Create an Electronic Signature with Snagit

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Windows: Mac: 5. In the Save Window, select the desired location and then save your image as a PNG file. WINDOWS: Mac: 9. For Mac, click on the Snagit menu option and select Import Stamps. Tips & How To''s Snagit Snagit on Mac Stamps Tips and Tricks

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How to Remove the Background From a Picture

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Keep in mind, Snagit is not as sophisticated as a professional editing program like Photoshop, and it may not work to delete the background from a photo or image with complex backgrounds. If you are using a screenshot or a PNG image, it will default to have a transparent background.

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ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Control the Startup Screen for a Published Project

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Instead of the plain gray screen shown above, I want my learners to see the image below (I created the image with an image-editing program and saved it as a PNG.). by Kevin Siegel, COTP , CTT.

Five Tips for Creating Graphics for Mobile Devices

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This will create a soft proof of colors to simulate standard Mac OS color palette; hence it will help choose colors and contrast. Image Formats: png should be your preferred format (as against.gif) as it has greater color depth and is fully lossless with variable transparency.

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How to Use Customized Adobe Captivate 8 Buttons

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Note: Be sure to save them out to a format that supports transparency (GIF, PNG, or BMP). For Mac users, this can be found by going to Applications > Adobe Captivate 8 > Gallery > Buttons. -

The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


Luckily for you, BrightCarbon is here to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the decent presentation programs from the rubbish PowerPoint knock-offs. There are surprisingly detailed animation options for a program that does the design work for you – no complaints here!