Even the Leadership Playing Field

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A 2012 research report from global leadership firm PDI Ninth House called “Can Women Executives Break the Glass Ceiling?” To help organizations unlock the professional potential of women, PDI Ninth House researchers set out to understand how men and women differ in competencies, motivations and experiences, and if those differences can help explain why more women are not achieving higher roles.

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Talent Development Strategies and Tips from Leading Organizations

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In order to address the challenge of how to create a culture of learning that supports talent development, we can learn from Cori Hill, the Director of High-Potential Leadership Development at PDI Ninth House and co-author of Developing Leaders and Organizations Through Action Learning. Employee Focused — They empower their talent through teaching and mentoring at all levels.

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Eight Ways Learning Impacts Succession Planning

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Global leadership company PDI Ninth House used this “maturity model” approach in research it conducted with Bersin & Associates in 2012, which examined the maturity of companies’ high potential development programs. Esterline worked with PDI Ninth House to create a virtual assessment program that includes online instruments, surveys and simulations, plus development suggestions and just-in-time learning video modules.

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Together Everyone Achieves More

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The company’s CFO mentored the team and together members identified gaps in their process that made it difficult to identify derailing projects. Cori Hill is director of high-potential leadership development at leadership consultancy PDI Ninth House. Cross-functional leadership development is a practical response to organizations trying to do more with less.

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