GDPR came and went: how it impacted our products

Rustici Software

We were proud that we already valued our customers’ data as their own, never shared it out with a third-party for commercial gain and took every reasonable step to keep data secure. We’ve participated in Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield certifications in the past, which guided our existing policies. The GDPR had an impact on each of these invitation methods. We needed to provide ways to delete the information that this method creates.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

Method Count Percent Alongside Formal Learning 26 63% Process Information / Training 22 54% Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Support Information 18 44% Commonly used resources, URL's to applications, documentation, Contact Information, etc. Safe Harbor Statements - Clearly mark pages that are controlled and approved vs. those that are not. I can safely say that I have gotten nothing out of the site.

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