Long Tail Blogging is Dying?

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Just read an article in the Guardian The long tail of blogging is dying (Found via Donald Clark ). I'm sure that this will continue to change, but I would question the notion that long tail blogging is dying. You can find a lot more thoughts around blogging via my post: Top Ten Reasons To Blog and Top Ten Not to Blog eLearning Technology. But recently – over the past six months – a new trend: fewer blogs with links, and fewer with any contextual comment.

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While much of a recruit's introduction to the Army is the same as it has always been--firing ranges, long marches, obstacle courses, and the like--the Army is increasingly utilizing new technologies to help soldiers learn their jobs. Remember the long tail?

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This is not some relativistic world where training is fine as long as the manager says it's good (what David Wilson of Elearnity terms the 'conspiracy of convenience'). No, there are particular types of measure that are of value to stakeholders, and as long as the learning function can show its effect on these, and be seen to be operating effectively, then it is doing its job. Long Tail Learning - Size and Shape - eLearning Technology. February 25, 2008.

2009 Top Posts and Topics

Tony Karrer

Twitter as Personal Learning and Work Tool Tool Set 2009 Knowledge Work Types LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers SharePoint Using SharePoint SharePoint Examples SharePoint Fear and Loathing by Learning Professionals 12 eLearning Predictions for 2009 Long Tail Long Tail Blogging is Dying? eLearning Technology. It’s interesting at the end of the year to go back through blog posts to see what my Best of 2009 is.

Learning Power Laws

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Several of them I regularly talk about: Amara’s Law ( backstory ) states that " we tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. It's easy to look at any one technology and go through a hype cycle.

How to MOOC: Designing Effective MOOC Training Programs

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Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are a bit of a chimera – they have the head of instructor-led training, the body of traditional e-learning, and the long tail of social media. They also take advantage of many technology-enabled learning tools and platforms. and “Do employees have the necessary technological skills to complete the course?”. eLearning Featured Posts MOOC Talent Management designing programs instructional design mooc technology enabled learning

Scope of Learning Responsibility

The Learning Circuits

There was also discussion on my blog around the fact that in corporations there is a limit to what we can do as a training organization (see Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis and Long Tail Learning - Size and Shape ).

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Learning

CLO Magazine

The concept of the long tail most saliently reflected at Amazon means that any content, however niche, can find its ideal audience as long as the engine cataloging it and powering its discovery is up to the task. The technological term for this is adaptive learning. That it emphasizes efficiency and engagement as well as short-term and long-term goals?


Tony Karrer

see Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Economy) This will be fun to explore. eLearning Technology. I've been slowly going through Chris Anderson's book Free: The Future of a Radical Price. There's a lot he gives you to think about and definitely a lot that relates to the Business of Learning. There's quite a bit in the book that really resonates with me: We can't help it: We value atoms more than bits. Bits want to be free.

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Top 9 Posts You May Have Missed

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A long, lost blog post that needs to be revisited. 6 - Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis Newspapers are failing by the day. The fat end of the long tail and the loss of attention is a critical issue that I'm not sure we are really ready to come to grips with. eLearning Technology. Since I'm out, I'm thinking this is a good time to point you to some past posts.

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PWLE Not PLE - Knowledge Work Not Separate from Learning

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concepts and technologies (mashups, widgets, aggregation, OpenID, RSS, etc.) If we are going to make progress with Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis , I think we have to think about these things in an integrated fashion Mohamed Amine Chatti (a fellow Eddie eLearning nominee) last two posts The LaaN Perspective , and Requirements of a PLE Framework are both interesting posts and worth reading.

PWLE 104

Learning 2.0 Strategy

Clark Quinn

When I used to work with organizations on defining an eLearning Strategy, I always worked from a very broad view of needs across the organization and the implications that had on people, process and technology. You need to be able to spot new kinds of opportunities that you might not have been involved in before (see Long Tail Learning ). Technology is Tactical not Strategic First, learning 2.0 It really is not about the technology.

