Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

I’ve recently been working with Sameer Bhatia the CEO of ProProfs as I was going through an evaluation of various online tools that support easy, fast, low-cost testing and quiz tools. Evaluation Criteria For the specific need I was looking at, I was looking for the following out of a solution: Cost : Is the tool free or very-low cost to use? Layout/Accessibility : Can the layout of the quiz output be changed and does it handle accessibility issues?

Preventing Expensive Risks of a Low-Cost LMS Software for CME


While cost is always a consideration when evaluating LMS software, there are unreasonable risks that require careful consideration when reviewing your options for CME. Low-cost LMS software doesn’t always mean “unusable” but can you afford the risk? A low-cost LMS may be able to give you just enough of an admin panel for you to launch a single course and manage it, but this won’t be valuable if your organization wants consistent sustainable growth.


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To Moodle or not to Moodle

eLearning Blender

Only one course has a quiz. Is that a benefit to me if I only have one quiz? To Moodle or not to Moodle, that is the question. I have come to a crossroads with a project that I have written about before. I am currently in the process of developing a series of eLearning courses that are part of a blended management training program. At this point, I have 3 of the 6 courses complete. Here is where it get's interesting, an associate installed Moodle to start playing around.

Instructional Design Portfolio Resources

Experiencing eLearning

iSpring Free is basically a PowerPoint presentation plus a quiz, but this might be an option for simple samples. Free and Low Cost Hosting Options. Mike Taylor lists several free or low-cost options for hosting in this post (although a few, like Dropbox, are no longer options. It won’t cost you anything additional, but a small portion of the purchase price comes to me to help pay for hosting my blog.

7 Easy Ways to Gamify Your LearnDash Course


Encourage quiz-taking with bonus points for extra tests. Tests are an effective, low-cost way for learners to practice material. You can use the “User passes a quiz” trigger to give learners points (say, 10 points) for completing a quiz.

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Using Assessments Effectively in eLearning

JCA Solutions

Usually it’s a quiz or survey. Most everyone does this, however, because it is extremely low cost to implement and gather data. On Level 2 we give them a quiz to determine if they retained any of the material that was covered. In other words, we insert some quiz questions in the middle of the course, for example after each topic or lesson section. A Summative evaluation is when we administer a quiz at the end of the course.

4 awesome examples of gamification in elearning


A timed quiz pits the learner against millions. The quiz contributes valuable data to facial recognition research, but from a user perspective a few simple features present it as a game. A gamified quiz with badges to motivate. When does a quiz become a game? Why it works: Using a range of question types (all available in Elucidat), even audio questions, makes this feel more than just a quiz. Gamification is a word with a lot of baggage!

No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week


Providing Feedback on Quiz Questions – Yes or No? . At Pract.us, we’re dedicated to giving you the easiest way to effective, low-cost training. This week’s best articles for no-nonsense employee training. Every week, I read dozens of articles about management, human resources, and employee development. I look for advice grounded in reality that small and large companies can easily use to help people engage, perform, and improve.

How (and Why) You Should Run an E-Learning Prototype


Maybe you’ve added too many questions to a review quiz, and learners are exhausted by the extra work. Finally, calculating development costs for an online course can be difficult. You may have built your business model around charging one price for a course, only to find that your figure is far too low. While prototyping adds time and expense to the development phase, it’s a cost you know about and can plan for.

19 Insider Secrets About Selecting An LMS

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And for the paid ones they can cost as little as $1,000 a year, up to over $25,000 a year. The Low-Cost Option – Or Was It? A non-profit organization with limited resources decided to use an open-source LMS since there was no cost for the software. At an extra cost.

How ProProfs became a “Multinational Startup” – Killer Startups interviews founder Sameer Bhatia


Killer Startups, a user driven startups community, recently interviewed ProProfs CEO and founder Sameer Bhatia, who told the story behind ProProfs and how it went from a low-cost quiz making tool to a multinational startup providing comprehensive online tools such as LMS software , online survey software and training software , which help instructors and educators create advanced online training and educational programs.

Elearning applications


This is why I created the following list with the Top 10 open source e-Learning projects for 2011 that will help you implement a low cost e-Learning solution. You can create a quiz app to assess your employees knowledge. News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 1/02/2011 Top 10 Open Source e-Learning Projects to Watch for 2011 2011 is the e-Learning year!

