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I love a good mash-up. It's a digital age version of synthesis. But a mash-up takes several ideas, formats or sources and places them together in a new form, to say something new. How much more could we say about the uses of technology when we place them up against a pre-digital age theory such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model? Abraham Maslow education hierarchy of needs learning mashup pedagogy teaching Technology

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A day with Dave Snowden , October 26, 2010 Dave Snowden is a compelling storyteller, mad genius, and irascible Welshman who has pioneered the mash-up of complexity theory and management practice. Dave led a day-long seminar on his version of complexity in San Francisco today. Open up the Navigation. Please if you can, look this research up! YouTube has lots of versions of these fairy tales. Maslow (3).