Workforce learning in 2019: Finding patterns in a Clouded Crystall Ball

Adobe Captivate

But, let us indulge ourselves and try and look for patterns in the clouds. GenY have grown up with rich-media and have a significant difference in attitude from the Gen X. People will want to create and communicate and do this quickly and without “due process” Authoring tools will need to support mashups, but I suspect that tools themselves need to be created as a mash-up of tools. Expect the price to fall below $100 soon as demand picks up.

Keeping Tabs on Lectora Interaction Templates

eLearning Brothers

This template utilizes the posh aesthetic of everyone’s favorite patterned socks and sweaters and applies a subtle weathering effect, giving us a beautiful mash-up of brains and brawn.

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The World Bank Offers an Open API

Mark Oehlert

We are releasing this API because we believe this information can be mapped, visualized and mashed up in an unlimited number of ways that will help develop a better understanding of trends and patterns around key development issues ( LINK ). The World Bank's first API offers 114 indicators from key data sources and 12,000 development photos". Nice.and I wish everyone felt this way. "We

Monitoring team performance to drive success


Then, try to quantify the period of time in which you can live with a decline in these activities and when such a decline would indicate a behavioral pattern, as opposed to an anomaly. To drive your team toward achieving improved results you will need to monitor their performance.

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Accelerating innovation

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

These people learned through story and ritual kept alive through a pattern of living in one another’s communities. This is where innovation comes from: mashing up ideas and methods from different realms in order to explore similarities and differences.

Ward Cunningham: Ten Years (and more)

Jay Cross

Only after the talk did he mention that Ward invented the wiki (1995) and is a prime mover in both the Agile Software Movement and Software Patterns. Video mash-ups. Eugene Kim announced that Ward Cunningham was our opening keynote speaker for the West Coast WIki Conference.

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LCB Question for December - Past Year, Present Challenges, Predictions

Tony Karrer

Authoring in eLearning 2.0 / Add-ins & Mash-ups What do you see as the biggest challenges for 2007? First, let me say that before I predict anything, I always start with a couple of quotes that keep me grounded: A consistent pattern in our response to new technologies is we simultaneously overestimate the short-term impact and underestimate the long-term impact. The Learning Circuits Blog Question for December has been posted.

2008 in retrospect

Jay Cross

I’m closing the chapter on 2008 and gearing up for 2009 and beyond. Marc Rosenberg, Allison Rossett, Barbara Pellow, and I led Up to Speed, an event in NYC for Mimeo. Posted my first video mash-up to YouTube. Neurons in the minds of learners forge pathways and form patterns that convert the booming, buzzing cacophony bombarding our senses into the simple vista we call reality. Looking back, I see lots of smoke but little fire.

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