A not-so-white paper on succession

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The dolls were identical, except for skin tone: one white, one brown. Overwhelmingly, Black children selected the white doll for positive traits and desirability. How many times in training and motivational talks are we regaled with the legends of older white male leaders?

New White Paper: Leadership In Crisis

Upside Learning

MindLeaders ’ white paper “Leadership In Crisis: How to Maximize Leadership Development and Succession Planning&# examines the importance of effective leadership to an organization’s success, especially at a time like this when a severe worker shortage is predicted in the coming decade. The paper looks at how organizations generally select and develop leaders, and the typical outcomes of such approaches—even in a successful global corporation like Coca Cola.


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How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


Providing Interventions to educators/mentors based on individual’s learning progress. To know more, click here to download the white paper for free. White papers AnalyticsWhitepaper on Analytics in Learning. As more aspects of everyone’s daily lives are integrated with technology, the way people amend their ways of attaining knowledge and recording that information has become the prime key to the e-learning industry today.

Should You Adopt Reverse Mentoring at Your Workplace?


Last week, Cambridge University announced a new reverse mentoring initiative aimed at addressing charges of institutional racism. Introduced by the university’s equality and diversity department, the program pairs senior white academics and management personnel with a black, Asian, or minority ethnic (BAME) colleague mentor. Reverse mentoring – pairing a younger professional with a more seasoned colleague – isn’t new. Reverse mentoring is a two-way street.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

Years ago a start-up commissioned me to write a white paper that would help put them on the map. I wrote the paper that follows. The start-up stiffed me but the paper morphed into the Informal Learning book. This paper addresses how organizations, particularly business organizations, can get more done. IBM white paper by Rob Cross. Supplement self-directed learning with mentors and experts. Monitor goal/performance – maybe via mentor system.

A Solution to the College Crisis

Jay Cross

Assess learning through demonstrating the skill in lieu of paper and pencil testing. Involve supervisors and managers as mentors and learning coaches. The closest thing FNB College has to a faculty are managers and supervisors who act as coaches, mentors, and advisors. Mentors give stretch assignments to challenge students “do what they do not know how to do in order to learn how to do it.” Just Jay MOOCs White PapersCorporate colleges.

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Accelerate Employee Performance Using the Learning Curve: Part 2 Information Overload

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Coaches and mentors can also impart their wisdom to learners to help them avoid pitfalls. We will be sharing information on decreasing the learning curve on our blog through the Timing is Everything series, but to read more now download the Timing is Everything White Paper! Download the Timing is Everything White Paper. Timing is Everything Series: Intro , Anxiety , Information Overload, (Knowledge Formation coming May 24th). Information Overload.

Shocking outcomes from ATD research on Instructional design

Challenge to Learn

63% – In-person mentoring. Are the still using pen and paper? You can download the white paper or book at the ATD (The white paper is free for members, $ 19.99 The ATD published a report on Instructional design: “Instructional design now: a new age of learning and beyond” They did a survey among 1120 learning professionals. I find outcomes of this report shocking.

Debunking the Meritocracy Myth

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Women are often less likely than their male colleagues to understand the importance of mentoring relationships, especially early on in their careers. Unlike their male counterparts, they don’t unleash the power of mentors as sounding boards for success. They don’t look to mentors to provide insights on their career goals and on navigating the corporate landscape based on those goals. A few years ago, I was the keynote speaker at a women’s diversity conference.

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Corporate Learning Insights and Trends from TrainingIndustry.com

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Their website includes articles, case studies, white papers, research studies and global top 20 lists to support innovation and to connect buyers and sellers. At their recent conference, Doug cited a variety of trends including use of storytelling, the relevance of data analytics and the formalization of mentoring, among others. Video interview with the CEO and Founder of Training Industry, Inc.

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No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week


if you’d like to make onboarding easier, take a look at Pract.us’ free white paper: Employee Onboarding Made Simple. Mentoring: How Does It Impact Your Business? If you don’t have a mentoring program at your company, this article will inspire you to start one. The benefits are well known for mentors and mentees, but you’ll also learn how it benefits your company as a whole.

10 Keys for a Successful Onboarding Program

Learning Wire

According to Brandon Hall’s 2016 onboarding survey, 98% of respondents want to improve their onboarding process, and more specifically new hire experience , collaboration (mentors, managers, and peers) and time-to-proficiency. Appoint a buddy or mentor! Why Onboard?

