Takeaways from Learning 2017

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No Metrics, No Proof. Having metrics to back up your work can help you get stakeholder buy-in for future projects. Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most commonly used metrics. Writing scenarios for a course, getting to know someone by listening to them, telling them about ourselves, watching a movie, etc. Data and metrics are meaningless if they don’t convey a story. I recently got back from the Learning 2017 conference.

6 benefits of integrating HR, Talent & learning management systems


Improved operational performance and ROI from the HR function. The movie theatre giant has a reputation for hiring great talent and nurturing their popcorn scoopers and theatre cleaners into senior roles like managers of operations and field trainers. When tracking results, the most business-critical metrics Cineplex is attributing to its learning programs are its talent retention rate and its increasing success in promoting from within.


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3 New Ways Docebo Supports Personalized Learning With Artificial Intelligence


And ultimately, boost training ROI because less training time + greater personalization = better profit margins. In our personal lives, personalization is overtaking nearly every facet, from how we watch movies and TV shows, to listening to music or podcasts, to the way we shop.

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ASTD Keynote: “People Lie” Richard Hilleman Electronic Arts #tk10

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Creative Directors Accelerator creative director is like the director of a movie – they only have about 20 creative directors at EA. Built an exercise around Lego Mindstorms objectives metrics rules In his classes – need to learn about leadership and teamwork. Updates metrics on your scoring spreadsheet. Find metrics to measure. Bottom line – people lie – so need to measure on objective metrics.

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7 best practices to create corporate training video content


The same psyche works with movies. For the stakes are just too high, and more than a one-time ROI, videos have to score high on repeat value. What would be your definition of this video to get successful — both in terms of metric sheet numbers and the value add? #2 Analyzing and drawing insights from back-end metrics like conversion rates and engagement levels would be more helpful.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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As cool as it is that Netflix offers you exactly what you want, Netflix can’t go beyond its function—it’s not going to make you popcorn to go with that movie. More personalization means less “seat time” and training payroll hours, which means greater ROI. Metrics show you what’s working, what’s not, and the platforms learners are using to access the materials. " Emergence of mysterious Black Box " by Thierry Hermann is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Free L&D webinars for March 2020

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In this webinar, with Jake Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Allego, you’ll learn: How to track and measure the ROI of your sales training. How to use ROI metrics to make a strong business case for investing in sales training.

Free L&D webinars for December 2017

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But how many times do we fail to see the ROI we expect? How many times do we have to go back to the CFO and explain why the ROI we expected never materialized? A manager’s role in employee retention and training ROI. At the end of this webinar, there will be a demonstration on how you can create your own AR movies using free software tools. The webcast will explore trends in key learning metrics, including: Direct learning expenditure.

Free learning & development webinars for March 2017

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Discussion topics include: The metrics organizations are using The outcomes organizations are measuring How data is being analyzed Data analysis as a skill set How High Performers approach measurement and analytics Thursday, March 9, 2017, 10AM – 11AM PT: How to Be a Better Hiring Manager (Free for ATD members) Most hiring managers dread having to backfill a position or find new talent to grow their team. " Flowers, Wall, Clover " by Stefano Iorio is Public Domain.

Reflecting on the first half of 2009

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Now paying more attention to editing and sequencing on television and movies. Metrics. Not Your Father’s ROI (with Jon Husband). One cherished industrial age concept that is proving particularly difficult to let go of is return on investment (ROI). My new car is one year old! How did that happen? Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ into the future. Midyear already! How did we get here so quickly? It’s making me dizzy.