Help Members Overcome Obstacles to Learning

WBT Systems

Then, some fall behind or get a low grade on a quiz. Send encouraging emails to students who get below a certain grade on a quiz or have fallen behind on work. Hook someone on learning with free or low-cost content and programs. Did you encounter any obstacles getting here? Probably not. Or, you didn’t notice because you’re a learner.

How E-learning for Health Changed After Covid-19

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High and rising cost of healthcare. It is quicker and more cost-effective to scale up. Given these and the lower cost of planning and delivering online training, Child Health BC plans to put a stronger emphasis on online modalities in the future.

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10 Asynchronous Learning Activities

Ed App

It is good to use these activities to train your team members because they are relatively low-cost and wide-reaching. Pre-recorded videos can be used by numerous trainees at a relatively low cost.

5 inspiring scenario-based elearning examples


At the end, those low-stakes decisions are played back with commentary on what they might suggest about the learner’s responses in higher-stakes situations. A low-tech interactive scenario makes a big, potentially daunting, topic accessible and engaging. Why it works: Applying a simple scenario turns a basic multiple choice quiz into a more challenging simulation. Scenarios can be an effective way to engage your learners and really change their behavior.

You (Probably) Have the Technology

Rob Hubbard

There are many free and low-cost quiz building systems available. Hopefully this article has helped you see just how much you can do with low-cost tools and that much of it can also be mobile-accessible. As well as our free online Rapid eLearning Development (ReD) course we also deliver a one-day workshop covering some of the same material. In fact it was from this workshop that ReD grew.

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Getting Your Staff Excited About Learning: 5 Best Practices


Read More: 4 Major Interactive Quiz Hacks for Bloggers. Your employees need to participate in training, but it can’t cost so much as to skew your financial ratios. That’s why a lot of nonprofits shift the cost of training , including professional memberships, onto their workers.

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Presenting The Current Trends In eLearning


Low Cost. While the cost of traveling is taken into. assessment and an overall quiz for topic assessment are always. eLearning is the modern education system which copes with the busy lifestyles of the current generation. It has also a huge impact on our lives. This article discusses the current trends of eLearning including its pros and cons. The Most Prevailing Trends In eLearning. eLearning is a new era in the learning industry.

The Science Behind Gamification And eLearning Design  


An example of this would be an eLearning course that details company policies on sexual harassment and employee misconduct, then gives an employee a real-world scenario, where they must give proper responses to quiz prompts that are based on the source material. Low-cost – A traditional lecture-based workshop can be very expensive, especially if you bring in an outside expert.

Have you outgrown your MoodleCloud?

eThink Education

One way many users get started with Moodle is by using the free or low-cost hosting service provided at MoodleCloud.com. and Quiz venture.

Steps to Creating an Engaging Webinar for Higher Education Students

Hurix Digital

We’d say you define it at a more goal-oriented level like presentation of content or checking for understanding, or providing feedback for collaborative project work; this will be more effective than just jotting lecture, quiz, and discussion.

Top 5 e-Learning books for beginners


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 1/10/2011 Top 5 e-Learning books for beginners The most of you already know that I am a great fun of open source software and free e-Learning resources: 14 Free and Open Source Authoring Tools 8 Free and Open Source Web Conferencing Tools 31 Free e-Learning Books However, sometimes it worth to spend money especially if you are a beginner.

Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 12/12/2010 Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning What I really like about the e-Learning community is that the most e-Learning professionals have a great passion of sharing their knowledge. The least that I can do is to share with you a list of Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning ! Feel free to use these storyboard templates for your projects.

e-Learning Glossaries


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 12/05/2010 e-Learning Glossaries Think about e-Learning. e-Learning applications and processes are constantly changing and evolving, and the e-Learning community has members all over the world. These two facts make communication and common understanding of e-Learning issues hard to follow.

SkillsServe Praised By Independent Report

Unicorn Training

The report concluded that the main appeal of the solution is its ease of use for both learners and administrators alike, and highlighted how this proposition is enhanced by SkillsServe’s low cost of ownership which comes from competitive pricing. Using the e-briefings tool, administrators can create very simple pieces of online learning The functionality is very similar to PowerPoint and there is the opportunity to add simple text and graphics as well as incorporate a quiz.