The Learning Alliance and the Four Levels of Training Evaluation

The Performance Improvement Blog

In response to my blog post titled, “Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation: A Critique” , Wendy Kirkpatrick wrote a comment directing me to a white paper that she co-authored with Jim Kirkpatrick, "The Kirkpatrick Four Levels: A Fresh Look After 50 Years 1959 - 2009."

Maximize Your Professional Development with Industry Memberships

eLearning Brothers

There are so many amazing features to this package, including either a Plus Membership to The eLearning Guild or a Professional Plus Membership to the Association for Talent and Development (ATD), a premium subscription to the most well-known self-paced video training library on the planet, and 1-on-1 mentoring with an eLearning Brothers mentor. A few weeks ago eLearning Brothers released the all new Professional Development Package.

How to Develop Leadership Competencies that Work


Mentoring. As leaders become more competent in their roles, look for opportunities for them to lead through coaching and mentoring others. .

Workplace Learning 2025 – Lighting the fire of learning

Learning Pool

While top-down L&D can certainly be a barrier to learning, I believe that when senior business figures lead by example, participating in training themselves and acting as mentors or coaches, there can be a clear impact on attitudes to learning at all levels,” Mr Gosling concludes.

How NOT to Fail at Your Skills Development Program


To serve your workforce well, you’ll need to offer a range of learning opportunities – online classes, in-person and/or virtual classroom courses, mentoring , internships, inspirational speakers, and more. .

10 Steps For Growing Your Learning Culture

ej4 eLearning

As we argue in a recent white paper, there is no “one” learning culture. Teach leaders how to mentor. Mentoring is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. In fact, your organization should teach mentoring as a skill, training for which is required for promotion. Learning cultures don’t just appear out of nowhere; they take time to cultivate.

How to Boost Your LMS When Upskilling Employees is Your Goal


Select an LMS that will track all learning activities – coursework, mentoring, workshops, and on-the-job training. Use the LMS to record non-traditional training and development activities, such as mentoring sessions and on-the-job experiences.

Building Blocks for a Successful Workforce Development Plan


Learning and Development : Acquiring new skills through apprenticeships, training, and mentoring. To learn more about how competency management can strengthen workforce development programs, read our Talent Management Strategies to Build Your Future Workforce white paper.

How to Cultivate Top Tech Talent: What Every Exec Needs to Know

General Assembly

The following is an excerpt from 6 People Strategies for Successful Digital Transformation , an exclusive white paper from General Assembly. Download the full paper here. For even more insights and strategies, download our exclusive white paper, 6 People Strategies for Successful Digital Transformation. Reverse mentoring: Bureaucracy, structure, and rigid culture can often mean that some of the freshest ideas rarely make it to an executive’s desk.

Back from FocusOn Learning conference


The session provided an overview of some of the basic research we've been posting about on this blog (summarized in this short white paper that we made available at the conference). Thanks to Mark Fournier ("Mentor: Video Coaching in Context"), John Towsley ("Who Are You?"), Megan Torrance ("LLAMA and xAPI"), and Veronica Yan ("Surprising Dynamics Behind How We Learn A quick report of our panel session, conversations, and "Lightning Rounds."

4 Simple Steps That Boost Workforce Performance


Employees may assess themselves, managers assess their employees, and other relationship roles (peer, subordinate, mentor, customer, and more) may also contribute input on the skills of each employee. Training can be delivered through online courses, on-the-job training, mentoring, creation of job aids, and harvesting knowledge into books. For more in-depth knowledge, download our white paper – Energizing Performance Through Competency Management.

Do You Need to Update Your Training Program?


As part of your training program, are you including leadership training, mentoring, and cross-departmental experiences that support succession planning ? Read our white paper , Mastering Competencies: How to Create the Best Framework for Your Organization. RELATED BLOGS AND WHITE PAPERS. It’s easy to see when the carpet needs replacing in your office. Or to know when it’s time to update your computers.

Best Practices for Structuring New Employee Orientation


Designate a buddy/mentor as the “go-to” person for when the new employee has questions. KnowledgeCity has a vast library of courses, white papers and articles that provide training on ways to keep employees engaged and happy, such as KnowledgeCity’s course on Employee Engagement.

