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Instead of viewing complaint management as a cost, they see it as a priceless opportunity to fix problems, retain existing customers, and even win over new ones. Fix their problems. It’s also the long tail of boring, low profile gripes that fester unanswered.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/28/2007

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Five principles that give life to the process of innovation: Innovation starts when people convert problems to ideas. The fascination of mathematics and music, has created many forms of complex sound, that touches many. To say that Bach, who created the modern tonal scale, was not creative or a musical genius, would be to downplay the mathematical accomplishment. long tail - iTnews. Freak-Freakonomics - Ariel Rubinstein. A review of Freakonomics.

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Business of Learning

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Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable by Clay Shirky " the core problem publishing solves — the incredible difficulty, complexity, and expense of making something available to the public — has stopped being a problem." This is a very strange time.

How Course Creators Get Leads Through Content and Scale Revenue Through Smart Promotions with Marketing Professional Daniel Daines-Hutt


In this episode Daniel shares his strategies for creating his long form content, and some best practices you may want to try out to improve your production strategies. I’m joined by a special guest who I have known for quite a long time, Daniel Daines-Hutt from down under.

How to Grow Your Email List with an Email Challenge and SEO Course Case Study with Brendan Hufford


Searching Facebook groups is a terrific way to find what problems your customers face and how to best solve them. Doing this also gives you insights into how to phrase your marketing message with the same emotion your audience uses to describe their problems.

Hot Topics in eLearning for 2009

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With all that is going on in terms of long tail learning and the business of learning , not to mention social and informal learning, there’s no surprise that there’s a lot of discussion around changes in design and instructional design as well as lots of discussion about new roles in this new world. Long live ADDIE! Music or Audio for your Presentation , November 23, 2009. Solve problems with screencasting , April 14, 2009.