How the 8 Effects of Arts Education Are Changing Online Pedagogy, Part 4


In this final vodcast of the series, Brad Haseman, Executive Vice President of Kadenze, Inc. You can view the three earlier vodcasts – Part 1 here , Part 2 here , and Part 3 here. At Kadenze, there has been intense experimentation about how this method of teaching can be adapted for the online learner by addressing the question, “Can skills be learned effectively in the absence of studio sweat?”. Photo by Teddy Kelly / Unsplash.

How and Why Pause Captivate’s Timeline?

Adobe Captivate

This strict way of pausing can be achieved by one of these methods: With the pause button on one of the default playbars. For that reason I will write out some use cases, to illustrate the just described theory in later posts. Create a dashboard with buttons to display multiple vodcasts, images, podcasts. Intro. This is the fourth post in a sequence of 5.