What is Blended Learning? A Guide to Everything You Need to Know


Benefits are role-play, mentoring, hands-on practice, and feedback. The instructor is usually present in a mentoring capacity, to answer questions. Share on facebook. Facebook. Share on twitter. Twitter. Share on linkedin. LinkedIn. Share on email. Email. What is Blended Learning?

How to Develop Leadership Competencies in Your Millennials


Include a mentor as part of the plan, as well as “stretch” experiences that will give young leaders progressively challenging opportunities to develop new skills in your supportive environment. . Read our white paper, 5 Key Competencies to Develop Future Leaders.

Part 3/3: Facilitating learning experiences with AI


We sat down with Erik Duindam, Head of Engineering for Everwise, who recently published a white paper on AI’s potential for L&D. This way, an employee can be paired right away with the best mentor to support their professional path. To learn more, read our white paper on “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Evolution of Learning & Development.”.

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8 Unconventional Ways to Discover Great Tech Talent

General Assembly

By Anand Chopra-McGowan and Deb Henretta The following is an excerpt from 6 People Strategies for Successful Digital Transformation , an exclusive white paper from General Assembly. Download the full paper here. Embrace reverse mentoring. While running P&G Asia, we designed and executed a technology reverse-mentoring program,” she says. Each leader on my Asia Leadership team had a millennial tech mentor who they met with on a regular basis.

How to Leverage Learning on the Job for Incredible Results


You and your employees learn everyday – not just from video courses, PowerPoint presentations, or white papers – but mainly from the experience of completing projects, creating products, and serving others. Follow up with feedback, mentoring, and accountability. Getting feedback from peers or mentors helps people learn faster. Learning while working can help employees improve faster. What has life taught you today?

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The Hidden Benefits of Keeping an Updated Skills Inventory


PRO TIP: Look for mentors who are well-equipped to coach future leaders. Read our white paper, Before Disaster Strikes: Building Your Crisis Management Plan from Your Skills Inventory as one example of how skills inventories can help. Technology advancements. Political and environmental upheaval. Demographic shifts. Companies across industries are scrambling to find people with skills and disciplines that barely existed a few years ago.

How to Unlock the Expertise Economy with Upskilling


While colleges and universities may be teaching students problem-solving, writing, and basic project management skills designed to get papers and projects submitted on time, most are not developing the skills required to instantly convert excellent students into skilled professionals. Podcasts, videos, eLearning, mentoring, and other formal and informal learning tools blend naturally into how employees work.

Part 3/3: Facilitating learning experiences with AI


We sat down with Erik Duindam, Head of Engineering for Everwise, who recently published a white paper on AI’s potential for L&D. This way, an employee can be paired right away with the best mentor to support their professional path. To learn more, read our white paper on “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Evolution of Learning & Development.”.

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Why You Should Boost Soft Skills in Your Organization


Mentoring is another excellent option, since employees get the attention, feedback and role modeling that comes from a relationship with a skilled mentor. Review our Optimize Your Workforce white paper to outline your approach. There’s no doubt that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills are essential in our fast-moving, tech-evolving, globally connected world.

How to Be the Best Place to Work (for the Things that Matter Most)


Our woman-to-woman mentor program has garnered recognition for its innovative approach.”. Read our Energize Performance through Competency Management white paper. NASA was just named the Best Place to Work in the Federal Government by the Partnership in Public Service. Bain & Company is the top-ranked 2019 Best Places to Work Employees’ Choice , according to Glassdoor.

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What is Blended Learning? The Guide to Everything You Need to Know


Benefits are role-play, mentoring, hands-on practice, feedback. Self-Blend is supplemental content, either in the form of webinars, white papers, industry blogs, or video tutorials, that help self-motivated learners go deeper than employee trainings. You’ve likely heard of a lot of buzzing in the corporate world about Blended Learning and aren’t quite sure how or where to start with this concept.

Distributed Learning

Clark Quinn

There are strong reasons for spreading learning over time ( Will Thalheimer ’s got a whole white paper on it) - think drip irrigation. After the meeting you might be connected to a coach/mentor, to see how it went. Distributed learning is an idea that I think offers an untapped potential, what with the new technologies we have. I’m not talking here about distance learning, but instead a combination of slow learning with ubiquitous learning.Â