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Yeah it is a peeve of mine, which is why, I decided that LEPs needed their own RFP template. Anyway, after studying the market in-depth – the LEP market that is, I felt an RFP specifically for that market made sense. . This is why when you see the RFP, the LE and Admin functionality is nearly identical, but with some changes (more on that in a sec.). LEP RFP Template. Linkedin Learning does this and I hate it.

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How to Pick the WRONG Learning System

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I understand you do not want to hurt other people’s feelings or you have been notified that you have to ask all these departments for their suggestions, but no one ever says you have to take all that stuff and stick it into your RFP or documents or make it an important component of the decision making process. The other day, someone asked on Linkedin if any LMS worked with smart equipment (as in manufacturing equipment). And yet, rarely asked about in any RFP or discussions.


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Break it down! (No it’s not Hammer Time! Yet)

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Actually, I do blame: Vendors who still post RFP templates on their site – which by the way tend to be geared towards themselves. Organizations who recommend the value of RFPs and either have a link to an RFP template or how to do a RFP. Some Linkedin groups who retort to folks asking about RFPs, that they should do a RFP – stop telling them that! RFP reality – And no, Jeff Probst is not your host. During the past 14.5

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LMS Identify

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A friend of mine, got a RFP template from a LMS vendor’s web site. I am not a fan of grabbing RFP templates off of vendor’s web sites, only because if you read them in detail you will start to realize that for some of the questions, it is really geared toward that vendor’s product. If you are going to use the RFP template, then strip it down. With a SaaS based system, there is no need for a 10 or higher RFP. Welcome, Welcome.

RFP 64

What you can expect in 2019

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Vendors tend not to share that info, unless it is in an RFP and even then, I’ve seen plenty who say, “All”, really? I see more vendors offering themes (aka template themes) for their customers as an option, rather than learner by learner (which there a couple who do offer it, and yes, the admin can say turn off that function). Write down the name of the customers they show you, then go on Linkedin, find the person who runs training or L&D and contact them.

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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The customizable home page is a nice plus, but none of the vendors have the “Theme” option”, which to me, is the key, and allows the end-user to have a different and personal theme if you will (the system has pre-set templates with colors, hence theme). Where do you start?

September E-Learning Trends

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For example, a lesson topic could be on Linkedin, and each lesson tied to a specific area within Linkedin. I mean, you might as well send over a paint by numbers template. . It’s funny because in my LMS RFP template (a new version will appear with my report), vendors who I know do not have a modern UI will state they do. If you aren’t aware the end of summer is upon us (depending on where you live in the world) and the beginning of the fall.

Latest Positive Trends In E-Learning

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Perhaps you read a post on the LinkedIn wall, noting that the industry is in a downward spiral. Major increase in the number of WordPress LMS templates. Upcoming Presentation : The correct criteria for your LMS RFP, which is at ATD, May 23rd in Atlanta, GA. As an added bonus, you will receive after the session (I will need your business card), my latest RFP template (not posted anywhere). How do we define brilliant?

2015 LMS Rakings for K-12, HE and Report Criteria

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Secondly, areas were identified by which a point total would be assigned based on them achieving all those points in that specific section (varied by each section – using my LMS RFP template – newest version, not yet posted, but will be included in the report for anyone to use). What about game templates? Offer a resource library/exchange where clients can share tips/tricks, templates or content they created (non-proprietary) and so on – WOW for corporate.

Latest E-Learning News and Notes

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For info on some of the cool features of those tools, that will be posted in my E-Learning 24/7 Linkedin group. I also have a comparison template you can use to compare authoring tools. I will be posting this week, some new and updated files including an updated LMS directory, updated RFP template. . Well late fall is in the air, unless you are in the southern hemisphere which in that case, spring is in the air.

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What is an LXP and why do I want one?

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As noted earlier, administration and learning environment are pretty consistent to the LMS market, please see my LXP template as proof – and which contains everything that can exist in an LXP. . I wrote this the other day on my daily posts on Linkedin, but based on reader feedback (numerous folks asked me to post it on my blog, so here it is). With Learn Amp, Coorpacademy and 360Learning, you can send them your RFP and schedule a demo within the platform.

Product Review: Mindflash.com

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Certification templates. Create a certificate (three templates are available). Trust me, people are going to see what your competitors are doing, so the argument that we don’t want to tell you because of competition is lame, especially when there is never a problem listing your pricing on a RFP. One item that I found very cool with Mindflash is the ability to share the course via Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and e-mail.

LMS Potluck

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The blog will remain E-Learning 24/7 as will my Linkedin group. . The book goes on sale the first week of October and will be an ebook only. As a bonus – buyers will receive my newest LMS RFP template (not available to others at this time), and access into a special site off the blog, with some very cool stuff.

Free learning & development webinars for April 2017

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Thursday, April 13, 2017, 9AM – 11AM PT: The Top 10 Questions to Ask in a 'Corporate YouTube' RFP As video becomes more integral to how businesses train, communicate, and share expertise and information, now is the right time to consider how your organization manages its video. So what are the right questions to ask in a video platform RFP? According to LinkedIn, managers who welcome employee feedback developed nearly 10 percent greater profitability.