Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment

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One of the papers I will be presenting in September is entitled: "Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment". It will be presented in the special track on Mashups and Education at this year's Interactive Computer Aided Learning Conference , which as usual, is held in the beautiful Alpine town of Villach, in Austria. Tags: microblogging VLE PLE Twitter mashup icl 2009

Activity Streams

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An activity stream is a mash-up of an individual’s or organization’s feeds. For example, my FriendFeed pages show activity from this blog, the Internet Time Blog, my Flickr account, bookmarks I put on Delicious, and my entries from Twitter. As people use various different web sites to blog, update their status, post their location, or photos, sites and tools have emerged to aggregate these various actions into a continuous eclectic stream of activities.


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10 Ways To Learn In 2010

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Learn through Twitter. You can search directly on Twitter, but they say the results are less than stellar. Then select Stream View (the small print below) to see the visualization. Create a Mashup. Mashups let you combine and remix information, media, content, web applications and services in new ways. Making a mashup promotes perceiving information in new ways and is a learning experience in itself. Two mashup platforms are Pipes and Scrapplet.

Peak practice

Learning with e's

I have made it up over the Alps by train into the sleepy Austrian town of Villach, where we hold the annual Interactive Computer Aided Learning Conference (ICL). At this conference, thanks to the good offices of Martin Ebner and Sandra Schaeffert, we have a complete stream of papers on mashups in e-learning, and I'm looking forward to hearing some of them. Serge Ravet is heading up that special track. The full conference schedule is up on line.

Corporate Advisory Council Starts Today

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The RFP has opportunities for e-learning, hands-on instructor-led elements, social media and follow up training. And, as an added bonus, this year we are going to be streaming live the presentations by our CAC members on Wed (today). Here is a list of the presenter and link to the streaming video. For Twitter: Follow the #BUCAC hashtag! We are using it to stream and archive the information for this event.

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Computers, Learning Professionals, and their Roles in Curation

The Learning Circuits

In my first post for Learning Circuits, I explored how I use Twitter as a professional development tool. In the age of facebook shares/likes, Twitter retweets, and other social media sharing tools. Let's back up a second though; perhaps saying the definition of curator has expanded isn't accurate, as it implies expanding a single definition to include a broader group. Mashups : Merging two or more unrelated pieces of content to form a new message.

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#lrnchat coup d’état

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#lrnchat is a weekly gathering of learning and development professionals on Twitter. This evening, our hosts did not show up. via Twitter for iPhone. via Twitter for iPhone. Wikis, yammer, blogs and twitter all gr8 tools to support innovation conversations & sharing. Wikis, yammer, blogs and twitter all gr8 tools to support innovation conversations & sharing. via Twitter for iPhone. via Twitter for iPhone. via Twitter for Mac.

Social Learning, Social Media – Brothers in Arms

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an image, friends can connect and see comments – sort of like a Twitter and the end user can tweet within the LMS&#. expo clearly shows and some argue that social media some grew up within the web 2.0 With APIs and mashups, who knows where it can go. Geolocating – you sign up an account online, select some options, and you are able to see where your friends are in real time on a map or as it says “location&#.

E-Learning Early Indicators

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If they were doing it, Facebook like page, a crummy blog that looks nothing like a real blog, a Twitter like feed, maybe RSS, text chat and YouTube functions and upload/download angle. Funny, thing about those vendors, either their entire consumer base rose up and screamed we want tablets, or perhaps – and I know – it never happens in any industry – just perhaps, they looked again and said, “I see money in those tablets&#.

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Latest E-Learning Trends – Some good, some bad

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If you as the customer want to create your own API/Mashup or find one on the net and want to integrate it into your paid LMS, the vendor will charge you. Share via Twitter. People do this all the time, with web conferencing solutions that are not integrated into their system, or video being streamed on another server, etc. As I have said before, mobile learning and tablets is going to end up being the biggest thing in the last 10 years in the e-learning industry.

What Can You Expect in 2013?

CLO Magazine

According to a December 2011 issue of Business Insider, the mobile apps analytics firm Distimo said many popular apps were games such as Angry Birds, social networking such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter, and other content such as Google Maps and iBooks. Other ideas include providing reinforcement videos via streaming video server or corporate YouTube or making aids accessible via tablets.

Social Learning and LMSs Marketplace

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Time for these vendors to wake up, or see your audience share disappear. Micro-blogging – similar to Twitter, again learners in the system can “followers&# other learners, see their micro blog posts, and their friends can respond. Links to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin accounts right in the LMS, so the user signs in, and it is now working in the system. Mashups and APIs (again, some people in the social media space, see them as social media types).