure you have heard this phrase.

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#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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Well, not yet, but it is coming up and with that are all those wonderful vendors and that magical expo. But one of the biggest problems I see at such shows are the number of vendors who in hindsight I wished I avoided. I recall at ATD this past year, a vendor who was trying to sell people ahead of time their LMS. And, because many of the other vendors who are here at HR Tech, really are just average to poor (but not everyone). Biz Library. Welcome, welcome all!

Latest Trends in E-Learning

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We call online learning, e-learning, not e-training, but some vendors will have you believe that “training” is the appropriate term, rather than learning. Custom Development and LMS vendors. However, there is a flip side to this – with sites like, odesk and elance, there are swaths of people willing to create on the cheap, thus pricing to build great courses are dropping, and occasionally quality follows suit (not all the time, mind you).

Product Review: Mzinga OmniSocial

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OmniSocial is a social learning platform, with learning management capabilities and with the ability to select individual apps in the system and only use those you select to install onto your web site or learning portal. Sites and Zones. Sites and Zones – Sub categories (listed as Manage Sites and Zones). Lending library, eCommerce. As mentioned earlier, you can select a specific app or apps and then integrate them into your web site or portal.


Corporate Training Content: Directions in Curation


Certain users were the ones who had real knowledge about how the software was used, and interacted with the vendors. That includes sources such as society sites and e-zines that publish specific material. Articles Course Content Enterprise Learning content library elearning content

LMS Potluck

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The book will be available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and other sites, including my business site. The book goes on sale the first week of October and will be an ebook only. As a bonus – buyers will receive my newest LMS RFP template (not available to others at this time), and access into a special site off the blog, with some very cool stuff. Built-in badge library? Tagged: LMS , lms vendors.

Presidential Politics, LMSs – The Cycle

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What you get is only what the vendor tells you. Considering that the number of vendors who are public are minimal, the transparency flag isn’t flying high here. Politifact is a non-partisan site that identifies how many false or near false statements politicians make in any speech, event, etc. How many times have you heard this from vendors. ” So for those vendors or soothsayers that spew “Everyone hates their LMS.”

Top Ten Learning Management Systems – July Rankings

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10 – Meridian - Despite a web site that should be kicked into outer space (hello, update?), How a vendor of this size and quality can have this business approach in this day and age is beyond me. Any vendor can do that. #3 What is of interest are the number of vendors changing their UI to a more clean, crisp and modern look – finally! e-learning learning management system LMS learning management systems lms vendors

September E-Learning Trends

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If you doubt it, ask yourself why are universities cutting staff, cutting down library hours or books, cutting staff to go half-time, etc.? No surprise that some vendors are also waiting to see what happens. M-Learning with a native app – slowly trucking along, but I am hearing quite a few vendors who are either in development or getting going in 2014. One vendor is focused only on SaaS products including social media.

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Five LMS Sins

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As a vendor though, whether you are based in the states or going into the states (from another country), the price wars await you. Next thing you know, the other vendor retorts, “I can beat that” and just like that, as a vendor you are in a war. . First off not every LMS vendor does what I’m about to tell you, but oh boy, plenty do – and it is not just the big players, it could be mid-size, heck even small size vendors. .

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Education learning management system trends

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A file repository in the LMS world is the ability for end users/administrators to places files into a library or folder if you will whereas students can access, view and download the files (documents, video/audio etc.). I am projecting the analytical part to significantly increase and to expand the capability to use solutions such as online storage (which a few vendors are offering) and product like Dropbox and CalenGoo.

E-Learning without Borders

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Go onto any social media site: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Quora or any of the thousands of sites, and you will see people engaging with total strangers. The common reason of course, is fear of company secrets or information, but again, if you use the various social media, you will see this rarely happens on these sites. Vendors such as Edmodo, enables teachers at various schools across the world to communicate with each other. Greetings from Moscow.

10 Best eLearning Authoring Tools


Library of Stock Buttons. Create content from scratch or use the readymade courses and templates from its library. Content library. Manage your assets in a central library. ? Deliver content to users, websites, or social media sites with a single click.

