5 Reasons Why You Need an eLearning Portal and 5 Steps to Build it

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The idea that an eLearning portal caters only to students seeking out distance learning avenues is a thing of the past. Here is a detailed lowdown on why and how businesses across industry verticals can make the most of this asset: Benefits of eLearning Portals.

Where Have All the Learning Portals Gone?

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Fifteen years ago, the learning field thought the learning portal was going to be a powerful tool to drive employee performance improvement. Now when I look around, it is hard to find the 2016 “All Star” learning portal. What happened to the magical learning portals of our dreams? While they may have to sign in, many systems allow for embedded login, skipping the need to go to a portal page. Daily mentoring questions.


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Bridge the Skills-Gap with Competency Based Learning

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It starts with providing your members with mentors in their field. Dear Associations, I am trying to get into a skilled labor position at company X. I have some experience but there are new rules and regulations and I just can’t keep up. I could go back to school, but it’d be a huge burden to my family.

Community Learning—Your Business Skills Can Help Emerging Leaders


Did you know that young adults that have had mentoring are 130 percent more likely to hold leadership positions? When it comes to finding a mentor, many are turning to online communities for help with their career paths. Community learning allows for many mentors to weigh in on topics, as well as offer advice and encouragement to help others make good decisions, how to follow the right path, and stay motivated. Business future leaders leaders Leadership mentor mentorship

Social Learning and LMSs Marketplace

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When so many potential customers are seeing the advantages of open source, creating their own learning or VLE portals or seeing the value of various social media types and incorporating them into some type of social learning community, the “do nothing&# spin is well, a time warp into the past. In The Cloud – zinged into your Learning Portal or even a social networking site or group. As social learning continues to grow, LMS/LCMS vendors are taking various approaches.

Successful Online Employee Onboarding Strategies


In this article, we share with you some innovative ways to use your company’s online portal to change the way employees are brought into a company. Up next, we explain how your learning management system or learning portal can be employed to manage new knowledge for new hires so that it is available when needed. A learning portal or a learning management system needs to emphasize knowledge management. Introduce them to the social groups in the online portal.

Interactyx Named To Florida Companies On Growth “Watch” List


Clients choose TOPYX because of its outstanding value, ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, and dedicated support teams to provide compliance training, external portals, sales training and other online learning management needs. About GrowFL: GrowFL ( [link] ) provides strategies, resources and support, including strategic research and peer-to-peer CEO mentoring and leadership development, to second-stage Florida companies.

Contactless Sales: Enabling Client Reps for a Digital Environment


Digital assets like virtual sales collateral, demos, simulations, portals etc. Equipped with a mentoring module, it eases interaction between mentors and their mentees.

70:20:10 Tech

Clark Quinn

For the 20, coaching and mentoring, we can start delivering that wherever needed, via mobile. We can also have a richer suite of coaching and mentoring happening through Communities of Practice, where anyone can be a coach or mentor, and be developed in those roles, too. We can look up information as well, if our portals are well-designed. At the recent Up To All Of Us event (#utaou), someone asked about the 70:20:10 model.

Tips For Avoiding Retirement Brain Drain

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Mentoring Programs. A successful approach for avoiding brain drain is one that’s been around for ages: mentoring programs. There isn’t a standard-issue approach for mentoring. In mentoring relationships, mentors actively transfer knowledge to mentees, which helps to retain institutional knowledge that would have otherwise been lost when the mentor left the organization. You can create a formal or informal mentoring program at your company.

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Financial Inclusion Certification Program – A Case Study

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Not an easy goal, but at ID Mentors, we are always up to a challenge because that’s what keeps us learning and evolving as Instructional Design professionals. . The certification program is delivered using technology through a dedicated learning portal. Every village is assigned a mentor who gets the learners started with the learning program by helping them use the smartphone to access the learning material. The mentor also periodically checks on their progress. .

At the edge

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Instead of courses, the solution connected those with demonstrable skills to mentor those who could benefit. For an internal self-help solution, Allison Anderson developed a community of practice with events, portal, and a networking platform. Another response to my request for topics asked about moving from the classroom to the ‘fringe’ Here, I have a very simple response: the case studies in Revolutionize Learning & Development.

Skilling Up Virtual Team Managers and Supervisors:?3 Essential Upboarding Tips

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Worse, in an organization that has undergone a sudden shift from face-to-face to working remotely, the new manager may not personally know any mentors who can advise them on the virtual aspects of their job. A strong mentoring relationship may last for years.