"Abundantly abundant abundance" data does not mean learning

Vignettes Learning

Amidst all the abundance of technological prowess, there is a need to focus on micro-learnings and micro-groups. This is exactly what Chris Anderson talks about in the Long Tail.

Clive’s columns vol2

Clive on Learning

I’ve assembled another collection of my columns, this time from e.learning age and IT Training magazines and written over the past two years.

Micro-Worlds, Micro-life Learning: The Big Phenomenon, (But Small) Social Networking

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See" 3-Minutee-Learning "2006) I am beginning to see correlations and movements of events that lead me to conclude and see even clearer what Chris Anderson talks about in "The Long Tail" and applied in the learning world. I keep on going back to the same thesis which I started studying a few years back: "all learnings are micro."(See"

Speaking and Workshop Services

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Dr. Tony Karrer is an expert on innovative uses of technology that improves human performance and drive business results. He is author of the award-winning eLearning Technology blog, founder of Work Literacy , and creator of eLearning Learning.

Social media: Prevention is better than cure

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My previous article, Social media: It’s not about the technology! It’s also the long tail of boring, low profile gripes that fester unanswered. focused on the internal use of social media by employees to import and share knowledge inside the organisation.

How people really watch television

Clive on Learning

In a fascinating Economist article, The Lazy Medium: How people really watch television , we discover once again how rapid changes in technology are only slowly reflected in meaningful changes in behaviour. Myth 3: The long tail now dominates TV viewing Live television is not just the most popular way of watching video; it also influences the way people watch shows on all devices. There is little to suggest that television is growing a long tail of niche interests.

eLearning Startup Opportunities

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and in Business of Learning , Future of Business of Learning , Future of Learning and the #LCBQ : What will the workplace learning technology look like in 2015 , there are a lot more thoughts around where learning is heading from a business perspective. eLearning Technology.

Jay Cross - Untitled Article

Jay Cross

Even after 15 years in the technology business, I found myself at a loss to explain (let alone justify) these sorts of collaboration tools. The Ultimate Business Time-Saver. Gene Marks , 04.02.09, 02:45 PM EDT. It’s called collaboration software, and you should be using it.

2008 2009

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for Learning Professionals Ten Predictions for eLearning 2008 Test SCORM Courses with an LMS Request for Proposal (RFP) Samples Training Method Trends Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis SCORM Test Web 2.0

Tools and Tips for Transcribing Videos Faster and Easier

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Here are just a few of them: Transcripts are easily indexable by search engines, increasing your opportunities to rank for long-tail keywords. Posting a transcript alongside a talking-head video, for instance, makes it possible for users with disabilities to read the text or listen to it using screen-reading technology. The downside of transcribing videos yourself is that it can be a long and tedious process, cutting into time that might otherwise be spent creating.

2.0 and Interesting Times

Tony Karrer

Thus, we must look to provide value in the long tail of learning. back in February 2006, I focused on the technology aspects. eLearning Technology. Interesting post by Dan Pontefract where he provides definitions of some different "2.0" definitions and the HR & Organizational impacts. It's worth taking a look at some of these: Enterprise 2.0


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The only way to handle long tail learning is to focus on providing the tool set and personal learning and working skills ( work literacy ) that are central to concept work. eLearning Technology. I just got through reading Jay's post and article (with Clark Quinn) around Become a chief meta-learning officer – one of the hot list items from two weeks ago. It's a great article, definitely worth a read.

100 eLearning Articles and White Papers

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Technology Integration Matrix Together, the five levels of technology integration and the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments create a matrix of 25 cells as illustrated below. E-Performance Essentials: ELearning and Social Software An interesting article - Early e-learning traded technology for human interaction. The Technology Source Archives - Seven Principles of Effective Teaching: A Practical Lens for Evaluating Online Courses 30.