Product Review: Lectora Snap! Empower

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Library pulls in your video, audio, flash and image files right from your video,image, flash, audio folders on your computer – GREAT IDEA – although I wish they added HTML5. Channel – of course if your company blocks all social media sites – I guess you are hitting the Snap! Image – Add an image, again browse option on your computer but does not go right to your Library tab – images. browse instead of going to our library.

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What is Blended Learning, and Why is it Important?

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Once one understands what blended learning really is, it becomes a lot easier to see its benefits, and to recognize vendors that are actually offering true value, as opposed to a buzzword. Adding technology solutions, like an online wiki or content library, allows learners to access just the information they need. Many blended-learning solutions are less costly than on-site or face-to-face training programs. Most trainers and teachers have heard of blended learning.

Halloween Edition: Tricks and Treats

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Do you tell your employees, that these courses – “create a library of personal and professional content” is available to their significant other, partners, family? And yes, there are vendors who build their own advanced metrics solution, and replaced what was once there.

Top 100 Learning Systems 2021-22

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The List represents learning system vendors from around the world. Each one of these vendors are in consideration for the awards – including the Diamond and Platinum Picks for 2021, and the Top 10 for 2022 (although 11-20 will be noted too). The List.

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Product Review: Knoodle

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Library not visible on the screen – unless you add media/files, etc. Once you add slides or media, it goes to your Library – which is fine, but to add more you have to use the buttons. The following is available: Choose from Library. Choose from Library. Attachments – Add attachments to the presentation and/or add links to other web sites. Again, with over 2,400 social media sites you can go beyond. Everyone loves to receive gifts.

M-Learning 4 Tablets – Kinect, Touch Gesturing – It’s Coming.

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At least one tablet vendor is launching a 3D version, although you have to wear glasses. Another vendor called Elliptic Labs doesn’t even use the camera for touch free gesturing. Virtual Worlds – I am now the avatar – seriously – I can jump into any product training and actually work and learn on the product; experience the world of Plato, go into their libraries, pick books using without touching the screen, talk, fully interact. I am preparing.

Product Review: Cornerstone OnDemand

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ILT – view events, manage events and sessions (only visible to admin), vendors & instructors (only visible to admin), facilities & resources (only visible to admin). Library. COD informed me that the library could contain links, but I was unable to verify if they would work because I was in a demo site. Library administration. Cornerstone On Demand e-learning e-learning vendors elearning LMS craig weiss elearninfo247 learning management system

One Step Behind

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A LMS that came with a e-commerce, a chat room, discussion boards, front end look that did not appear to a be a LMS, library, bookstore (capability), art gallery (I used it for sponsorship purposes). The vendor? I know about the secrets of such a thing, and not sharing, but lets be real, what do you think they are doing on social media sites such as Facebook?

How to unlock engagement and retention with stellar e-learning content


If Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube didn’t refresh their arsenal with updated and fresh content, we probably wouldn’t continue to frequent their sites (let’s not even think about how we would supplement quarantine then). .

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More Learning System Awards for 2021

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When a vendor messages their system as “talent management” or for Learning and Development and plans to go after the customer learning (a new term that is replacing customer education – but means the same thing) market, they can say goodbye to landing a lot of clients.

Alternatives to (Enter System)

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I kicked off this series because I was tired of seeing all of these sites “best of” “top X” “read me rankings” where they compare a learning system to others, and list it as “alternatives” or some other nomenclature. Everyone loves comparisons.

What should be the inevitable qualities of an elearning authoring tool?

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Hence, the e-learning authoring tool must have regional-looking vector characters in its asset library. Vendor support : It’s also important to check the costs of the authoring tool. Although all vendors provide support documentation, online help is also crucial.

