Maslow, Confucius and 3 keys to operate in Dragon land!

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Can Abraham Maslow have made a mistake? Also, with global connectivity, the pace of advancements in technology dictates the way one learns, understands, and executes in a business context.

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Maslow, technology and learning

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Actually, that's a little misleading - synthesis is a skill required by academics and scholars, whether technology is present or not. How much more could we say about the uses of technology when we place them up against a pre-digital age theory such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model?

Technology sinner

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That technology sinner is me. This isn’t about technology failure. While those are proper concerns, early this morning I found myself worrying about things that are lower in Maslow’s hierarchy. I put time into testing the technology.

Employee Engagement: Meeting Their Needs


If you could ask noted psychologist, Abraham Maslow, he might tell you to meet their hierarchy of needs. Who is Maslow and what is his Hierarchy of Needs? He theorized that people are motivated by what has become known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Belonging, friendship and learning

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Image from Pixabay Flawed though it is, Maslow's theory of motivation highlights at least one important theme: We are social beings and we need to know that we belong. Children who are bullied via technology cannot escape from the bullying because it follows them inside their smartphone.

Beyond the Hype: Technology’s True Place in Learning

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But technology is one of the most influential. While the laws of learning and memory have endured, technological advancements continue to revolutionize work and life across all generations. Technological forces have reshaped society across all generations.

Connected pedagogy: Shared minds

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I posed some questions for educators to address, and proposed that much of our technology in recent years has been used to connect and to communicate. When people connect using technology, they seek out commonalities and look for shared experiences.


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Thinking about this usually gets me musing over training needs and opportunities to introduce and present case studies of new technologies and practice.

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eLearning for Associations – If It’s Worthwhile They Will Come and 5 Tips to Keep Them Coming Back

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For us, learning is what Maslow described as “self-actualization” and that’s the only motivation we need to continue to learn. For many of us, education and learning are a passion. There’s a joy in mastering new things and continuing to stay current in our careers. But that’s not the case for everyone. Many association members or potential members face economic or family situations that make continuing their education critical for them to find a better life.

The User Experience Hierarchy of Needs

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In 1943, Abraham Maslow wrote a paper called “A Theory of Human Motivation” In it he categorised basic human needs, from physiological needs all the way up to self-actualisation. The user experience (UX) hierarchy of needs borrows from Maslow’s hierarchy in a similar way.

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Video for assessment

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A video entitled Applying theory to the classroom by Alice Sheppard and Laura Mayo , incorporating Maslow''s theory with the spreading activation memory theory of Collins and Quillian. education learning metacognition Scaffolding Technology theory video

How the Future of Hardware and Software Might Impact Training


There is a famous quote tossed around the eLearning world by Abraham Maslow: "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." In the past we applied expensive technology solutions in training to situations that were expensive or dangerous to simulate.

The Biggest Myths in Learning and Development

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In the early 1960s, philosopher Abraham Kaplan and psychologist Abraham Maslow independently described the idea that being in possession of an instrument affects our perception. Having worked in the area of learning technology for so long has created certain assumptions.

Design for life

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The user interface on most VLE/LMS technologies is often too complex for students, who spend much more time trying to navigate and discover content than they do actually learning that content. Maslow Hierarchy of Human Needs 27. This is number 30 in my series on learning theories.

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Learning, making and powerful ideas

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Maslow Hierarchy of Human Needs 27. 3D printing coding cognitive theory constructionism contructivism education learning LOGO maker spaces making programming robotics Seymour Papert Technology This is number 31 in my series on learning theories.

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When is Training the Right Solution? (And When it is NOT!)

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Thomas Gilbert was a psychologist who was the founder of performance technology. As an analogy, I view the Behavior Engineering Model similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. With Maslow’s hierarchy, a person must address the lowest tier of needs before they can focus on anything in the next row up. So, similar to Maslow’s hierarchy at the beginning, make sure your other bases are covered.

Is E-learning Really Effective In The Workplace? 3 Top Factors That Contribute To Efficacy


Technology-aided learning is well-established as a way of learning in the workplace, that presents the organization with a new alternative, as well as a new means of solving problems. Do they have the basic knowledge to adopt new technology?

Five Reasons to Apply for eLearning Awards

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I say crossover because my roots go back to developing educational technology solutions for corporations like GE Healthcare, McDonalds, Miller Brewing and other major US corporate training departments. I am very proud to be on the receiving end of one of their technology awards this year.

The State of Instructional Design

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Because technology and the ways that workers learn continue to evolve, what works well today may not work at all in five years’ time. Ultimately, it’s not the approaches that are new, just the technology used to facilitate them.

Emergence of the Performance Catalyst

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A lot of these changes were brought about by the evolution of technology, but there’s also been a substantial change in the nature of jobs and, more recently, the changing nature of work itself.

What is Instructional Design? Our Guide to Everything you Need to Know

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a pyramid which explains human motivations. According to Maslow, we focus on satisfying our most basic needs first. 2: STAYING CURRENT WITH TECHNOLOGY.

Our mutual friends

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When they finally meet in person, they feel they already know each other, even though their relationship has been mediated through text based messaging technology. Maslow Hierarchy of Human Needs 27. This is number 28 in my series on learning theories.

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Digital Performance Support?—?Great idea, 25 years in the making!

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Their broad vision was compelling but, at the time, there was no realistic technology to enable that vision. Over the last 25 years, incremental progress has been made one puzzle piece at a time involving different technologies and approaches.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/09/2005

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Technologies of Cooperation. The eight clusters of cooperative technologies to include social tools, self organizing mesh networks, and knowledge collectives. Podcast - On Maslow and leadership. Strategic e-learning implementation. What strategic e-learning coordination might look like. Theory & Practice of Online Learning. A free ebook that includes both html and PDF versions.

Donald Clark on training departments…

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I argued that training is mired in old, faddish theory; Bloom, Gagne, Maslow, Kirkpatrick – train the trainer courses are still full of old behaviourist theory (killed stone dead by Chomsky in 1959) trapping us in 50 year old theories that holds the industry back.

Learning Objectives and Corporate Goals: How to create the perfect training


We are talking about specialized adults here who are probably at the peak of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (you guessed it right, self-actualization) and they ready to adapt to knowledge, and not vice versa! As someone said, not too long ago, “…if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”.

LearnTrends Audacity and More - Best of eLearning Learning September 2009

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Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

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October 6, 2010 Practitioners, analysts, proponents and critics of this thing we do with learning and technology solutions will frequently use all of these terms interchangeably to describe the discipline of using technology for connecting learners with learners, teachers, content, experts and experience. What Erasmus could not have foretold was that his words of wisdom would still ring true almost exactly 500 years later but using the latest technology. Maslow (3).