Camtasia for Mac, Education, Blogging, and Brain Cells

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The Department of Education recently announced that it was developing a new National Educational Technology Plan to provide a "vision of how information and communications technologies can help transform American education." The long tail of blogging is dying - Guardian.

Collaboration - Storyboard - Enterprise 2.0 - eLearning Hot List

eLearning Learning Posts

Long Tail Blogging is Dying? eLearning Technology , July 2, 2009. eLearning Technology , July 1, 2009. New Learning Solutions - eLearning Technology , June 29, 2009. eLearning Learning Hot List. June 26, 2009 to July 3, 2009. Top Posts. The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. New skills for learning professionals - Informal Learning , July 1, 2009. The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point? Learning Visions , June 26, 2009.

Summer Reading List 2008

Kapp Notes

They are not all training related and I am sure you've heard of them but they are some of the more interesting books I've read about the changing Internet and overall technology climate. Moore deftly explains how to move a technology into the main stream. One book that compliments Wikinomics and Inside the Tornado is The Long Tail which describes a new economic process involving a sale of a few things but all the time.

Do Better

The Learning Circuits

So, it should look like: Tony Karrer - Safety Training Design or you could also include your blog name with something like: Tony Karrer - Safety Training Design : eLearning Technology Please note that I will not be moderating roughly from April 5-12 this month.

Leading Learning and New Skills

Clark Quinn

This month on the Learning Circuits Blog - I asked some very leading questions If we have responsibility for informal learning, social learning, eLearning 2.0 , long tail learning , etc. I'm personally out to change this, but we are a long way from being in a position to lead. And, consequently, the learning organization has to experiment with new technologies for it's own internal workings to determine how and when to deploy them to organizational benefit.

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Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

But when I do these predictions, I focus on the stuff that’s part of the bigger trends and the potential that these trends have for impacting workplace learning professionals especially around the impact that technology will have. eLearning Technology.

The tail is not yet wagging the dog

Clive on Learning

In The Long Tail , Chris Anderson (formerly a reporter for the Economist) argued that the easy availability to media content afforded by the internet would shift purchasing power away from mass media and towards the previously hard-to-serve niches. While it is true that advances in technology greatly benefit those with more esoteric tastes, they also make it easier than ever for those whose interests are less discriminating to access the latest big thing.

mylearningworx - a reflection on the launch event

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While most elearning to date has been in either the mass market of formal K-12 education or in custom products for large wealthy companies, there aren't that many folk really addressing the "long tail" of online formal learning. I look forward with interest to the launch of The Foundry, which I believe should take place at, or in time for, Learning Technologies next month

Trends in Learning

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In Long Live , I discuss how we are not talking about eliminating instructor-led, but that organizations are looking at alternatives. The whole problem is Long Tail Learning. eLearning Technology. Someone was just asking me about the big trends in learning and the implications of those trends on corporate learning and development.

Trends 114

Online Coaching

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This is why most learning is long tail learning. The role of learning organizations around long tail learning is to provide tools, support, skill building so that learners can self-serve their learning. Recent examples for me are … Business side of professional speaking Aggregation technology Research on categorization / types of eLearning New Way of Learning In fact, if you run down my blog posts you could consider about half of these to be part of this.

Some Questions and Answers

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technologies. New technologies are creating new ways of doing business and are shaping the world of work. As we find new ways to create technologies, some clever person will find new ways to leverage them for business. It might be the same day or it might be a few months or years later but new technologies will be leverage for new business models. One constant with new technologies and new business models is that people need to constantly learn.or

Leading Learning and New Skills

Tony Karrer

This month on the Learning Circuits Blog - I asked some very leading questions If we have responsibility for informal learning, social learning, eLearning 2.0 , long tail learning , etc. I'm personally out to change this, but we are a long way from being in a position to lead. And, consequently, the learning organization has to experiment with new technologies for it's own internal workings to determine how and when to deploy them to organizational benefit.

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