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Product Review: Plateau TMS (Talent Management System)

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Wikis, blogs, message board and a document library (think a repository where files can be accessed, viewed, uploaded and downloaded, inc. Too many vendors (inc. I cannot stress this enough, today in the social networking (only one type of social media) there are over 300 social network sites, inc. niche sites. Tags: LCMS LMS Plateau Product Review Talent and Performance Management Uncategorized e-learning e-learning vendors elearning hosted product review

How to unlock engagement and retention with stellar e-learning content


If Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube didn’t refresh their arsenal with updated and fresh content, we probably wouldn’t continue to frequent their sites (let’s not even think about how we would supplement quarantine then). .

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The Latest – Talent Development Platforms

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Especially those vendors who have very strong e-commerce capabilities, and multi-tenant aspects (customer education, B2B/B2C requires a multi-tenant, and capabilities and reporting data on them, are all over the place). At least five vendors, although more is better.

When those not in L&D or Training are overseeing your learning system

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That thinking is creating a disturbing trend, that while vendors see it, they actually do not see the bigger problem, nor what they need to do with the system to offset it. Vendors are seeing this trend. What should I as a vendor do? As a vendor.

A Look Back at 2020 for E-Learning

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From a vendor perspective there was a huge impact, but what was odd, is that some vendors still are living in the past, as though, this is a minor blip, and in 2021, everything will go back as it was – corporate wise that is.

Info you need to know – To Boost Success

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not a vendor), they will do a deep integration for it. If you are a vendor that wants Bongo, they will do a deep integration. Always ask the vendor. not a vendor), they will do a deep integration for it. I moved several months ago.

Top 85 Learning Systems for 2020

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People always inquire why I like one system over the next, and how their system (if they are a vendor) is not on the list or if a customer, how the system they purchased is not on the list. And is one that is often overlooked when folks are considering a vendor. I hear the “they never called us back,” “they promised and never delivered,” and the “they ignore us”, and yet, I equally have heard folks say that, then renew with the same vendor.

LXP – The Answers you seek

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The way a 3rd party content provider works with an LXP (or any learning system that offers a marketplace) is that they have a partnership agreement – allowing the vendor to have them in their marketplace. Today, it is the format most vendors follow, including LXPs.

Halloween Edition – Treats and Tricks

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Skills Management – Skill ratings, Skill libraries (usually tied to job roles), extensive upskilling features and capabilities – Many vendors in the learning system space are pushing the message as they themselves are elite above all others, but who pray tell really is?

Learning Systems RFP and Tier4 NexGen

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When see the template you are going to be like “this is a lot of features and categories, no vendor will complete all of this.” Vendors who gripe, clearly have never experienced a 10 page or more RFI/RFP (and high page RFPs are common). . There are vendors who achieved a perfect score for Tier 3, and there are some now who have many Tier 4, just not all of them. Thus, if there is something you see in the Tier4 level, be aware that vendor may not have it. .

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Free L&D webinars for February 2021

Limestone Learning

Adding quiz questions in Storyline is easy with its included template library. PT: Break Up with Your Current LMS and Find a Partner, Not a Vendor Fallen out of love with your LMS? “ Heart, leaves, foliage ” by Bianca Mentil is licensed by Pixabay.

Reader’s Mailbag – You Ask, I Respond

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If a vendor doesn’t have a star rating, this just means they are either new to the platform OR they are about to analyzed by me before the fall. Why then are so many vendors saying it is?” Some vendors are better at it than others, but with APIs, it has come a long way.

10 Must-Have LMS Features for Any Employee Training Program


Content Library 2. Having on-site, in-person training is great for small teams, but what about large companies with hundreds or thousands of people to train, many of whom are now working remotely? Content Library. Even better is an LMS vendor who will help you create it.

LMS Implementation Pricing — Take 2

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I intended to show how the hundreds of new cloud-based LMS vendors offer much lower (than historically priced) implementation and setup fees, opening the market to new first-time buyers. In fact, of the 72 LMS vendors we surveyed, 26% said they offer free implementations, and 73% said they offer a base setup option of under $10,000. I didn’t intend to say that LMS vendor professional services are unneeded in all (or even most) cases. Content libraries.