The Most PROVOCATIVE Shout-Outs From Today’s Learning Innovators


Are they still using pen and paper? A twitter follower stated a good point though, saying that there is a disarray in e-learning and for the most part, I think he is right. ” – Craig Weiss in his LinkedIn post here. “

Tech Tools That Help eLearning Designers Collaborate

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Red Pen. For help with collaboration on visuals, Red Pen offers an interface that allows anyone with access to point, click and provide feedback. You can contact her via LinkedIn or Twitter.

How to avoid death by PowerPoint

Clear Lessons

Advising executives to start with a blank sheet of paper and coloured pens, Caroline Goyder says, “ Don’t plan on PowerPoint.  LinkedIn. . How to avoid death by PowerPoint .

The Basics of Blended Learning

Your Training Edge

She used it to replace many of the pen-and-paper assignments with vibrant online discussion, debates, writing tasks and collaborative team work. Learn more about Bryant at LinkedIn:

Why Your Company Needs a Leadership Development Academy


Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, a leading sales engagement platform, recently penned a viral LinkedIn post detailing this responsibility. John was named one of LinkedIn’s 2017 Top Voices in Management & Workplace and was awarded the 2017 Readership Award by Training Business markets operate in cycles. The Stock Market moves up and down. The housing market favors buyers or sellers depending on the month. The talent market is no different.

Learning Thursday #13: Packing List for the Traveling Trainer

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Pens or markers. Connect with the author on Twitter or LinkedIn , and follow me on Adobe’s eLearning blog. Learning Thursday is a blog series that features a new L&D article every other week along with discussion points.

Can’t be at the ATD ICE 2016 Conference? Join Virtually

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When Shannon originally asked me to pen a piece on participation without presence, I merely reflected on how I coped with my own, lamented crying jags over not being able to go to all these awesome events and tried to offer some fairly basic tools and mechanisms. Anticipation!

Need YouTube Video Ideas? Where You Need to Look for Inspiration

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Here’s an example post extolling the virtues of LinkedIn. Some of you may choose to use a good old-fashioned notebook and pen to jot down your thoughts.

7 Technical Tips for Creating Video Lectures

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If you want to completely disengage yourself from a brick-and-mortar infrastructure, try digital inking or an interactive pen tool that comes in a package with some authoring software. You can contact him via LinkedIn.

Gamification for Enterprises

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The gamified simulation training process is able to take the tools and skills that one must master and provide context and meaning in a replicated ‘real world’ scenario that adds much more interaction than that of the boring pen and paper based lecture type of teaching methods that may now seem ‘old school’ to some. Learn more about Bryant at LinkedIn:

4 Assets that Modernize your ILT


In fact, the “2018 Workplace Learning Report” by LinkedIn shows that ILT increased from 78% to 85% of companies offering some form of in-house ILT. Millennials have re-discovered pens, too. Making ILT appeal to every “Modern Learner” . By: Ken Ballard – VP of Sales. Instructor Lead Training (ILT) is not dead! Because it works…when done right.

ILT 40

A simple way to help beginners get started with Articulate Storyline

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I was hanging out in the Articulate Storyline LinkedIn group the other day when I saw someone post a request for suggestions on how best to deliver Storyline training.

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Performance Learning Productivity

Database technology in its other guises has helped organisations collect and manipulate data across the entire HR arena over the past 25 years far-and-away beyond what was done beforehand with pen-and-paper, and then spreadsheets.

Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew? We All Did. | Social Learning Blog

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I’m sure you have had the experience of having to remember a phone number for the minute or two it took you to find a pen and paper. Most likely not, though it might depend on how many times you repeated that number in your head the day before while looking for a pen.

Brain 182

Top 75 Online Courses for Freelancers To Up Their Game


Where: LinkedIn. Where: LinkedIn. It’s not just about pitching an idea–which is also covered in this innovative and free LinkedIn course. Where: LinkedIn. Where: LinkedIn. Where: LinkedIn. With a pen and a …digital paper. Where: LinkedIn.

LEP/LXP RFP Template

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PENS is nearly non-existent in this segment and CMI-5 is extremely new and few vendors have it – expect more in 2019. Linkedin Learning does this and I hate it. The other day as I was driving home from a sporting event, I headed home driving along the coast.

RFP 64

Top Picks for 2016 – E-Learning

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Can show your Linkedin profile or Google+ profile. Course standards include xAPI and PENS, besides the standards of SCORM. . After a whirlwind week that for many of us has left an indelible mark of uneasiness and concern, we all need a little good cheer.

How to choose the right LMS

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Ask your fellow colleagues – via Linkedin, Quora, etc. Scope out Linkedin, and other social media channels. You want a system that has e-commerce that accepts PayPal, can generate invoices and track sales - pickings are limited – specifically because of the “generate invoices” and “track sales” You desire a system that offers PENS - Choices are dropping like flies after you whack them with your fly swatter or newspaper.

E-Learning Jargon: What you might think it is.well…

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SCORM 2004 3rd edition, SCORM 2004 4th edition (rarely used), AICC, PENS – all of which are compliance standards, each with strengths and minuses. . Note: No blog next week, due to travel to WOLC (Word of Learning Conference) , but catch me on Twitter and in Linkedin for live reports from WOLC, 30th and 1st of October. As many of you are aware the e-learning world is well known for its jargon.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Sunrise — This beautifully-designed calendar aggregation app brings together your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare events. Wayfare — Always wanted a pen pal to call your own? Learning comes in many forms, not all of which occur in a classroom.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools 2010 – Innovators, Winners and Updated Trends

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Same thing with PENS i.e. a SCORM LMS that does not support PENS will not work with a PENS content authoring tool. Go on Linkedin and ask around on the product, look for people who have similar experience to you – i.e. newbies or if you have limited tech skill sets – I have found one thing to be very true about RCATs compared to other e-learning solutions/products.

Interview with Terry Anderson

Learning with e's

However, I’m not so thrilled about moving directly to commercial systems like Facebook or LinkedIn, due to privacy and ownership concerns.

E-Learning News and Notes

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As discused in my Linkedin group, over the past several months there has been a huge upswing on the online authoring system market. Most tend to be proprietary, but I have seen a few that are SCORM/AICC and yes even PENS. One system offers the ability to do so – but prefers that people use just their product rather then pushing it via PENS to a LMS or downloading the course in a SCORM wrapper, then uploading it into a SCORM LMS).

The Latest: Rapid Content Authoring Tool Market

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The latter is slowly gaining speed, which is an advantage to LMS vendors who have a CAT in their own product – which is SCORM,PENS/IMS compliant. E-Learning 24/7 (please note: due to TK12, there will be no blog next week – however I will be tweeting live from the event and posting frequently in the E-Learning 24/7 Linkedin group. The data is in, the results are interesting and the competition is growing. What does it all mean?

Answering your LMS Questions

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How many of you have posted questions regarding LMSs on Quora, Linkedin or the various other social media sites available on the net? SCORM/AICC/PENS/IMS. How many of you have had hundreds of comments as a result of these questions, and than rather than solve it, create only more confusion? How many of you have seen vendors respond to your questions? How many times have you wished they didn’t? I need a LMS.