How to Create e-Learning Modules for Employees of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises 

Hurix Digital

Whether you want to create a quiz, collect information, add assessments, or devise a full-fledged course, you can avail of a variety of free/economically priced resources online. This is primarily because these enterprises are not inhibited by the considerations of time, cost, or resources.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


A mastery score isn’t compulsory as some SCORM modules don’t include a quiz and some quizzes don’t require a passing score. Companies should be wary of the value a “free” learning platform can deliver and alert to the costs quickly accrued in maintaining, updating and supporting an LMS without a vendor. Despite its low cost and flexibility, Moodle’s weaknesses can make it a costly choice for companies with conflicting needs and requirements.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

The availability of cost-effective resources to facilitate wide collaboration (including open source software that enables wikis, discussion groups, chat and even web conferencing) presents the chance for organizations to reconsider the effectiveness of the performance support being offered to their people. Instead, my belief is that the discussion will be much more around rapid, low-cost content creation. This month's #LCBQ is the first with the Big Question Thought Leaders.

ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 4/08/2010 ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter eFront is an LMS commited to international standards. Through time we offered support for SCORM 1.2 and IMS Common Catridge and with version 3.6 we offer support for the latest iteration of SCORM 2004, its 4th edition.

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5 tips for storytelling in elearning (video & example)


Instead, you can use low cost sound clips, scrolling pages, humor or emotion and a splash of subtle interaction to engage users at the start of a learning campaign. This digital storytelling technique is a great, simple and cost-effective way to add a burst of life and atmosphere to your content. Why stories are so important for learning, why we shouldn’t be scared of longer-form content, and why you don’t need to be J.K. Rowling to create some magic.

Seven Things I Learned This Year

Tony Karrer

Text-to-Speech Examples Text-to-Speech Costs – Licensing and Pricing But what I learned from this was that it was a fantastic way to learn about a topic where I was interested but didn’t have the time to spend researching it. Over the past few years, I spend part of December going back through my blog to recap a bit of what some of the key things I’ve learned over the course of the year. I’ve been doing this the past few years, for example: Learned about Learning in 2009.

Facebook for e-Learning


Quiz Monster Create your own quiz Facebook application! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: e-learning , eFront , eFront Enterprise , facebook for e-learning , Facebook integration plugin , free e-learning , mba courses on facebook , peerpong , quiz monster , surveyGizmo Reactions: 10comments: Christoforos Online said.

The 19 Best Employee Online Training Software (A Comparison Guide)


Advance quiz elements & exams. For students, a subscription costs anywhere from $40 USD all the way to $80-$90 per month. advanced quiz elements). Udemy Business makes course creation possible for everyone with free or low-cost course tuition options.

The gradebook module


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 7/23/2010 The gradebook module The brand new eFronts gradebook module combines results from online activities (tests, participation, projects) and offline activities (written tests, teacher judgment,) to produce grades for users. When combining the activities we can use different weights for different activities.

The most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/28/2010 The most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter On Twitter exists a resourceful community of e-Learning professionals. During the last 2 years I was able to exchange ideas, share thoughts, and learn from this community of practice. As a result, I have created the following list of the most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter.

Extensions on RSS module


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 8/02/2010 Extensions on RSS module eFront had for some time now an RSS module that could fetch and present an RSS feed inside a lesson or on administrators panel. However, until now we could not expose data from eFront as an RSS feed. Well, things have changed. The new RSS module can expose as RSS a wide range of eFronts data.

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Building a Learning Culture


Diana suggests starting with a culture quiz that contains 8 to 10 targeted questions. The best way to start is small and low cost. Start small and low cost with a pilot program. Last month, Everwise hosted a webinar on “Building a Learning Culture” with Jeff Diana, the former Chief People Officer of Atlassian & SuccessFactors.

Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 1/16/2011 Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning Open source software can be used as we wish, without long-term commitments and with a community of professionals that extend and support them. This post is a post of the series "Free e-Learning Resources" and I am going to talk about free and open source text-to-speech tools for e-Learning.

Top 10 e-Learning Blog posts for 2010


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 12/26/2010 Top 10 e-Learning Blog posts for 2010 Getting new ideas and tips concerning e-Learning is important to me. Based on my favorite e-Learning blogs I created the following list with my Top 10 e-Learning blog posts for 2010. The following list is in chronological order. Enjoy! => > Which is your favorite e-Learning blog post for 2010?