Great Time Talking #Gamification at Masie’s Learning2015

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Karl Kapp and Elliott Masie riffing on games and gamification for learning at Learning2015 in Orlando, FL. Last week I had the honor and privileged of being one of the keynote speakers at Elliott Masie’s Learning2015 Conference in Orlando, FL.

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3 burning questions inspired by Masie’s Learning 2015

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“Leave this conference with questions not answers,” urged Elliott Masie , as the curtain fell on his 25th annual extravaganza, Learning 2015. Question 3: How can we make leadership training more effective? How can we make leadership training more effective?

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‘iPadisms’ from Elliott Masie


Last month Xyleme had the pleasure of presenting a webinar with none other than elearning luminary Elliott Masie on “iPad, a Game Changer for Blended Learning”. mobile learning blended learning elearning Elliott Masie iPad learning content Mark Hellinger mobile content Pastiche™ Xyleme

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Elliott Masie's MOOC Symposium Recap


Many companies are seeking to better understand the MOOC model and the possibilities for application in their own training programs. MOOC Symposium host Elliott Masie wasted no time in really digging into the meaning of each of those words, even questioning inclusion of some of the words.

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Eliot Masie's MOOC Symposium Recap


Many companies are seeking to better understand the MOOC model and the possibilities for application in their own training programs. MOOC Symposium host Eliot Masie wasted no time in really digging into the meaning of each of those words, even questioning inclusion of some of the words.

Make Learning Supportive and Available Everywhere

Integrated Learnings

Thoughts on Elliot Masie's Lectora User Conference Keynote. This year's 2011 Lectora user conference provided my first opportunity to hear learning futurist Elliot Masie ( of The Masie Center ) speak live; he didn't disappoint.

Takeaways from Learning 2016

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Training often leaves out the real-life application step and doesn’t require long-term follow up. You can definitely brainstorm, prototype, and get feedback on a training idea in just an hour. Nor is it confined to training courses, instruction manuals, or Q&A sessions with experts.

GE TV: Elliott Masie on the Future of Learning Technologies

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The one and only Elliott Masie stopped by to share his wealth of expertise with all of your lucky viewers! He heads up The MASIE Center , a think tank focused on supporting learning and knowledge within the workforce. The fantastic Elliott Masie is joining us.

Elliott Masie’s Learning Systems & Tools ‘17 Takeaways

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Dig into my 6 tasty takeaways from Elliott Masie’s Learning Systems & Tools ’17. I had little time to ponder the finer details of Pointillism – I was headed straight to Elliott Masie’s Learning Systems & Tools conference.

Learning Escape Room

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It was one of the activities at the Learning 2016 conference, hosted by the Masie Center. If you’d like to read more about training, learning, and instructional design check out the rest of this author’s blogs. You’re locked in a room with a handful of people, often strangers.

Free Podcast Featuring e-Learning Expert Elliott Masie Released


Training. Free Podcast Featuring e-Learning Expert Elliott Masie Released. Lectora® e-Learning software releases a free podcast featuring renowned futurist, analyst and researcher in the e-Learning industry, Elliott Masie. Training. Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA.

Is your eLearning On-the-Job Training Friendly?


Most of us will cite experience or on-the-job (OJT) training as the most popular form of learning we use to learn our jobs. If OJT is so important, then why do we need formal classroom training or eLearning? Uncategorized elearning on the job training Online Training

Learning Intensity: Are We Setting the Bar Too Low?


What I like most over the many years I’ve followed Elliott Masie is how he thinks. I’m hard-pressed to think of anyone in our industry who spends more time thinking, speaking and writing about how to make organizational training more effective. Elliott recommends that we think about learning intensity as we implement training in the following ways: Intensity of Interaction. It requires hours of practice to imbed complex skills from training, not minutes.

Future of Employee Learning

The Peformance Improvement

This is what Elliott Masie, Founder & President of The MASIE Center, said this week at the beginning of his Keynote session at the Human Capital Media Symposium for Chief Learning Officer. A third major trend identified by Masie is learning agility.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Reflecting on Learning 2016


Rather, they sit alongside Elliott Masie for an informal interview that explores their background, work and personal experiences with learning. Elliott Masie is a theatrical producer and tends to integrate his interests into his events. Training should be challenging, but not tricky.

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Will at Work Learning: Elliott Masies LMS Wish List

Will at Work Learning

« Starbucks to Shutdown for Training. Main | What Work-Learning Audit Reveals » Friday, 15 February 2008 Elliott Masies LMS Wish List Elliott Masie came up with a great and very insightful wish list for LMSs. It can be great, could be better than what the training folks can create, could engender more engagement, could be bottom line more effective.

