danah boyd on teens and 21st century work

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danah spells her name in lower case, but everything else about her is upper case: Master’s in Sociable Media with Judith Donath at the MIT Media Lab , PhD at UC Berkeley School of Information advised by Peter Lyman and Mimi Ito , fellow at the Annenberg Center for Communication , fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard, work at Yahoo, Intel, Google, and now Microsoft. Instead of coding, programmers built apps by mashing up shared packages of code.

Product Review: Saba Social

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the Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, External blog, IM connections – Yahoo, AIM, etc., I found some of the suggested information (again, you do not have to enter anything) a tad too personal and really I see as a privacy issue. Who is the heck is ever going to put that in their profile, because I want to meet that person who cares little about privacy. Extensive API and Mashup directors for you to pick and choose from.

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