How to make an interactive Onboarding experience to your learners


Apart from that, you should also make use of the tool to invite them to your new hire portal, where they get to see relevant information about your company. According to a study, most organizations achieve about a 22% turnover rate during the first 45 days of onboarding.

10 Keys for a Successful Onboarding Program

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According to Brandon Hall’s 2016 onboarding survey, 98% of respondents want to improve their onboarding process, and more specifically new hire experience , collaboration (mentors, managers, and peers) and time-to-proficiency. Ensure just-in-time access to knowledge portals and locate experts!

Informal vs. Formal Learning: Creating a Blend!


Establish a Mentor or buddy program for employees to learn and discuss development ideas, goals with a high performer coach. Encourage employees to recommend content to other learners through organizations’ intranet portal or other social streams. The corporate training world often questions and evaluates the concept of incorporating informal learning.

Contactless Sales: Enabling Auto Sales Personnel for a Digital Environment


Digital assets like virtual sales collateral, 360-degree views, demos, walkthroughs, simulations, portals etc. Equipped with a mentoring module, it eases interaction between mentors and their mentees. As organizations embark on a rapid digital transformation journey, most of them have had to reassess the efficiency of their processes for a virtual world. Many functions such as Sales, have had to be reimagined entirely to accommodate for the lack of personal engagement.

Contactless Sales: Enabling Medical Reps for a Digital Environment


Digital assets like virtual sales collateral, demos, simulations, portals etc. Equipped with a mentoring module, it eases interaction between mentors and their mentees. As organizations embark on a rapid digital transformation journey, most of them have had to reassess the efficiency of their processes for a virtual world. Many functions such as Sales have had to be reimagined entirely to accommodate for the lack of personal engagement.

How To Manage User Roles In Your LMS


On their LearnUpon dashboard, they’ll find all settings and features – allowing them to change the configuration of the portal, create content and manage users. sub-portal creation… and so on. As Spiderman’s uncle Ben has taught us “with great power comes great responsibility” – so always consider who you want to grant this level of control over your eLearning portal. If not then they control the sub-portal that they are in.

Roles 65

How Real Industry Harnessed the Power of Online Education


In producing these courses he discovered the power of online learning, and since then has launched his own Real Industry specific online learning portal and community using Kannu, which he has used to inspire thousands of students around the country. By crossing over to an online format and adopting its many benefits, Real Industry has access to a wider network of mentors to offer to its students. This post originally appeared on the Kannu blog.

What does change(d) look like?

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I’d expect to see more performance support, easily accessible via user-centric portals and search and delivered when and where needed. Managers would be playing a leadership and mentoring & coaching role rather than a directive role. In an post this past spring, I opined that we do have to change. One obvious related question is what that change would look like. What would an effective L&D unit be doing, and what would the employee/manager/exec experience be?

Change 135

Day 0 Onboarding: Why It’s Important and 5 Ways to Prepare

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You can upgrade your new hire paperwork by creating an online portal off of your HR software. Jerry Gergich will be Leslie’s employee mentor, so if you have questions or need to meet with Leslie, you can talk with Jerry before she starts. Assign an Employee Mentor.

What are the Advantages of Online Learning for Students?

Learning Routes

NMIMS has a dedicated student portal that is accessible via the web as well as the mobile app, enabling students to truly experience a culture of ‘Learn from Anywhere’. Also, mentoring sessions are conducted by industry leaders to provide a clear path to the students. .

Old -> New

Clark Quinn

Rather than take a course ‘just in case’, they’re getting the help they need ‘just in time’ It seems to me that we should be focusing on making sure that learners have good search skills, and searchable and well-organized portals, to ensure searching success. Development -> Mentoring. Rather than developing people through programs, increasingly people are looking for mentoring.

Maximize Your Professional Development with Industry Memberships

eLearning Brothers

There are so many amazing features to this package, including either a Plus Membership to The eLearning Guild or a Professional Plus Membership to the Association for Talent and Development (ATD), a premium subscription to the most well-known self-paced video training library on the planet, and 1-on-1 mentoring with an eLearning Brothers mentor. You get access to these through a Member Center portal.

Social InFormal – it’s the network!

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While our individual learning might involve a portal with resources and search engines, our social learning goes beyond this. Further, we can specifically ask for help and pointers, and track others’ information that serve as virtual mentors for us.We Yesterday, I talked about how social added to formal learning. Today I want to extend social learning learning to informal learning.