Learning, Knowledge, Navigation, Post-it, Meme, & Masie

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I'm not going to convert all my training materials to Post-it notes, but I could do more to apply the "what you need to do" filter to instructional design. Venti Learning with Foam: A Video Report from Starbucks - The Masie Center. Team-based E-learning Turns A New Page - Science Daily.

Learning Professionals Must Be Learners

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Learner knowledge: Often, our design targets a lower level of current learner knowledge, especially in compliance and regulatory training programs. Imagine eating in a restaurant where the chef never tastes the food. Risky, right?

Mobile Learning: More than just Mobile + Learning

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Elliott Masie’s Learning Consortium defines mobile learning quite broadly: “We define mobile learning… as all ‘knowledge in the hand.’ Bankers who completed the training did so in 54 [fewer] minutes and tested higher on the final assessment tests than the remainder of the firm.

The Transformative Journey of Corporate MOOCs


Today, while we are in the process of assisting one of our clients in setting up a Corporate University/MOOC for their internal training purposes, we set out on a quick journey to explore and learn more about the recent changes that have been marking this space.

iPad for eLearning


ipad and sychronous elearning iPAD Learning LAB iPad for training iPad for orgnizations ipad and flash yes we can ipad and asynchronous elearning iPad for learning iPad for elearningI have read several articles about iPad for eLearning and I believe that we are missing the point.

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The Best of eLearning in November 2015


New to eLearning, or need more details on compliance training, Section 508 Compliance, and SCORM-compliant eLearning? Great Time Talking #Gamification at Masie’s Learning 2015. Top 10 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems For Corporate Training.

Walking to Work or Carrying Your Lunch? Putting Content Into Context. Part I.

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Kristin Ford is Owner and President of PC Training Source, an independent consulting firm that specializes in premier learning industry products and services. She is also President Elect of the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development.

Top 10 eLearning Events of 2017


Highlights: Hosted by Training Magazine, the conference highlights skill-building content related to online and instructor-led training. Training 2017 Conference & Expo. Elliot Masie’s Learning 2017 *. .

eLearning Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Edition


Free Lectora Fundamentals On-demand Video Training ($0 w/purchase). Free training?! Every 2017 Lectora® User Conference registration purchase comes with free Lectora Fundamentals On-demand Video Training. Optional pre-conference training on May 2, 2017 is also available.

Leader development is the question. Is mobile the answer?

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Can we rely on training and development for leaders? Late in 2012, Elliott Masie released his mobile study. Too much training, not enough appreciation of performance support . When you look at the numbers associated with workplace learning and development, the investment in leader performance jumps out. Bersin Associates, now affiliated with Deloitte, wrote this in 2012: U.S.

A Conversation with Brandon Carson

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He has been a speaker at Elliot Masie’s Learning conference ( here is a great video of Brandon talking to Elliot ). Their focus will be on the skills that are uniquely human as well as training machines how to take on the tasks that were once just the domain of humans.

10 Awesome eLearning Quotes

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The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing an experience.” – Cathy Moore, speaker, writer, and creator of the action mapping process for designing training (Self-employed) . 5. Abernathy, former editor of Training + Development Magazine . 8. We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” – Elliot Masie . 10.

ATD 2017 - Post-Conference Takeaways & Thoughts


The session incited lots of collaboration with teams working together to talk about what they consider brain-friendly environments and what training teams can do to make sure they develop these types of environments.

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Top 25 websites for elearning tips

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Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS. Tagline: Let’s save the world from boring training! Tagline: Provoking deeper thinking Read for: Australian-based elearning manager, Ryan Tracey shares his thoughts on the latest technologies and how they can be put to practical use for training.

Why Author eLearning Content to Industry Standards?


At OpenSesame, we receive inquiries from subject matter experts and content authors who have developed training programs but are unsure about how to monetize them in the today’s online world. They have valuable content (a training video, a Powerpoint presentation, or a book) that they want to share with the world and hopefully make some money along the way.

Inspiring E-Learning Quotes from the Great Masters


Another important thing to remember is that one training event is not sufficient for people to transfer learning to new situations. THE QUOTE: “ The key to success is getting people to do the right thing at the right time.” – Michael W. Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions.

Conferences can be better, a whole lot better

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Attendance at the events I examined (eLearning Guild, Masie, Training, ATD, Learning & Technology, Educa) is rising. The conference business is booming yet every participant has some major gripe about the way conferences are run. We all think we know better.

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Kicking off Learning Resolutions for 2014


Our Learning Resolutions for 2013 series included the likes of Elliott Masie , Judy Unrein , Bruce Graham and more. Next Friday we’ll launch the Learning Resolutions for 2014 series with Jeff Havens from BigPow Training , and will continue the posts each Friday through the end of January.

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