What is Mobile Learning? (M-Learning)


In fact, 71% of Millennials say they connect more with mobile learning than L&D activities delivered via desktop or formal methods. Offline is online. It used to be so hard to reconcile offline data with online, synchronized data, but as best-in-class Learning Platform providers continue to realize, offline is the new online, and we need offline data to sync effortlessly with online data.

Mobile 100

Enhancing Employee Engagement with Content Delivery Platform


A practical learning environment coupled with a relevant method of content delivery increases employee engagement in the organization. . Sales Enablement: Using a content delivery platform , it is possible to reach out to the whole team (on-shore or off-shore) to provide training on critical aspects. This aspect is missing in the traditional method as one person is teaching a lot of people at once so the interactive nature of the session is often lost.

5 Blended Learning Strategies That Actually Boost Engagement


Since virtual lectures and online discussions that form part of a blended learning program are often archived for later retrieval, staff, who usually have other company business to attend to, tend to “catch up” on such content offline rather than engage with it in real-time, while it is happening. For instance, companies operating off-shore rigs can’t afford to fly crews to a land-based setting for weeks or months just for their classes.