Point Solutions vs. Suites and Composition

Tony Karrer

says "create lots of easily composable, point solutions that can be mashed together." You can use your LMS' test solution, your Authoring tools test solution, or Questionmark Perception. and eLearning 2.0 - Comparison to Macros, IDEs, and Visual Basic Typepad Widgets - A Sign of Things to Come in eLearning Authoring / Developement Authoring in eLearning 2.0 / Add-ins & Mash-ups Keywords: eLearning Trends , eLearning 2.0 , Web 2.0

Suite 100

E-Learning Trade Shows + Product Reviews 4 #TK11

eLearning 24-7

The Swipe Rule – Vendors need to swipe your card to follow up with you; which is fine; but I cannot tell you the number of times when I was a Director of Training and told the vendor in the face to call me or email me, and never heard from them. Questionmark. 10th – Virtual Worlds, Mashups & M-Learning - Add a splash of GeoLocation. I was planning on writing about emerging technology and virtual worlds.