7 Best Practices for Effective Custom eLearning Content Development

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ILT: Instructor-led training (ILT) is the appropriate custom eLearning method for more complex content that requires detailed instruction by an expert or live mentor. Learning Portal: A learning portal is an apt custom solution for packaging a variety of delivery methods. A learning portal allows you to house all your learning offerings in one place, with easy access through a single interface for your users. Learning Portal – Structure.

Learning analytics examples: 5 case studies of data insights in action

Learning Pool

Its Skills Zone portal brings together workplace skills training with a mentoring program, business challenges and an online CV builder.

Transforming Training Through E-Learning In India


The key elements of this contract include Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of the learning portal. It is a multi-user platform for learners/trainees, mentors, teachers as well as administration. Education sector in India is vast and is growing at a very steady pace. From ancient times the education sector has been given an utmost significance for the growth of the nation and the people, which keep on changing from time to time.

Open Source LMS

Tony Karrer

I had previously written about Low Cost LMS and Rapid Learning Management Systems , but I receive an inquiry from someone who had a very constrained budget and wanted to build an eLearning Portal.

Is automation enhancing or harming your employee experience?

CLO Magazine

Which answers could people have found themselves if they’d looked at your portal or other internal resources? Self-service portals are great, but they only take people so far.

FAQ 86

My award-winning IQ

E-Learning Provocateur

The blended learning solution in question is “IQ&# , an intranet-based portal that I developed for my colleagues at my workplace. My driver for creating this portal was the realisation that, in a big corporation like the one I work for, knowledge is distributed everywhere – on random intranet pages, in obscure folders, in people’s heads – which makes it really hard to find. I’m also keen to add information about our mentoring and coaching programs.

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Supporting all the ways people learn at work

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YouTube videos, podcasts, articles, MOOCs, etc), and then linking to them (and or embedding them) on internal portals, or else providing a regular knowledge flow of curated resources to interested parties. professional networking, social mentoring, etc) to do so. In my previous post I showed how people learn at work in a multitude of ways. In this post I want to show how organisations are supporting learning more widely across the organisation.

Reconciling Formal and Informal

Clark Quinn

This also includes search engines, portals, and more. Further, they’re likely to want people when that’s relevant: coaching, mentoring, answers that aren’t yet codified, finding new ideas and solutions. While I think portals should be too, it’s less likely that the L&D group has a role here, and that too should change.).

Learning 3.0: How does your organization stack up?


One key takeaway from the Aberdeen Group study is how best in class organizations provide employees with a diverse spectrum of learning opportunities and experiences , and want a learning solution that captures learning that’s taking place informally – on the job, through coaching and mentoring, and through social connections and knowledge sharing. Best in class are utilizing social learning to enable coaching and mentoring with managers.

10 Keys for a Successful Onboarding Program

Learning Wire

According to Brandon Hall’s 2016 onboarding survey, 98% of respondents want to improve their onboarding process, and more specifically new hire experience , collaboration (mentors, managers, and peers) and time-to-proficiency. In addition, there’s a will to make onboarding more effective by leveraging onboarding portals, workflow automation and onboarding checklists. Ensure just-in-time access to knowledge portals and locate experts! Appoint a buddy or mentor!

Trends in Learning - No LMS Left Behind [LSG Webinar Notes]

Learning Visions

Learning where you work: Embedding learning launch points – in company portals, crm apps (salesforce, support portals (zendesk) Access learning at the point of need – through apis/web services Capture learning activities of theuser – wherever they may occur (bookmarklets, learning record stores) Tie learning access to skill assessment – workflows “The rule for Learning Management Systems is we shouldn’t call them Learning Management Systems.”

Trends 140

Social Learning for Engaging Learners

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Collaborate and learn from peers; participate in coaching/mentoring initiatives; involve in communities of interest and collaborative opportunities. Essentials of a social learning portal. A social learning portal should be a platform that helps organizations foster a collaborative work environment, encourage team interaction, and provide a medium to offer/receive on-the-job assistance. Social learning is defined as learning with and from others.

eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2018

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Similarly, I see soft skills training moving to largely online (for knowledge acquisition), but being supported by coaching and mentoring on one hand (to retain the human touch) and leverage on platforms for social learning and curation. With options for platforms or portals, I see an increase in usage of social learning to foster a spirit of collaborative learning in organizations. Learning Portals. They can also share and recommend assets from the portal.

4 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Managers

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In addition, managers must put people over process and make time for things like coaching, mentoring, training and creating a positive team culture. How about one less portal to log into, or one less task to remember to do? New sales enablement products and platforms seem to pop out of the woodwork every day. They all promise essentially the same things: that they will help sales reps articulate value, stay on message, close more deals and stick around longer.

Sales 100